Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fartage, the Tory mole in UKIP

News that Fartage is concocting yet another deal with his Tory friends can come as little surprise to those who know him. The deal of UKIP not putting up candidates to oppose allegedly Eurosceptic Tories is the same one Pearson, another old Tory, was pushing before the last General Election. That undermined the campaign of half a dozen good UKIP candidates in the West country but what did Pearson care.

You need allies in politics but the time to do it is after not before the election where Clegg and Cam have shown parties can do what they like and don't have to worry about the electors for another 5 years. Fartage's stupid strategy just costs UKIP votes. It of course brings his bum nearer the red leather he salivates after.

When I used to be invited to speak on UKIP platforms I was asked from the floor the question should UKIP members vote for such Tories in preference to UKIP candidates in Tory marginals. I replied look at history. Who took us into the Common Market? The Tories. Who signed the various treaties since then extending EU powers? The Tories. Who got us into the Euro's precursor the ERM and bankrupted us in the process? The Tories.

The answer is self evident. Vote Tory if you want to get the UK further embedded in the EU mire. That must by now be obvious to even the dimmest Fartage supporter. 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nuttall and McShane on Siunday Politics

This was an interesting follow up to my previous post on the increasing probability of an In/Out of the EU Referendum. It showed how little UKIP and comrade Nuttall had thought about this development. Ah well the flesh pots of Brussels are so much more enticing. The debate to flatter the discussion will be on the BBC web site for any one interested.

The Eurozone slow motion disaster increasingly reminds me of the outbreak of WW I. Inevitable and driven by bureaucratic imperatives. I am a bit more concerned about my wealth preservation strategy in the face of the coming disaster.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

An In Out EU Referendum is closer than you think!adio

Staying in France for a few days  has given me a new perspective on the UK EU relationship. Clearly Boy Cameron is in deep trouble on many fronts. Deciding to have an EU referendum would provide a welcome distraction for him and Millipede junior. It would take the electorate's mind off other problems like unemployment and austerity. Millipede junior picked up on this quicker than the Boy so we are close to having a cross party consensus on this issue.

The UK referendum will be run against a huge BBC orchestrated scare story of the dire fate that awaits us if we leave the EU.  Its the same tactic that is being used in the Greek election rerun. The EU will win this and the Greeks will continue to leave their impoverished country taking their money with them. The EU will also win the UK referendum and we will soon be just an EU region. There is no effective opposition to the EU in the UK.

As we drove back on  Sunday night from the ferry I listened to Radio 4 on Greece leaving the Euro. John Redwood obviously listened to it as well and wrote, "BBC’s Analysis revisted the issue of Greece leaving the Euro zone last night. It was a topical and sensible decision to make such a programme. It is just a pity it was so poorly researched, offering so much time to people who think the exit of Greece is both illegal and likely to prove disastrous."

Quite! That's what we will be faced with. Do you really think Fartage and his associates will be able to rebut that especially when the Beeb pulls the plug on Fartage's many TV appearances. I don't think so. As John Lawrie used to say in Dad's Army you are doomed.

The only possible saviours will be the Tory sceptics but they will be outnumbered and out manoeuvred by Dave's new LibLabCon coalition.

The issue will have been settled for the next 25 years and Fartage and his Cabal will be consigned to the trash can of history. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Green's Caroline Lucas shows EUKIP how to lead

I switched on Radio 4 this morning to hear that Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green party would not contest the next Green leadership election in September as the party had plenty of talent that deserved a chance to appear on the national media. How refreshing! Its a pity EUKIP's Fartage cannot do the same.

There is a lot of talent in UKIP at the branch level but it simply is never given a chamce to appear on the big stage because of Fartage, his third rate aristos, third rate naive, dodgy self anointed media celebs, bimbos and sordid collection of Cabal sycophants.

Ms Lucas has lead the Greens for two terms since she was first elected as the parties solo leader in 2008. So the democratic Greens, like the US Congress, have elections every two years. That helps keep the leader in touch with the led and reduces the chance of cult leaders developing. Perhaps something for EUKIP to consider. Fat chance!

All very egalitarian but it also gets results. In May 2010 Ms Lucas was elected  MP for the Brighton Pavilion Westminster constituency. Compare that with Fartages's record of serial failure in British Westminster elections. The same happened in the recent London mayoral where the Greens got twice as many votes as Fartage's new professional EUKIP, sycophants only, party.

