Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Denny savages the Soggy Sheep

In the words of the common croucher I had a good chortle when I read on GLW's blog the contents of Denny's email to Arnot slagging off Zuckerman,

"I have to say too that to me, MZ has proved himself to be a dubious P.Secretary. There have been a number of times when I have wondered about his competence as a lawyer.

I don't mind saying that because I would happily say so his face (I would not say anything about someone behind their back that I would not be willing to say to their face). In fact have come close to doing so. The only reason I have not is for the sake of conciliatory harmony in the NEC, but it is not easy for my personal disposition to accept fools lightly, and those last two decisions lead by him which swung the NEC into unnecessary decisions are foolish enough by any standard in my opinion.

I know for a fact he deliberately will not answer anything to anyone, unless practically forced to, and complained to me once about being too busy to answer silly people asking silly questions - as he sees it. The whole idea of a PS is to deal with the queries coming in, and organise the direction of party business within his remit. He does not seem willing to do this, beyond narrow confines of what he deems suitable. My opinion is if he does not like the heat he should get out of the kitchen."

When I was elected to the NEC last March I was in 3rd place and Denny was 4th. The first question I was asked by most people was, "Who voted for Denny? Nobody likes him". I found out why at my first NEC in early April when I was verbally abused by Denny for having the temerity to ask our leader, NF, produce some evidence to support his demand we expel an entire branch. My fate was sealed. Farage was heard later shouting at his sycophants, " I want him off". Over the next 5 months Denny aided by Bannerman led a vicious, unprincipled campaign to have me removed from the NEC. I never did find an answer to the voting part of the question!

I soon found this pattern of expulsions repeated in London and the Eastern region. It is no wonder that UKIP membership is in decline. I sat through a number of NEC discussions on expulsion but not a one on recruitment or coming electoral campaigns.

Their excuse to get rid of me was that I had defamed Mr Gill behind his back. Mr Gill was supposedly in charge of MEP selection and I took the old fashioned view that when you are in charge of something you make sure you can be contacted and better still you are present. Mr Gill was neither. I made repeated attempts to contact him with no success. Is it not ironic that this is exactly Denny's recent complaint about Zuckerman?

I did say that Mr Gill, 15 years a Tory MP, seemed never to have even been a PUSSY. Denny of course thought I was talking about cats but in parliamentary terms a PUSSY is a Parliamentary Under Secretary and is the lowest rung on the government ministerial ladder. No Government Minister is ever allowed to go on holiday without leaving clear and effective contact details with the private office. Mr Gill had gone on holiday and seemed unaware of this important executive convention.

I never impugned Mr Gill's competence or ability in any way. Denny however seems to have impugned Zuckerman's professional abilities something I deplore. Further NF will not forgive or forget Denny's description of him as a waffling Soggy Sheep!

It was clearly convenient to blame me for the NEC leaks. Give a dog a bad name etc. This has now been shown to be completely false. Whilst on the NEC I never leaked and nor did I post Internet comments. Denny is shown as having 1229 posts to his name on Democracy Forum since 2005 the period he was on the NEC! Read Denny's postings on the Democracy Forum thread, Dr Eric Edmond removed from SW MEP list and you gain much insight into Denny's character. Click here to read

I trust the NEC will now act promptly to remove Denny from its number.


Junius said...

Oh dear! Has Dippy Denny gone to far? Can we expect his name to be added to Nigel’s infamous hit list? He should have realised long ago that you criticise Fuhrer Farage at your peril.

However, I would not get too upset if Denny falls from grace. He has always been one of the more obnoxious members of the NEC. He has been actively involved in the NEC’s corruption , lies and dishonesty ever since he was elected to that body. He has colluded with Farage in removing decent members from UKIP and has repeatedly slandered people like yourself, Geoffrey Collier and John West. He is widely disliked in UKIP and is regarded by many as being thick and without a shred of ability or integrity. Indeed, he has achieved nothing of note since joining UKIP and should crawl back under whatever slimy stone he came out from.

Greg L-W. said...


Denny has once again shown himself to lack integrity, morality or ethics.

Many will recall that although elected to the NEC by an ill informed membership he had been fired for dishonesty, untrustworthy behaviour and attempting to corrupt an election by a majority vote of the NEC.

Denny was chucked out to all intents and purposes and replaced by Geoffrey Kingscott as Returning Officer in the last leadership election sham!

A vicious little man without principles willing readily to lie and cheat to curry favour with his puppet master.

