Saturday, 30 May 2009

Further Farage Favourite Porkies

One of Nigel's frequent assertions to our ill briefed media is that, "UKIP is the most democratic party in UK politics". He then goes on to cite how sitting MEPs get preference in other parties but not in UKIP. Tell it to the marines Mr F! Look at the resources UKIP MEPs can deploy to secure their re-selection compared to other activist member candidates. Who gets the media slots - the sitting MEPs. Who gets featured in Independence News - Farage and friends!

I was democratically elected on to UKIP NEC. I was kicked off by Farage's NEC cabal. They claimed what they did was within the rules. Now where have we heard that recently? Like the corrupt MPs UKIP NEC have no moral standards and do not know right from wrong. I can remember Ken Livingstone disagreeing vehemently with the Labour leadership in the 80s and 90s. Was he kicked out? No! Was Enoch Powell kicked out of the Tory party for disagreeing with Heath . No he was not! He eventually left the Tories but of his own choice.

I was democratically elected on to the South West MEP list. I was then deselected by the Farage NEC cabal. The reason they gave was they were acting within the rules. The same reason as given by the corrupt MPs Farage is so vociferoous in condeming. No other party ignores democracy as UKIP does under Farage. UKIP under Farage is a Fascist party that is worse than the EU in ignoring its members democratic will and follows the Dr Goebel's big lie school of propaganda.

What other party allows its members to be expelled at the whim of an unelected chairman? None! Does any one believe such an undemocratic party can free us from the EU? UKIP's ordinary decent members must take back their party from Farage's self serving cabal before it is to late. UKIP is currently part of the chains keeping us in the EU and not part of the fight for our freedom. UKIP with the tacit support of the British media establishment blocks those who genuinely want to free our country from EU rule by denying the real freedom fighters the chance to put their case to the British public in the national media. UKIP can never help free us from EU rule until its current leadership is ejected lock stock and barrel. They have gone native in the bars of Brussels and are controlled by their EU paymasters and the LibLabCon pro EU Establishment.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Nigel Farage's Economy with the Truth

I returned to the UK in time to see last night's Question Time with the great leader in a minor supporting role to the star of the show, Daniel Hanaan. Hanaan has led the fight to publish MEP expenses. Farage has not. Why not? Because he has had his snout in the trough, employed his wife and did not want his expenses published. His statement that he will publish receipts for his expense funded expenditure is not good enough. Dimbelby should have said that the electorate were surely entitled to know these facts before the 4th of June election when Farage was asking for their votes.

Farage again trotted out his imaginary tale of a UKIP meeting being stormed by a BNP member as part of a publicity stunt. He was clearly alluding to the NEC meeting of 3rd November which was attended by UKIP member Buster Mottram. When the BNP membership list was later placed in the public domain I could not find Mr Mottram's name on it. I believe that in the late 70s Mr Mottram was a member of the NF. This was known to Mr Farage whom I believe described it as a 'youthful indiscretion' and approved Mr Mottram's UKIP membership presumably because of Mr Mottram's high media profile as a former British number one tennis player.

I was at the meeting of 3rd Nov and my recollection of the events are as follows. Mr Mottram had written to the Party Chairman in September or earlier requesting an audience with the NEC. Chairman Nuttall phoned me prior to the scheduled October NEC meeting for my views. I replied that the NEC should always briefly see any UKIP member who wished to address us on UKIP matters. Nuttall then cancelled the October meeting at short notice citing that some members were unable to attend. (What he meant was they did not have sufficient votes on 6th October to kick me off the NEC!)

On 3rd Nov at 2:00 Del Young & I entered the first floor room at the Farmer's Club, Whitehall Court where the meeting was due to be held. Buster Mottram was sat on Martin Haslam's left with David Abbott sat on Martin's right. I sat down next to David with Del on my right. Farage & Nuttall arrived shortly afterwards and sat at the head of the table. (Farage and his cabal habitually have a preliminary meeting at the hotel next door prior to the NEC. David, Del and I were of course never invited!) It is quite simply a lie to say Mottram stormed the meeting. He did no such thing.