The Greens have kept faith with their cause. Their leaders are in politics to promote their cause. They have decent leaders the voters identify with and like. They run Brighton council. How many councils does EUKIP run? None! The Greens are winners. EUKIP are losers.

EUKIP's hierarchy are there for the EU money. They are losers and always will be. I pray the membership sees the light about Mr Fartage otherwise we are doomed to be ruled from Brussels by Barroso and his ilk for a very long time.

Good leadership and a collegiate approch such as the Greens have plus a solid democratic constitution could turn UKIP into a winner. Will it happem under Mr Fartage? Not a hope.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lords reform, referendums and Mr Fartage

As I will be off to La Belle France and incommunicado for a while I thought it best to jot down my thoughts on the above current topics.

Mr Fartage is very interested in putting his name forward for a place in Dave & Nick's elected second chamber. For why? Well Nick like Lib Dems since Joe Grimond wants it to be done on proportional representation to ensure the Lib Dems will hold the balance of power by hoovering up the votes of those who cannot make up their minds between Con and Lab. 

There is another more sordid interest that appeals to Mr Clegg and even more to Mr Fartage. The electorate would not be voting for a representative but for a party. The party then chooses who represents the electorate by compiling a list of 'party approved' candidate. So he who controls the party chooses the 'representatives'  of the people. And who controls UKIP. Simples, its Mr Fartage! That's how we end up with the Cabal dross who appear as UKIP MEPs

Note how badly Mr Fartage has done in elections where his name has appeared alone on the ballot paper despite huge amounts of UKIP funds have been expended on fighting Fartage elections. In the most recent, Buckingham, Mr Fartage came a poor third behind a Tory loathed by his party and an Independent of all things. Nigel has got the message but have the poor saps who make up the UKIP rank and file? Nigel cannot win a  election in which he is put to the people as the candidate. The people don't like or trust him.

It is steadily becoming more certain there will be a so called in or out of the EU referendum put to the British people as a way of shutting up the Eurosceptics for a generation. The Europhiles are increasingly confident they can easily win such a suitably biased vote because of the low grade opposition they face like Mr Fartage's Cabal.

Their tactics will be the sort of negative campaigning that wins in the US. There will be an intensive examination of Mr Fartage's history, statements and associates. I have no doubt this will not help UKIP's out campaign, rather the opposite. He is as his personal election results show not liked by UK electors. Once the media negative campaigning has finished demolishing Mr Fartage,  UKIP's campaign, if it indeed manages to mount one, will be lying in the gutter along with Mr Fartage..

That is why UKIP must change its leader asap. To go into a serious campaign fight with Mr Fartage as leader is to face certain defeat. 

I care about getting our country back by leaving the EU. We have not a hope of achieving this while Mr Fartage and the Cabal dross remain running UKIP for their own selfish ends.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Eurozone melt down imminent

The bookies are no longer taking bets on Greece being the first country to leave the Eurozone. The Greek political situation looks insoluble. Every time the krauts open their mouths the Greek lets default our debts parties gain support. Greek 10 year rates are now 24.4%. Spain with its banking property crisis is at 5.99% and Italy is at 5.67%. These are near crisis rate levels but the real crunch will come on the streets teaming with young unemployed.

So where does that leave the UK? The UK is still in a big mess financially. Cast iron and his fag wee George are in trouble with their Lib Dem chums and their loony tunes but the Lib Dems know this is their only chance to get some of their long cherished ideas into law before the electorate kick them out for a generation. Its difficult to work with these people in this situation, just hope for things to get better.

So where will EUKIP be when the break comes given they cannot even get their candidates on the ballot paper correctly.

My wife asked me as we ate tonight what makes a good leader. I thought a bit and replied two things. An ability to get disparate people working for a common aim and end. Second, the ability to pick good people and allow them to perform. Hence Eisenhower was chosen to head up the invasion of Europe in 1944 not the prima donas like Montgomery or Patton but he got both these generals into the best slot for them to achieve the goal, the invasion of Europe and the defeat of Germany.

Nigel Fartage fails both these tests. He can only work with talentless sycophants who pander to his prima donna tendencies. He cannot even find and employ a competent clerk. EUKIP is highly unlikely to progress while he remains leader. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Queen's non-speech

If you like Gilbert & Sullivan you will love the Queen's speech. I agree with the Beast of Bolsover. Its just a load of flunkey's brown nosing. The real problem is the UK's relationship with the EU and the coming Euro melt down. Did that get a mention? Of course not! Its a pity Betty von Battenberg has not yet twigged the real head of state, who controls UK sovereignty is called Barroso.

