Friday, 27 March 2015

Farage's UKIP tops sleaze tracker poll

This is the latest result from You Gov, the respected polling company

Read all about it at

but remember you read it here first! UKIP is an honest decent party at branch level  but once you get higher to the NEC, MEP slates, Brussels UKIP employees etc I know from personal experience its a cult mired in sleaze.

The YouGov  chart below says it all

Note UKIP at 63 are second only to Bankers at 69 in the sleaze stakes. Political parties like a fish rot and smell from the head. The alltime high for a political party is also 69 for Labour following the 2006 Cash for Honours scandal.

Sleaze killed the Tories electorally  in 1997 when  Neil Hamilton, now UKIP NEC lost the ultra safe Tory seat of Tatton to an independent, Martin Bell, wearing a symbolic white suit. Hatton sans Hamilton is now the safe seat of, Gideon call me George, Osborne. According to the Guardian Mr Hamilton has not learned his lesson and they ran a story last year about him attempting to charge VAT on election expenses click on link to read the full details,

It was enough to finish off Hamiton's candidacy ambitions but of course the damage had been done. I doubt any other political party would have countenanced Mr Hamilton as a parliamentary candidate and he like Godders he was Cricked as well..

The damage Farage's chosen candidates are doing to UKIP can be seen in the chart below

So UKIP now stands at 12% and following. We may not have to suffer N Farage MP after all. Pity, he would have done well in "The Thick Of It"

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Corporates seek to subvert our electoral system

I pick up my wife's Telegraph today and read that the chairman of Standard Life, one Gerry Grimstone speaking in London to his fellow fat cats said, "an exit from the EU would be disastrous for London and the UK". This is the same Sir Grimstone who during the Scottish referendum threatened to move the Standard head office from Edinburgh to London if the Scots had the temerity to vote for independence. Sir Grimstone speaks only for himself and his bonus. He does not speak for the ordinary people of these islands. He is simply trying to intimidate his workers into voting the way that will benefit his already very large profits.

The Sir Grimstones of this world are the reason that in  1872 parliament passed the Ballot Act requiring parliamentary and local government elections use a secret ballot aas the Chartsts had demanded 40 years earlier. You may read about it in Wikepedia:

It was of great importance in Ireland where tenant farmers faced eviction if they voted against their usually English landlord. It is the core of Trollope's Palliser novels where Phineas Finn showed great courage in supporting the Act and was rewarded by marrying the rich and lovely Madame Max Gessler, a Viennese Jewess.

We face the same problem today except Sir Grimstone is more subtle. His views are worth no more than any one elses. The English are always very deferential to Sirs and Lords. The Scots are not.

Consider Norway, I quote from Wikipedia

referendum on whether Norway should join the European Community was held on 25 September 1972. After a long period of heated debate, the "No" side won with 53.5 per cent of the vote. Prime Minister Trygve Bratteli resigned as a result of the defeat. This was Norway's second attempt at becoming member, after having been rejected by France in 1962 and again temporarily in 1967, but the first attempt with a referendum on a set of fully negotiated accession terms.
1994 referendum on entry into what had become the European Union also resulted in the rejection of membership.
In both referendums the majority of the Norwegian political, business and media campaigned for a join the EU vote with the usual FUD campaign the Sir Grimstones love. On both occasions the Norwegian people rejected their arguments and voted to stay out. Result, Norway is now along with Switzerland the richest country in Europe. If you want to see what the EU has done to the UK fishing industry view John Humphries BBC documentary which went out this week on the destruction of Lowestoft once one of the biiggest fishing ports in Europe. Humphries as a fully paid up member of the BBC elite did not of course explain the connection of Lowestoft's demise to his beloved EU

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Which UKIP MEP will Farage,s UKIP cult lose next?

I opined not long after UKIP's great electoral triumph that we would not have long to wait before UKIP's crumbly MEPs like the ten green bottles started to fall. In only 10 months we have had two casualities, Bashir & Atkinson. Who will be next to fall off the wall?

Our great leader's real forte is losing his troops before the battle has even started. His study of WW I has obviously taught him this losing military tactic. Farage is like the Bourbons, he forgets nothing and he learns nothing but hey who cares whilst the EU Euros roll into Nigel's bank account.

Who will Atkinson appeal to?