There was some debate about whether we should listen to Mottram and whom Nuttall had phoned re Mottram's attendance which I found confusing as he was referring to phone calls made 6 weeks previously for the October meeting. Martin said Mottram was there as a witness to his phone call from a jounalist from the Independent newspaper. This was a scandalous entrapment of Martin by Farage who had set up the whole thing with the jounalist so he, Farage, could accuse Martin of disloyalty. Later in the meeting I forced Farage to admit his sordid scheme and when he did I called his actions despicable and left. David, Martin and Mottram also left with me. At the same time the police arrived. Mottram was not ejected. He left of his own free will. Del left about 5 minutes later.

Mottram did testify to the spoof phone call to Martin and then challenged Farage about employing his wife at a large salary in direct contradiction of stated UKIP policy. Mottram then made some proposal of an electoral alliance with the BNP which was unanimously rejected. Denny, Zuckerman, Oxley and Duffy became increasingly agitated and hysterical. Nuttall completely lost control. There was no storming of the meeting as Farage stated.

That Farage fabricates stories on the hoof is seen by his claim on QT that full details of his expenses are available on the Open Europe website. I could find no such records and neither it seems could Anthony Butcher and others of Democracy Forum. Open the link below to read the thread:

Farage expenses

I have suffered from these Farage fictions before. Farage claimed one of the UKIP candidates deselected, i.e. me, had advocated supporting another party in the June elections. I never said this. What I did say in mid Dec 2008, after a meeting between Farages representive Malcolm Wood concerning Libertas and my local committee, a meeting at which I only spoke once to advocate support for Trevor Colman and the SW UKIP campaign, was that if the general feeling was to cooperate with Libertas I would not oppose it. At that time it was common knowledge that Farage was in discussions with Ganley concerning a joint campaign and in January, one month later, one of Farage's assistants registered with the Electoral Commission a party called Libertas UK!

It is a complete lie that I advocated supporting Libertas. My view was that if Farage and his cabal wanted to have some sort of joint campaign with Libertas I would go not oppose it. He had done this in Ireland with Ganley and frequently crowed about his contribution to the successful Ganley campaign against the Lisbon treaty. Farage was the one pushing the Libertas link not me. The proposed link died when Ganley saw through Farage.

I confidently predict Farage's expenses will never be made public in the same detail and over the same period as our MPs recently have been in the Telegraph. If they were Farage would suffer the same fate as these MPs like Hogg etc.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Why is Croucher attacking Piers Merchant

On the Democracy Forum, Mark Croucher is again trying to smear Piers Merchant with his juvenile attempts at entrapment. It seems Croucher and his friends concocted a spoof email, contents unknown, that was supposedly sent to little Arnott at some undisclosed date and time relating to a coming North West poster campaign targetted against the BNP. Spoof emails are a standard Croucher ploy which Bannerman tried to copy when I was on the NEC to entrap David Abbott. It was and is transparent. Bannerman had to retreat and claim he was conducting some sort of unspecified, unauthorised security check that seems to give him the right to set traps for people he works with. Not surprising as it was Farage's ploy as well with Martin Haslam and the Independent jounalist. Farage's UKIP specialises in entrapment but they don't do it very well!

Junius on 1st May wrote in his blog that, "It is said that Croucher is to be the brains - and I use this word very loosely - behind UKIP’s anti-BNP campaign in the North West." This single statement in Crouchers dubious logic makes Piers the source of Junius's information. Note Croucher does not give the content of his spoof email or its date or its time so we have no way of making even the most basic checks on the veracity of Croucher's claims!

It was common knowledge that Nuttall and his chums including Croucher, worried about the BNP for the good reasons Junius gives below, were trying to concoct some campaign to use against the BNP. All I can say is Nuttall better have something to counter the BNP in Lancashire or he will be signing on soon at Bootle Job Centre!

So by Croucher's perverse logic what was common knowledge was proof of a leak!

Much more important is what lies behind Croucher trying to smear a UKIP stalwart who masterminded the election success of 2004. A man with more political ability in his little finger than Croucher has in his whole body. Never mind that Piers is very ill just at present, the sick get no quarter from Croucher it seems. Sorry Croucher it won't stand up. You have taken your pitcher to often to the spoof email well as it says in the Bible.

