Monday, 18 July 2016

Rebelious Scots to crush.

Thus goes the verse of the National Anthem that is seldom sung. Nicola Sturgeon is deluding her Scottish people of whom I am one in exile. The EU does not want you Nicky because of the natinalist contagion you would spread to Catalonia in Spain, the Basquee country in Spain/France, Northern Italy etc. Spain will veto any application by Scotland to join the EU even if Nicky could win freedom from England.

I know it is an attractive prospect to my countrymen to be free of the English yoke and rejoin the Auld Alliance with France but for me its out of the frying pan into the fire of the Euro area and the Schengen passportless travel zone. The idea that Nicky will have a veto on Brexit is pure fantsay. Far better to get into bed with the vicar's daughter.

The same goes for the Irish and the Welsh who do jolly well out of union with England.

I do wish however we could ditch Betty von Battenburg and go to an elected head of state and elected House of Lords of about 100 members. I have nothing against Betty woman but her hangers on and flunkeys are too sick making for words.

The next referendum should be one to get rid of Betty and her enormous extended German family.

Off to France tonight so no more blogging for 11 days. C'est la vie.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

The lacuna in implementing Brexit

To exit the EU our parliament has to repeal the 1973 European Comunity Act which gave Brussels huge powers over us. This requires a majority vote in a House of Commons with 650 members the majority of whom say 450 are EU philes some for honourable reasons and some for dishonourable reasons. The term honourable member is at best a fiction but more simply a propaganda lie repeated over many hundreds of years to become a factoid.

Thus today there are 330 Tory MPs giving T May a majority of around 12. She clearly cannot get the repeal of the 1973 ECA through. She has to go to the country and win a bigger majority by wiping out Corbyn's Labour. When? I think she canot delay past November this year. There is a problem however called the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2010 passed by the LibDemCon coalition to keep the Tory PM Csmeron from welching  on the deal. That could probably be got through the HoC but what about the LabLib dominated Lords. Invoking the Parliament Act to enforce the will of the Commons would take one year which will be far too long. T May would have to adopt the Llyod George option and threaten to create however many Tory Lords it needs to pass the Bill, say 200+,  to be followed  by a long overdue Bill to subsequently  reduce the size of the Lords from its current bloated  798 to not more than 300 and then down to 100 to match the US Sente which has just 100 members.

The current noble Lords will very quickly fall into line faced with the loss of their platform, right to host lucrative  lobbyist events in Westminster,  their fat attendace allowance of £350 per day plus a free car parking space in the Palace of Westminster.

This is  the real test of how serious T May is about Brexit. Getting rid of the unelected Lords, mainly geriatrics who love the sound of their own voices and getting better elected people would be an extra great bonus for the UK.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Theresa May Failures and now duplicity and Brexit backtracking in Scotland

Andrew Neil put the right question, "What hasTheresa May achieved in 5 years at the Home office?" The answer is not a lot. Abu Hamza deported, immigration out of control, end. A bit like Dave's legacy, Homosexual marriage.

As a Scot it is now clear to me that May, following her Edinburgh visit, will use SNP opposition to the UK leaving the EU as an excuse to delay and eventaually cancel Brexit.

Let the SNP have theit second referendum. There is no appetite in Scotland now for independence. What the Scots have always hated is rule by the English. Sort that and the problem disappears like snow off a dyke.

Mr May above left. He cannot be as boring as his wife surely.

Mr Leadsom in action above right.

Ms Leadsom in action click below

BoJo was at least a fun boy.

His Turkish ancestry should come in useful post coup.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Smug, anti-Brexit metropolitan elite will now go into stardrive.

We are now subject to non-stop bombardment of anti-Brexit propaganda from the Islington/Kensington bad loser set. There is no escape from these people. If you don't buy the rags that publish their drivel you find them popping up on Sky, ITV and of course the BBC peddling their mendacious tripe. They all live in London and seem never to venture into the outer darknes outside of the M25 except to holiday in Tuscany with P Toynbee. None else gets a look in.

Last night on ITV I listened to two bimbo presenters tring to link the Nice atrocity to Brexit via lack of security information sharing which they think only happens within the EU. Uutter bollocks. I think these girls should go back to GCSE geography, Nice is approximately 750 miles South of London.

I then had to listen to Major Tim saying he feared for British Europe scientific cooperation following Brexit. Ground control to Major Tim, UK Europe joint science goes back to pre 1914 and if you read the name on the rocket that put you into orbit you would have discovered it was Russian, as was the pilot, as was your re-entry pod that brought you back. You are another who should go back to do GCSE geography, Russia is not in the EU and your re-entry pod landed back in Asia where your Russian rocket took off from. The history of Russian rocketry goes back to the first world war when your predecessor Major Bigglesworth was still flying around in a Sopwith Camel biplane.

Every dip in Sterling or the the FTSE will be attributed to Brexit whilst rises will be ignored especially by the Newsnight gnome Evans.

It is also noticeable how the media are out to rubbish BoJo publishing unflattering pictures of him looking wild. He is clearly their number one target. Boris is a clever man, far smarter than the BBC hacks so I expect their attacks will be deflected by Boris quite easily and may well rebound back on the journos..