I as an elected member was kicked off the NEC at Farage's behest for "disruptive" comments ie asking pertinent and embarassing  questions of  Farage at the NEC. Farage of course got someone else to do his dirty work, in this case the UKIP traitor Bannerman who having been rewarded with a UKIP MEP slot has now rejoined the Tories. Denny who supported my expulsion from the NEC was mortified when Bannerman went back to the Tories. Politically Denny was politically extremely naive as are many members of UKIP who believe what ex-Tories, Farage, Atkinson, Evans etc say. They should scrutinise their actions not listen to their fine words to discover where their real loyalties lie. Poor Mr Denny! I bear him no ill will. Unlike Nigel's Tory recruits he believed in our cause. I exempt Carswell and Reckless from my criticism. They have risked everything in joining UKIP. They believe in our cause and I wish them well in May.

UKIP has now been taken over by third rate  ex-Tories. This is what Farage meant by 'professionalising'. I weep for the many honest decent UKIP members who have been sidelined. kicked out etc to make way for this Tory scum - Farage's word of choice it seems.

I lodged an appeal against my removal from the NEC to then find out that the appeal would be heard by the same people who made the original decision! When UKIP talks of their independent appeals process that's what they mean. Atkinson will find this out when she lodges her appeal that she has  said she will make.. She will just have to console herself with her one million Euros from the EU and I am sure in the fullness of time will like Bannerman scuttle off back to the Tories. Not a bad reward for a woman who has only been in UKIP for a few years. UKIP's latest crop of ex-Tories put in to be MEP candidates after a few months membership.

There is no specification of an independent appeals process in the UKIP constitution. Nigel would find it 'disruptive'. There have been people who have joined the party who have never been tainted by the Tories or indeed any other political party, O'Flynn for one and me back in 2009. I joined because I believed in the cause. The ex-Tories join to further their 'political careers'. They believe in nothing except their own bank balance

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Vote SNP and save British democracy

Nicola Sturgeon  has indicated the SNP will only support a minority Labour government on a vote by vote basis. Great! This will go a fair way to returning our democracy.

Issues will then be treated individually on their merits and not as party policy. Jim Murphy realises this and what it means for his political future. He is leader of Scottish Labour but wants to be relected to Westminster but the game has changed. The two party system even propped up by the sordd LibDems is bust forever. No longer will people vote on a manifesto which can be torn up after the election and or cherry picked by a government implementing only what suits it and forgetting about the other promises in its manifesto. Thank God the days of handing a blank cheque to Labour or Tory are over.

No  other country runs an adverserial public school system of yah boo politics. They are normal we are abnormal Its another case of Johnny Foreigner doing things better than us like they do at football etc.

The US president's power is subject to severe checks and balances. UK PMs are the uncrowned king of the UK with no check on their power given the party whip system but take that away as the SNP will if they hold the balance of power and the MiliCam's power crumbles and power reverts much more to the people.

English knuckleheads should be grateful to Nicola and Alex. They will get their country back for them,.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Janice Atkinson looks like Marta Andreasen revisited by Farage.

It says in the Bible as a dog returns to its vomit so a fool returns to his folly. Marta Andreasen was pushed by Farage into no 2 on the SE MEP list in 2009. I spoke at UKIP's NEC against her ever going on a UKIP MEP slate as she breached 6 of UKIP's and the Electoral Commissions candidate requirements. She was waved on by old failed Tory Gill, a man not known for his perception. She turned against Farage around 2013 and joined the Tories in time to lose as Tory MEP candidate in 2014. She was Farage's top pick for 2009.

Roll on 5 years and the folly repeats itself with old Tory Atkinson, Nigel's top pick in the SE region for UKIPs 2014 MEP slate. Here is a brief history of La Atkinson from Wikepedia.

"Janice Ann Atkinson (born 31 August 1962) is a Member of the European Parliament for the South East Englandregion for the UK Independence Party. She was elected in 2014, second on the list for the region behind Nigel Farage.