Denny has openly attacked those who seek probity and transparency in the party and his public behaviour on forums such as that formerly called UKIP Forum has been dishonest and degrading for UKIP - much as it may have served him well personally and kept his master in comfort on the gravy train.

It is hard to find ANY action this odious little man could be commended for - he openly attacked the last credible Chairman, is clearly not only a know all of huge self interest but also a bully and busy body with a prodigious chip on his shoulder - sad in one so blinkered.

Denny and those like him that the undeniably corrupt Farage has gathered around him bring shame on UKIP such that however many votes they may gain they will be votes AGAINST the values of these United Kingdoms and a betrayal of Patriotism.

As there is clearly no Party of ethics and probity supporting us or our Country then let the EU & Local Elections and any election hence forth until we are free be a vote as a referendum to leave the EU and in opposition to the dishonest and duplicitous Lisbon Constitution - Just write on YOUR ballot papers
Do not fail to vote in either disgust or apathy Make YOUR VOTE count write:


Risk being one of an honourable few in Britain but remember no British Politician has altered one significant phrase in either the CAP or CFP.

It matters not a jot who is elected - what matters is that those who seek election whether Labour, Conservative or Lib.Dim. will need the votes of those who write:

On their ballot papers - to gain seats in the future.

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

What is extremely sad Eric, is you don't get it at all do you. Junius and GLW are laughing at you not with you.

They could care a less that their continued support for you is further destroying your credibility. You continue to imply you have been banned by the party from certain duties, when you simply fail to turn up.

Could this be because you are too embarrassed to face those who you collude with GLW/junius to 'slag' off.

Although I have only been in the party a short while one of the things I learnt early on is that if GLW attacks 'you' then you are working for the benefit of UKIP, if he supports you then you have joined the ranks of UKIP bashers.

Greg L-W. said...


It would be terribly helpfull if someone could do translations of The BFM's Manglish - so little of it makes sense!

As for my attitude to UKIP it is exactly the same as it was about a dozen years ago - I have ALWAYS stated my support for UKIP and my support for Nigel as their best performing monkey - he is the best they have on the meeeeja but unfortunately he has lived down to being the catastrophy I warned against.

Yes there has been more visual and audio coverage - much of it far from good - as for idiots dressed as chickens, EUkip doesn't do humour they ARE fools without debasing themselves.

One only has to look at the motor mouths and ill informed and aggressive abusers with their serial dishonesty and foul playground abuse of decent honest men and women to know just why so many people have abandoned EUkip.

As predicted - even on The Faragista Fan Club's figures the membership has collapsed to a claimed less than 50% - in fact in the residual 14,000 or so there are a huge number of duplicates and many actually dead members not to mention 5 year memberships duped up via the Ashford scam that lost interes years ago.

Who for heaven's sake would wish to associate with the liars, cheats, frauds and trash that are now EUkip's spokesmen - Just howmany members have been driven away by the likes of The BFM, McGough, Bannerman, Andreasen, Towler, Batten, NuttAll, Reeve, Duffy, Oxley, Curtis, Smith, and their ilk?

Just how much damage was done by the corruption and lies that have angered so many in the list selection scam.

The BFM has a problem as he seems so lonely (not surprising) that he is merely used as Mr.Angry the Village Idiot from Swindon - too cowardly to actually set up a meeting and look at the FACTS.

Knowing nothing of hisdtory he is condemned to repeat the mistakes over and over - too stupid to deduce he is yet again making a fool of himself - calling on the equivallent of a Sargeant for opinion on grand strategy - frankly I have never much valued the opinion of NCOs when it comes to breadth of knowledge - that is why they have NOT been Commissioned in the main!

It is small wonder thayt the pubs of Britain are dying on their feet based on EUkip's exemplars The opinionated bufoon Feel Martinis and the duplicitous and under hand bully boy and abuser Croucher.

My support for Dr. Eric Edmond is based on the FACT that I believe him to be honest, I consider him to be informed AND intelligent, I know he will do all he can to get out of the EU, he is well connected to people of influence, his wife is also highly qualified, I have no reason to doubt his integrity, I know he is willing to work hard and I know he has the interests of members to heart which is why they elected him and unlike Bannerman and Farage he didn't need to lie and cheat nor spend huge amounts of other people's money to get their position.

Furthermore I can not think of a single one of the attributes I have listed of Dr. Edmond that I could attribute to either The BFM or Mark Croucher.

So much for the pubs and drunkards of Olde England!

Greg L-W.