Good to read in Junius how Farage's EUKIP are still cocking it up in a true professional manner. Running in London as the "Fresh choice for London party". A well known party that only 2% of the voters supported. I have known for a long time that Mr Fartage was not keen on Lawrence Webb or Gerard Batten but surely sabotaging the London Mayoral campaign is carrying petty rivalry too far!

The Eurozone progresses to melt down. As I have opined before its who controls the streets of Athens and the other PIGS capitals that will decide the fate of the Euro and hopefully the EU.

Meanwhile Dave & Nick like Mr Fartage occupy themselves with constitutional reform aimed at keeping them in power. For what? None of them have the slightest idea how to solve the UK's problems which are now coming to ahead in our great Northern cities, places where Old Etonians seldom venture and then only with well armed body guards. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Warsi dishes out Cabal treatment to EUKIP

I was vastly amused to see how EUKIP reacted to Tory co-chairman Warsi linking them to the BNP.  EUKIP's so called press officer, Gawain Towler, called Warsi a bitch on Twitter. EUKIP's Cabal have never hesitated to smear others with the BNP label. As with all bullies they can dish it out but can't take it themselves. Warsi made a perfectly fair comment supported by fact.

"Tetra Strategy, a PR agency, founding partner James O’Keefe said that Warsi’s comments were ‘quite an interesting observation’.
‘The bitch comment for me turns focus onto Ukip and a test for them - if they are a serious political party they need to fire this spokesman,’ said O’Keefe."

Mr Fartage attempted to excuse Towler's behaviour to Andrew Neil on today's Daily Politics. Mr Towler is a long time Fartage sycophant and is no different from the others who suck up to Nigel in hope of preferment. They are the reason EUKIP will never win a Westminster seat.

It is not the first time Towler has embarrassed EUKIP and his master Fartage. Click on link to read but possibly more damaging to EUKIP click on this link.

The more  EUKIP is perceived as a threat to the Tories the more Mr Towler and his ilk along with Mr Fartage will come under greater media scrutiny. It will give Dave's malcontents something to do instead of kicking Dave.

As for the results, EUKIP did not gain a single extra councillor and polled 2% in the London mayoral election. I gather EUKIP did not even manage to get their name on some London ballot papers.Mr Fartage even tried to evade responsibility for that. Well who else is there to blame?

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Merv rewtites history and wee George gets shafted

It was interesting to hear a BBC correspondent say that when you spoke to ex-BoE staff you got a different story to the one MAK was peddling last night on the Radio 4. As an ex-BoE man I remember raising concerns pre 2007 on bank lending and the asset price bubble. Shut up was the message that came back. Things are going fine and we don't want to rock the boat.

The crucial factor was when the Northern Rock queues round the block hit the TV news GB was deciding on re-appointing King or getting a new Governor. In these circumstances King was keeping quiet and GB did not want to be seen firing his central bank Governor during a financial crisis. Faced with a real difficult decision GB did what all politicians do, choose the easy option. King was re-appointed and the rest is history which MAK is now trying to re-write. Paul Tucker, the favourite to be next Governor, if the papers are to be believed went along with the King line to the end.

Now it seems MAK has seen the light, fallen out with Ed Balls which is not difficult, but also taken to slagging of bankers. Its well known MAK was never happy talking to bankers but get one thing straight there is only one organisation in the UK that can manufacture money and hence generate an asset price bubble and its called the Bank of England. It could and should all have been nipped in the bud in 2006/7 by jacking up interest rates and increasing the capital adequacy requirements by disallowing  dodgy collateral like Italian and Greek bonds the  BoE  was taking in its refinancing, liquidity supplying, money ops.

As every schoolboy knows too much money chasing too few goods like houses generates price inflation. Prof King has a lot to answer for!

I see wee George attracted the ire of the Franco Prussian EU finance commissioner M Barnier yestreen with his proposal to allow national regulators to increase capital requirements for its own banks. M Barnier described this according to the FT as,  '“permanent flexibility, opting out”. “It is not a question of appearing ridiculous but a question of credibility,” he said. “The commission is in charge of the [single] market.”

Well there you have it. Distrust between the City and \brussels increase at what is a blatant attempt to promote Paris and Frankfurt at the expense of the City of London. Wee George's big donors all inhabit the City so he is between a rock and a hard place.