The reason behind this unwarranted attack on Piers is I think Farage is preparing for a possible UKIP meltdown on 4th June 2009 when UKIP could end up with 3 MEPs or less. Someone will have to take the blame for this. Obviously it cannot be the great leader so what better than some suitable 'traitor' to be cast in advance as a spy in league with the arch enemy the BNP. This would conveniently explain a UKIP failure and a BNP success. What you might call a lose - lose scenario.

Junius post of 1st May at 3:08 pm

Mark Croucher now working for UKIP?
My various sources have told me that Mark Croucher is now working for UKIP in a paid capacity.

This follows the demise of his latest business venture which he blames on the recession. For more on this see GLW's blog.

Some have rather unkindly said that Croucher’s previous business failures would suggest that blaming the current recession for the closure of his pub is rather convenient!

It is said that Croucher is to be the brains - and I use this word very loosely - behind UKIP’s anti-BNP campaign in the North West.

This has been done at the behest of Nuttall who is very worried that the BNP will end his dreams of getting his snout in the trough.

Nuttall also sees himself as UKIP’s future leader - don’t tell Bannerman - and is confident that becoming an MEP will boost his chances of taking over from Farage in June.

Opinion polls suggest that the BNP will win an MEP seat in the North West. This will clearly be at the expense of UKIP.

Oh Dear!

Nuttall colludes with Farage to remove Gregg Beaman as lead UKIP MEP candidate in the North West.

He then has to face the humiliation of watching the BNP steal his coveted prize!

Poetic justice!

Croucher post 1/5/09 at9:34 pm

'Junius' makes further mistake
In another thread posted here, 'Junius' accuses me of being the 'brains' behind UKIPs anti-BNP campaign in the North West.

The reason 'Junius' knows this is because Piers received a series of e-mails relating to the launch of a poster campaign. The e-mails covered the design, timing, regional spread and other associated details relating to the campaign, including launch media.

The e-mails involved myself, Paul Nuttall, Jonathan Arnott, Clive Page and Damian Wilson. Jonathans, of course, were copied to Piers.

All of those involved, with the exception of Piers, knew that no such campaign was actually planned, and it was merely a ruse to see whether 'Junius' would mention an anti-BNP campaign before it was launched - such a mention would, of course, damage the campaign and forewarn the BNP. It would also indicate that Piers was prepared to pass on information which would be strategically damaging to UKIP.

Unfortunately, they have spun this information in the wrong direction. In attempting to suggest that I am on UKIPs payroll, they have instead once again proved that they will leak potentially damaging information regardless of the consequences, both for UKIP and for our nation.

You can really be proud of yourself, Piers and/or Junius.



Are Political Parties all run by corrupt self seeking cabals?

It would be nice to think there is a UK party that has not been taken over by such a group but look at Labour, Conservatives, LibDems and UKIP and you see the same type of people at the top and the same patterns of behaviour. You notice it more in smaller parties like UKIP as they have many fewer members and as they have no prospect of power or influence cannot attract some talented and able people like the larger parties. What small parties certainly do attract are those who did not make it in from the bigger parties for a variety of reasons but lack of ability is one of the main ones.

All of these parties have within the last few years had decent democratically elected and in most cases successful leaders undermined and eventually removed by self seeking cabals. Blair who had won three elections was undermined and toppled by the Brownites. Charlie Kennedy who had the priceless gift of being well liked by the British public and had delivered the LibDems their best election results since Llyod George was undermined and removed by a faction encouraged by the pompous Ashdown. IDS, democratically elected by the Tory faithful, was removed before he had a chance and replaced by the oleaginous Howard who then managed his sucession to install his favourite Cameron and his public school crowd. Finally, in UKIP, Roger Knapman who had delivered the stunningly successful 2004 European election was undermined by Farage. The subsequent leadership election was a byword for dirty tricks.

All of these deposed leaders had their failings, Blair with Iraq, Kennedy with booze, IDS at PMQs and Knapman's perceived lack of charisma. but they were all popular with the party faithful and were popular in the country generally. None had any real skeletons in their cupboard, treated people decently and appointed advisers on merit and talent.