Thursday, 14 July 2016

More UKIP dirty tricks

I initially called this blog UKIP Truth over 5 years ago when I had been kicked out of UKIP on largely trumped up charges. Things have not changed in UKIP. The latest manifestation is the decision of UKIP NEC to come up with a new rule saying that to run for leader you have to have been a memberof good standing for 5 years. This stops people like Suzanne Evans who is currently suspended and Diane James from standing. Ms Evans seems taken aback by this development but it is the way UKIP has been run for years.

On Monday Nikki Sinclaire a former UKIP MEP, a victim of UKIP dirty tricks was found not guilty of fraud

Its a sorry tale. Many people have suffered such treatment from UKIP. Nikki had the corage to bring it out in the open. She deserves our thanks.

UKIPNEC should immediately rescind this 5 year membership qualification rule and allow Suzane Evans to stand to be leader.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

May's cabinet appointments so far are excellent for Brexit

The good news everone willl agree with is Osborne disappearing from Government. His scaremongering during the Referendum campaign was deplorable. His political career is rightly over and I hope he takes Matthew Hancock with him.

At the top we have John Major times two, one in a skirt and one in a suit, May & Hammond sounds like a pickle product but the really good news comes with BoJo as Foreign Secretary, David Davis as Brexit sec of state and Liam Fox as sec of state for international trade.

Fraser Nelson wrote thus on BoJo on his blog tonight,

"Giving Boris Johnson the role of Foreign Secretary is probably the smartest single move that Theresa May will make in tonight’s reshuffle. It could well turn out to be one of the most important jobs in the Brexit era – a job of selling Britain to the world. A job that means explaining what George Osborne could not: that the Brexit vote was the act of a self-confident nation keen to make to friends and strike new alliances. That Brexit was not the sign of a Little England but of a country that has had enough of a Little Europe and wanted to lift its sights to more distant horizons. My biggest single concern of the May era is that Brexit might be interpreted by its opponents who saw it as vaguely xenophobic, or the sign of a nation looking in on itself. May’s holding line – 'Brexit means Brexit' – suggests even she hadn’t worked out how to describe Brexit. But Boris, as Foreign Secretary, will be the person who explains Britain to the world: a job that has been revitalised by act of Brexit.

His first task will be root-and-branch reform of the Foreign Office itself: too many diplomats saw Brexit as a disaster, and could not bring themselves to convey the message that this was the greatest-ever vote of confidence in the project of the United Kingdom; that Britain was too globally-minded to fit in the constraints of an EU that seemed to regard its mission as erecting a wall around Europe. Brexit should mean a revitalised Foreign Office, suddenly rediscovering the trade negotiating skills that it lost in the 1970s. What the Foreign Office needs more than anything else is an injection of optimism. And I can’t think of anyone better placed to deliver that injection than Boris Johnson."
I have always thought Liam Fox was harshly treated over Adam Werrity one of his long standing friends. He paid the price for his misjudgement by resigning and deserves another chance. He will be brilliant as International Trade Secretary,
David Davis is another huge talent wrongly sidelined for the last 10 years. He is a real master of detail and long standing opponent of the EU. Another great appointment.
I feel much more cheerful now about our chances of leaving the EU than I did two hours ago!
Here are the appointments so far:
Chancellor – Philip Hammond
George Osborne sacked.
Foreign Secretary – Boris Johnson
Home Secretary – Amber Rudd
Defence Secretary – Michael Fallon
Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union – David Davis
Secretary of State for International Trade – Liam Fox
This pic is great

Curses, foiled again.
FCO wallahs going berserk on Twitter about their new boss BoJo. Great appointment by T May!

BBC's sabotage Brexit tactics become clear.

The BBC are now trying to sabotage BREXIT by rewriting history. Thus Norman Smith one of the Beeb's army of political correspondents/editors was bumming up Amber Rudd who he said destroyed BoJo with her would you want him to take you home after the party. Frankly I don't thing Ruidd would have too many offers. BoJo handled her nasty attack brilliantly. He did not crumble like Andrea Leadsom under her nasty agressive words but turned them against Rudd. She lost that debate and disappeared from the Remain A list. Mr Smith obviously forgot. He, along with most of the BBC political hacks does seem to suffer a form of selective amnesia..

How do I get a job as a BBC political correspondent. At least I see things as they are not like the BBC as they wish them to be in their left wing paradise.

We will be able to judge what May is up to by her first appointments. I am not optimistic. May has always been a Tory goody two shoes doing what the whips want. She is too old to change now.

She is the oldest PM at 59 to take up office since Henry Campbell Bannerman in 1905 who was 64 when taking office and was one of our most boring and undistinguished PMs. with an unblemished record of non-achievement. Nobody ever accused Mrs May of being any thing other than boring..

 Campbell-Bannerman resigned as Prime Minister on 3 April 1908 due to ill health and was replaced by his ChancellorH. H. Asquith. He died nineteen days later.

I hope Mrs May's health holds up. As Andy Murray remarked after winning Wimbledon, being PM is a tough job.