Political career[edit]

Atkinson is a former member of the Conservative party and ran a marketing business for two decades prior to becoming an MEP. As Janice Small, she was a press officer for the Conservatives in the south-east during the 2005 general election. In the 2010 general election, she was Tory PPC for Batley and Spen, finishing second, 4,406 votes behind Labour incumbent Mike Wood.[2] She was also director of Conservative Action for Electoral Reform.[3]
Atkinson joined UKIP in 2011, citing David Cameron's failure to produce a referendum on European Unionmembership.[4]
She was selected as the UKIP candidate for Folkestone and Hythe for the 2015 general election.[1]


During the 2014 campaign it emerged that despite Atkinson's claims - and status as a champion of state selective education - her alma mater Blackheath Bluecoat School is not and has never been a grammar school.[5]
It was also reported that, before she joined UKIP, Atkinson was dropped from the 2011 alternative vote campaign following a meeting with undecided Conservativesin which she mentioned "her support for elements of" the British National Party's platform.[6] A few days later Atkinson swore at anti-racism campaigners. The incident followed her call for 'abusive' anti-UKIP protestors to be arrested by the police. A photo capturing the moment was widely reported and went viral on social media.[7] Atkinson, who has described towns in Kent as 'no-go areas' as a result of Eastern European immigration, has defended her position, claiming she marched as part of the Anti-Nazi League in her youth.[8]
In August 2014 she issued an apology after being recorded by a BBC news crew referring to a British Thai constituent and UKIP supporter as "a ting-tong from somewhere" a term used in Thailand about insane people. The woman and her husband threatened to withdraw from UKIP membership but changed their mind after a personal apology from UKIP leader Nigel Farage.[9][10] Interviewed on camera later at their home, the woman and her husband said that Atkinson hadn't apologized to them & was quite belligerent. Whilst speaking of Atkinson Farage said "99% of UKIP member's aren't like that and don't hold those views."[9]
In December 2014 it was revealed that Atkinson, whose annual salary as an MEP was around £79,000 per year, owed more than £2,000 in unpaid child support.[11]Her ex-husband claimed this had "caused major hardship for her son and for her family".[11] Atkinson was singled out for particular criticism as she had previously attacked "feckless families" who have more children than they can afford.[12][13]
In March 2015 she was suspended from the party following "allegations of a serious financial nature."[1]"

Much of that information on Atkinson was in the public domain but nobody it seems in 
UKIP's NEC bothered to check. Nigel does not encourage that sort of due diligence.

Most worrying is her reported support of elements of the BNP's platform. I have seen innocent people who had never had any contact with the BNP or supported the BNP in any way  vilified and kicked out of UKIP. Why this woman was put on the 2014 UKIP MEP slate and then selected as a PPC for a very winnable seat in the coming 7th May, 2015 general election?

By selecting candidates like Atkinson UKIP is pissing away the best chance we will ever have of leaving the EU

Monday, 16 March 2015

Farage: I'l resign if I don't win seat

This is today's front page headline in the Daily Telegraph. It is exactly as I have predicted. When he does not win Thanet he can use that as his excuse to leave UK domestic politics which is hard work, closely scrutinised and poorly paid leaving Nigel to head up his lucrative European party in Brussels which involves little work, zero presss scrutiny, lots of money and much grandstanding. Truly the EU has been good to Nigel and he will be suitably rewarded for his sterling service to the EU.

Meanwhile back in blighty the poor unpaid UKIP foot soldiers will be left to soldier on in their mud soaked trenches assaulted by the left wing media until none are left standing and while the king over the water gorges himself with EU Euros.

Consider the undermining effect this silly statement has on UKIP candidates who are trying their hardest to become MPs. Nigel has just given enough ammo to the Tories to sink a battleship let alone cockleshell UKIP!. When has a party leader published an autobiography immediately before a general election? Never! Biographies are published after elections and if a minister after leaving office. So why has Farage published his biography at this time?

There are two reasons. First there were cheques on offer from the publishers and the DT. Books and serial rights generate cash. There may also have been talk about his 'worth' being at its peak right now so cash in to maximise the revenue. Second it damages UKIP's electoral prospects and conversely boosts the Tories prospects. If Dave wins and Nigel loses Thanet I expect NF's elevation to the red leather to quickly follow.

The nightmare scenario for Farage is that he wins Thanet and therefore has to resign as an MEP. I am confident Nigel will ensure this does not happen.

PS If you want to see and hear a very cogent anti EU argument click below

Daniel Hannan is the real deal. Well educated, he could lead us out of Europe. Farage will only lead you to the nearest pub.