Those who succeeded these leaders, Brown, Cameron, Farage and I must confess I know little of Clegg have surrounded themselves with mediocre, duplicitous and unscrupulous people whose only quality is loyalty to the leader who appointed them and who has promised them preferment. These people plot, bully, denigrate and like so many groups in the past eventually got power and position but had no idea what to do with it. They totally lack the morality, decency and belief which is needed to lead a political party. Their tribalism is nauseating. When you see people who from their private statements you know disagree with the leader standing up to defend the wrong policies and despicable actions for the sake of party unity you wonder what hope there is for our country.

As a scientist when you see different populations behaving in the same way you look for the common factor. In this case it is our political parliamentary system unchanged since the days of Cromwell that is to blame. I know the franchise has been dramatically widened but the way Parliament works has not changed. How can a political system that was introduced when few could read or write, when life expectancy was less than 40 years, before railways, cars, TV, telephone, computers, air travel were even thought of let alone invented be fit for the 21st century? We need a root and branch constitutional reform with a built in right for a referendum on any government action. An easy thing to do in the age of the Internet! Without that the cabals will rule us for ever.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

EU will strangle the City of London

I enjoy reading AEP's pieces in the Daily Telegraph business because of his sense and knowledge of economic history. Today's piece is a classic. He retells the fall of Antwerp as the premier financial trading centre in the 1550s thanks to the Catholic monarchies of Spain & France unilaterally rescheduling their debts to the Antwerp merchants plus the persecution of the Portugese Jews who fled to Protestant Amsterdam which then reigned as the leading financial centre for the next 200 years until fear of what the French revolutionaries would do to them caused a flight to London and the rise to pre-eminence of the City.

So it has happened in the past and it will happen again. Persecution of talented minorities plus fear of draconian ideologically driven rules was the cause then and will be the cause of London's fall now. AEP's piece is entitled, "City in danger of falling victim to EU wiles and becoming another Antwerp". He cites the fall in Antwerp's population from 100000 in 1550 to 50000 in 1600 and points out it becomes hard to sell a house into a falling population!

We are now seeing the same thing in the EU persecution of hedge funds, 80% of which are in Mayfair. It is only the start. There will be further attacks on the City markets in bonds, currencies, commodities and insurance from the EU Commission. The credit crunch has given the bureaucrats their chance to implement their previously hidden agenda. Where will these funds go to? Well the nearest safe haven is Switzerland. The Swiss understand and love money and money men and make sure their country will cater to their needs. They have maintained their borders and neutrality for hundreds of years and done very well out of it. Even Adolf Hitler left them alone. And for why? Well the people at the top of every political system are rich. That's why most went into politics, to get rich. You then need a safe place to stash your loot. Electorates are notoriously fickle and you dont want the next lot to grab your ill-gotten gains so you park it in Switzerland. I would bet most MEPs and EU bureacrats have nice anonymous Swiss bank accounts.

Hedge funds do nasty things but like all predators they don't take on the healthy beasts, only those whose management is well past its sell by date and whose assets can be better used. That is why the EU predators are taking on the UK now. Gordon's government is the walking dead. The Tories and LibDems are ready to placate the EU in the finest traditions of the Tory party exemplified by Chamberlain in 1938. We need a pariah like Churchill was in 1938 with a long history of opposing the EU who will stand up for the UK and turn back the tide. For sure its not Nigel Farage but cometh the hour cometh the man. Many will not like it but the fault lies with the apologists and appeasers who have gone before.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Quantitative Easing is good for Johnny Foreigner

Mervyn King's QE initiative is unravelling as Johnny Foreigner sees it as an opportunity to ditch his increasngly worthless bits of Darling Brown toilet paper marketed as Gilts. Sunday Telegraph business report under this programme in March the BoE bought £15bn gilts with its newly created Mugabe money but that the biggest sellers were Johnny Foreigner, £7bn, Investment banks, £2bn and the UK non-bank institutions, pension funds etc , who were intended to be the main recipients of the BoE's largesse sold £5.9 bn. The BoE never admits to failures but in bank-speak this was a limited success. And where does JF etc get his gilts from? Why he buys them from the DMO, Darling Brown's gilts shoppe and sells them to the BoE at the higher price they offer. I would like a piece of that action if I could get it!

