Friday, 25 March 2011

Dave always can find funds for his EU friends.

That is the message to all card carrying Tories. The EU have asked Dave for £3bn to £4bn to bail out Portugal. Dave purses his lips, looks serious, and agrees. This comes at a time when his Chancellor, Boy George, has just delivered a budget saying there is no more money for pensioners, students, schools and hospitals but of course the EU is exempt from such financial stringency. Money has to be found for Johnny Foreigner even those outside the EU in the £5bn + foreign aid budget. I would not be at all surprise to find out some of this even went to Libya! We are broke so why not let charity begin at home.

Meanwhile Dave and Nick like the EU move to ever closer union in their effort to morph into Tony Blair. I predict the Lib Dum vote will collapse in the locals on 5th May and Millibean, the North London intellectual, will sweep to victory in town hall after town hall. Such is our democracy.

From the numerous sordid flashing adverts that now infest Tony Butcher's Democracy Forum web site I conclude TB must be seeking alternative revenue streams. Put this alongside with the domination of the UKIP area by brain dead Faragistas it now resembles increasingly the Daily Star on a bad day.

Portugal will be bailed out next week with your money. Next up Spain home of UKIP MEP and Farage protege Andreasen.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Portugal government may collapse before EU summit

Thus reported Reuters today. The PIGS are falling like dominoes as economic reality bites and produces political unrest on the streets and in domestic parliaments, even that of the chief Eurocrat Barroso. Its gratifying to have one's predictions come to pass! Only the S for Spain is now left. If that goes so does the Euro and the EU as we know it.

I spent last week driving around West France. I visited La Rochelle scene of the post St Bartholomew's eve massacre Huguenot Protestants fight against their Catholic neighbours attempt to ethnically cleanse them. Many Huguenots fled to London where they made a huge contribution to the English economy.

I was quite appalled at some of the comments written by the usual Farage sycophants about the late Geoffrey Kingscott and the very much alive Greg Lance Watkins whose cancer has re-emerged. Both strongly supported the anti-EU movement and the nasty things written by the Farage sickos about Watkins, a very ill man tells everything you need to know about the Farage Cabal.

I gather someone asked why I no longer post on Anthony Butcher's forum. Simple, Mr Butcher was afraid to apply his own rules on personal abuse to the Farage sycophants who now dominate what was once, but is no longer, a decent debating platform.

I have been amused to receive a number of emails from the prententiously entitled, Mr. Robert H. Brown - PPC for UKIP NW Cambs. When I pointed out to him the McTroughian error of his ways he then wrote as Mr. Robert H. Brown - Chairman of UKIP NW Cambs. He clearly has swallowed the Farage myth hook line and sinker. He would do better to listen to those who personally know what Farage is. NF boldly goes only where the TV cameras are!

But as long as UKIP is full of chairman like Mr Brown NF can carry on boozing in Brussels and turn up for his Uncle Tom Eurosceptic spot on QT. The BBC know every NF appearance on QT boosts their Europhile cause by Farage polishing UKIP's fruit cake and loony image.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My fall out with Farage's UKIP

Someone by the nom de plume of Gillig posted a comment on this blog asking for the history of my 'fall out with UKIP. As there may be others unfamiliar with this history I give my posted reply to Gillig below. I make no apology for recounting these facts. UKIP septic sycophants frequently recount their lies so a bit of truth might redress the balance.

"UKIP's leading lights all have a lot of 'previous'. I fell out with Farage at my first NEC by making it clear I wanted to see evidence to support his fatuous allegations before I voted for any actions like barring branches or UKIP members. As an elected member of the NEC I had joint and several liability for party debts. I therefore demanded to see party accounts so I could be sure UKIP was not insolvent. I was of course never shown these accounts.

After the first NEC meeting I went to I heard Farage in the corridor outside shouting at his nodding donkeys about me, 'I want him off'. At a later meeting the late Piers Merchant told me he heard Farage and his sycophants orchestrating an NEC vote to remove me. This involved various dirty tricks like Nuttall cancelling a NEC meeting at very short notice when he found they did not have a majority. NEC member David Abbott had arranged to fly back from the US at his own expense from the hospital he worked at as a Doctor to support me at that meeting. I was voted off at a subsequent meeting David could not attend. Then with me off David was voted off.

The last opposition on the NEC, Del Young was kicked out of UKIP entirely by chairman Nuttall on the completely untrue grounds that Del was a member of UKF. Of course no evidence was produced to support this action. I can state categorically Del was never a member of UKF. I hope this gives you some of the background you requested.

The fundamental problem is the culture on UKIP's NEC is that of a cult with Farage as leader. Rules and proper procedure are ignored as is fairness and natural justice. It works and smells just like the EU! It is full of weak, untalented Farage sycophants most eager to get their noses in the EU trough.

When I stood to get on the UKIP SW MEP list I pledged that if elected I would give my entire MEP salary to UKIP. I was removed from the SW MEP list by a vote of Farage sycophants on the NEC to this effect so I am sorry I did not get the opportunity to fulfil my pledge. UKIP has lost out by £100k so far!"

More distressing was that the SW regional committee democratically voted for Gawain Towler, a long time Farage associate, to be taken off the MEP list for sound electoral reasons. Their local democratic decision was reversed by the Farage controlled NEC. Mr Towler was invited to defend himself at the NEC and sympathetically questioned by Mr Farage. This courtesy was not extended to me but then I am not a friend of Mr Farage. I just heard second hand I had been removed from the SW list that I had been democraticaly voted on to! I was then subject to the usual smears and innuendos from the usual anonymous sources.

I note on today's Junius blog this sordid practice still continues with Gerard Batten , not for the first time, the target of anonymous smears.

UKIP can never succeed electorally when it kicks out talented people like Del Young who was a huge asset for UKIP, and fiddles the MEP selection process to keep high profile talented media candidates like Robin Page off the MEP Eastern region short list that members are allowed to vote on. It is the EU approach, interpret the rules sympathetically for your friends and apply them rigorously to those who are not.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Portugese Interest Rates Rise

Portugal raised 2 month money in the markets yesterday but at 5.99%, 1.9% up on two months ago. Just imagine how you would feel if your mortgage rate jumped 2% in 2 months! Ten year bonds are now at 7.7% and curiously 5 years are at 7.8%. This puts Portugal  into Paddy the Greek country and they ended up being bailed out at a politically unsustainable cost by the EU!

Its not just in the UK that petrol and diesel prices are rising so for the unfortunate citizens of Portugal, Ireland and Greece its an unacceptable squeeze. Spanish air controllers will be going on strike soon but I expect Arab type street protests to break out soon in the other PIGS.

At home Willy Hague looks finished to me. I don't think its because of his political problems. He has my sympathy.

After Barnsley Farage's UKIP have returned to their Brussels home to further the cause of EU integration via the EFD group. That's where the money is!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Is UKIP insolvent?

For some time I have heard rumours from a number of different sources indicating UKIP may now be insolvent. So, if the worst happens, who pays the ferrymen as the Greeks used to say. The current treasurer has only been recently appointed and there have been a number of others in recent memory. Who is liable for UKIP's debts? I am glad I am no longer on the NEC. If it were an ordinary trading company then the directors are liable if they allow their company to continue trading knowing it to be insolvent.

In my time UKIP had no properly constituted board of directors and no minutes were kept of crucial meetings. I found it to be  run more like a cult than a political party. While on the NEC I never saw a proper set of accounts or financial projections. It's a can of worms. I guess we will all soon know the truth. As Abraham Lincoln said, 'You can't fool all of the people all of the time'.  Cherchez le common factor as the French say.

Perhaps UKIP's MEPs will donate a substantial chunk of their lavish salaries to party funds to reassure the party employees in Lexdrun House. Or perhaps the wealthier MEPs only will donate more. I am sure the BBC and other Europhile sympathisers would, if approached discreetly, happily contribute to UKIP party funds. It is clearly in the EU interest to keep the toothless UKIP going rather than risk it may be replaced by a proper opposition with real talent.

There also seems to be significant outstanding litigation involving UKIP. It hardly engenders confidence in UKIP's future. This may force the formation of a new party. I opine it may be called the EDF party and will be funded and run by the EU in Brussels. Thus may perish the UK Euro sceptic cause.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Farage's limitations exposed in BBC interview at Scarborough

I recommend watching this heavily edited version of the interview Farage gave to the BBC's Mike Sergeant at Scarborough.  Click on interview. to see it. Farage's assertion that the deficit is less important than the EU control of our country would play well with the UKIP faithful, about 5% of the UK electorate at best,  but sounds crass and out of touch to other 95%! Many of Farage's more inane remarks seem to have been taken out. So its obvious that the BBC know that as long as he continues to lead UKIP the LibLabCon EU fanatics having nothing to worry about and hence the friendly editing of a dire interview.

Farage's lack of economic knowledge was cruelly exposed. He clearly does not understand the difference between the deficit and the National Debt. He misses the crucial point on economic growth something that politicians of all other parties emphasise because the electorate rightly identifies economic growth with more jobs and consequently less unemployment. That is what wins votes from ordinary people and until UKIP gets a leadership that recognises this it will never win a UK parliamentary seat.

Bannerman made this point in his leadership bid. Farage does not do policy! That is why UKIP can never advance while he is leader.  Following this revelation that the Emperor has no clothes I fear Mr Bannerman's days as a UKIP MEP are numbered. He better start smooching his former Tory buddies for a job. Nigel never forgets!

It was not a difficult interview to handle. I found Sergeant's pre and post Pearson question to Farage, i.e. what's different this time round, entertaining. Farage had no idea how to answer. Unveiling the swivel eyed Marty Feldman look alike as chief policy wonk was another shot in both feet on a Pearsonesque scale.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Well done Ms Collins in the Barnsley by election!

Thursday nights result was an excellent result for Ms Collins the UKIP candidate. I congratulate her for a sterling effort achieved on her own merits. Its a pity she was photographed with UKIP's expensive serial by-election failures Farage and Nuttall. I have always maintained using good local UKIP candidates will produce better parliamentary results than parachuting in expensive publicity seeking MEPs who spend most of their time in, and are paid by,  Brussels and scuttle of back there when the TV cameras disappear. That will never win Westminster seats and therefore never get us out of the EU. This constituency and Ms Collins should now be supported by UKIP with leaflets and volunteers to try and build on this result for the next local elections and the next general election.

On the actual result I concur with John Redwood. The total and very fragmented anti-EU vote was 35% compared with a total vote for the pro-EU Lab Lib Dem of 65%! Clearly to leave the EU we need to aggregate the anti EU vote under one party banner. This can never happen with a bubonic self publicist like Farage and his cabal running UKIP. We need a unifier who can reach out to all parts of the anti-EU vote which is clearly the majority view in the UK. Farage is definitely not that man.

The other good thing to emerge from this result is the collapse of that sordid lying party the LibDems. I hope it starts in my constituency Yeovil where the shameless Laws still hangs on as MP despite being caught abusing the expenses system. We have to finish them off now when they are weak and establish an anti-EU alliance as the third force in British Politics. The LibDems have lost their soul to get their bums in the back of ministerial cars just as UKIP lost its soul in the bordellos and drinking dens of Brussels. Both parties have many honest decent grass roots supporters but both have been sold out by their leaders greed and desire for personal aggrandisement.