So what happens next? Well its more of the same. The other slight problem is that when the cash ends up in the bank accounts of these institutions the bankers just hoard it and dont lend it on. Money only does good when it changes hands as any Mafioso will tell you. Worse the inevitable effect of Mugabe type central banking is Mugabe type inflation. To those who lived through the era of our very own R Mugabe aka E Heath in the early 70s with his Darling figure, A Barber, the resultant effects on inflation are a bitter memory. Worse came around 10 years later when interest rates had to be in double digits to control the rampant inflation. The sun rises and the sun sets and there is nothing new under the sun!

Squirrel Nutkin Blears and Elephant Ears Clarke seem to have fired the first shots in the get rid of Gordon campaign. Labour MPs will be feeling their fragile majorities very carefully and if they have any sense will crown Alan Johnston as leader. He has the best chance of pulling their nuts of all sorts out of the fire. Even an imbecile like Hume almost managed it in 11 months for the Tories in 63/64. Alan Johnston is far less in-bred than Hume and is a Labour man of the working class, not the benefit claimants and gays. He reminds me a bit of John Major who did turn things round for the Tories and defeated the Welsh windbag Kinnock in 92 in roughly the same time from a starting position well behind in the polls. Johnston leading Labour plus a cleanout in 10 and 11 Downing Street would certainly make things interesting and give Dave a few sleepless nights. I dont want to see a government of old Etonians.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Piers Merchant is not Junius

The accusation by Croucher that Piers is Junius is laughable. The only people who believe it are the Farage cabal who are eager to find someone to blame as the police have done more often recently than is good for them. They have ended up destroying their own reputation and no one now believes a word they say. UKIP should take notice.

Historians will tell you you have to ask the following questions of any source. Was he in a position to know and was he there at the time to know. The answer to both in Piers case is No! The claim that UKIP's email system was firing out copies to all and sundry proves only how incompetent UKIP management are, not that Piers is Junius. Croucher will have to go through Junius's blogs and item by item trace the information back to Arnot's emails and show the blog items occured shortly after the email was sent to sustain his case. One or two items will not suffice as there are many other possible sources for Junius's material.

I do not know who Junius is and I do not want to know. I think he does an excellent job in publishing information about UKIP that the members have a perfect right to know. The same goes for GLW although from time to time he does get a bit carried away by his own rhetoric.

Piers could not possibly know the vast majority of the information Junius and GLW publish. My personal view is that the source must be someone close to Nigel Farage. That passes the place and time test. Also the test of who is damaged and who is not by the leak indicates a source close to NF. Possibly a case of cherchez la femme?

Finally Ruth Shoebridge is organising a UK Renewal umbrella meeting for those from all parties interested in the anti EU cause. It is to be held at:

Chichester, Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester PO19 1LQ
Saturday 9th May at 2.30 pm,

There is a large car park to the north of North Street, which surrounds the Chichester Festival Theatre. (several acres of parking space)

Premier event of the season for all interested in UK action to get us out of the EU and get our country back!

The purpose of the meeting, is to meet people from every political party, who are concerned about Britain's relationship with the EU and the general topic will be:.

' What is the best way forward to get us out of the EU?'

Petrina Holdsworth and others will speak but most of the time will be given over to debate and Question & Answer.

All are welcome. Tea and biscuits will be available.

Ruth organises these things very well so do attend if you can.

Friday, 1 May 2009

UKIP database compromised shock

The following email purports to have been sent out by Nuttall & Arnott but given its content I do not know if it is true, false or a spoof email of the type used by Bannerman. I give the text below:

PO Box 408
Newton Abbot
DevonTQ12 9BG
Tel 01626 831 290

Dear member,

It is with regret that we write to inform you that our e-mail database has been compromised and passed to anti-UKIP groups outside the party by a former general secretary of the party.

We can only apologise to members should they receive unpleasant or unwanted e-mail during the course of the campaign, and ask that members be aware that our opponents are likely to try and fool members with false information, lies and distortions.The security leak which caused the problem has been dealt with, and the matter is now in the hands of the police.

UKIP's data is now secure, and we can only apologise to members for any distress or inconvenience which this may cause.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Nuttall (Party Chairman)
Jonathan Arnott (General Secretary)

I would be grateful if anyone can confirm its authenticity and I will of course delete it if proven false.