Sunday, 24 May 2015

Excellent point from Richard North

"As we point out elsewhere, those who are serious about winning this referendum are having to fight on three fronts. We have to deal with the underhanded lies of the pro-EU camp and also the brain-capsizing ineptitude of the Ukip. But there is also the selfish, self-absorbed right-wing think tank "aristocracy" who are neither use nor ornament."

I know a few of the latter group mainly arrogant economists with no idea how ordinary people live. 

Cameron's talent is to choose good advisors and listen to them

Steve Hilton, Cameron's former guru has just has a book entitled More Human published. Hilton is an interestinh guy and was just too much for the Mandarins to take. He has an eclectic mix of views ranging from Green to anti-EU. He also had a temper which diod not go down well with the Civil Service.

His most interesting quote is to brilliantly describe the European Commission and European Parliament as, " a vast stinking cesspit of corporate corruption gussed up in the garb of idealistic internationalism". I could not have put it better myself confirmed by the procession of corporate fat cats we have bleating non stop now about what a the disaster it will be if we leave the EU . What they mean is how bad it would be for their bonus but who speaks for Joe Public for whom exit from the EU would be a huge benefit.

Lynton Crosby was of course a great pick by Dave but he was also smart enough to take the Wizard of Oz's advice to the extent of demoting his pal Gove from Education Secretary  to Chief whip. If you pick good people you have to back them even if your pals have to go.

Cam's latest pick is the dishy and clever Camilla Cavendish to head up the No 10 policy unit. She was a contemporary of Daves at BNC, on the same course PPE where she also got a first. Not all the best guys get a first, BoJo didn't but he did classics.


She was a top class journo for the Times and has strong Green credentials

In 2008 Cavendish won the Paul Foot award for campaigning journalism for her investigation into the practices of family courts dealing with child protection issues. She is a former trustee of Policy Exchange and a board member of the Care Quality Commission.

In another recent column, she concluded that Cameron should follow his instincts and look outside his party’s comfort zone for policy ideas: “Left to himself, Cameron’s instincts tend to be ecumenical. I would love to see him adopt Labour’s policies on non-doms and Lib Dem proposals to extend the upper bands of council tax.”

Another excellent choice by Cameron. Picking good people is Cameron's greates talent. Nobody ever accused Farage of that. Sycos only for Nigel.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Time to start the out campaign

We do not have much time left before Cameron comes back waving his sordid bit of paper saying peace in our time, I have renegotiated! It will of course all be a total sham but in the meantime the stay in lot are mobilising their FUD, Fear Uncerainty Doubt campaign.

Politicians love the EU it gives them power without really ever having to face the electorate and huge sums of money for MEPs to employ their Spads plus huge office staff for the bureaucrats and a well paid traing ground for the Cleggs, Huhnes, Kinnocks x 3 of this world. The only fly in the ointment right now is these pesky Greeks are not playing ball. Well they did invent democracy something the EU is tryng very hard to uninvent.

Another group that love the EU is a large chunk of UK big business. The EU provides them with unlimited cheap low skilled labour to boost their profits and bonuses. Who cares where these people and their wives and children live get educated get their health care its not on our companies P/L. As in Tom Leher's Wener von Braun song, "The rockets go up whoosh. Who cares where they come down? Its not my department."

So I was glad today to read Richard North's excellent blog,,

Compulsory reading for those of us who want to get our country back. One gem a propos the stonking billion plus fines announced today on banks for rigging the Forex market. One of the biggest offfenders is Barclays deputy chairman one Mike Rake. Who is currently speaking non stop for the CBI to keep us in? That's right Mr Sir Rake. But as Richard points out to Rake we plebs are just the no ones he refers to, there to be ripped off by his dodgy Forex traders to increase their bonus and also of course Rake's at the same time.

The day before Richard wrote a brilliant piece on the CBI's misdirection tactics written as a Sun editorial. Its also on my link above but it's so good I quote extensively from it below.

 "This is the Sun editorial I would like to see:

There are no benefits which we gain by virtue of UK membership of the EU that are not open to us through other means. Thus, the game played by the CBI is classic misdirection. The fat cats want to keep us focused on the wrong issues, fighting battles of their choosing so we can be defeated in detail.

In fact, this coming referendum is our chance to correct a historical error, where the British nation joined in a dangerous experiment in political integration in the mistaken belief that it would solve our problems at home and abroad. 

With the passage of time, the magnitude of that error has become more and more apparent. And if final stages of integration – already on the drawing board - are allowed to unfold with Britain still a member of the EU, we will be trapped in a nightmare from which there is no escape. 

It is vital, therefore, that we ignore CBI propaganda about "benefits". We must not engage on their choice of battlefield. The "benefits" they speak of are ours to enjoy in or out of the EU. And we are better off out. We need to focus on the real issues - our issues, not theirs. People need to know that the fate of their nation is at stake. We should not allow ourselves to be distracted by the self-serving corporate √©lites. 

All the  fat cats are interested in is their "bottom line". They think they can keep more cash by sticking close to Brussels, with not the slightest concern for the welfare of the British people and their needs. 

While they offshore their profits to the shadiest tax havens they can find, they weep crocodile tears about the dangers of leaving the EU. All they are actually doing is looking after their own interests. They will tell any number of lies to get their way, which is precisely what they are doing now. 

They need to be told that how we the people choose to be governed is no business of theirs. No matter how big and important they think they are, no "fat cat" has any more votes than any other individual. It is what the people think that matters. Democracy, not corporate greed, is what matters. 

We must define the issues in this referendum campaign – not the "fat cats" who are trying to distort to debate in order to line their pockets with our cash. They live happily with dictators and want a "rip-off Britain", knowing that pickings are easiest when democracy is weak. Our democracy must come before fat-cat pay-cheques and pension pots.

The fat cats need to mind their own business, and keep their grubby mitts out of our politics."

This is no new thing. Read Trollope on the battle the Liberal government had in the 1870s over Irish Tenant farmers rights and you will realise its the same thing. Landowners coercing their workers into voting to benefit their company  profits not themselves. Multi-nationals have replaced Tory landowners but its the same swindle perpretated on the plebs.

Even Alex Salmond on Newsnight rubbished the CBI line that the UK could not do well outside the EU. We would do very well.

We must guard against the same thing happening in the Out campaign. We do not want it taken over by the self appointed great and good no matter how much money they have. We need to connect with the great mass of the populus not the intellectual elite.

Farage is now irrelevant and is a laughing stock in the European  Parliament following his resigning unresigning saga. Worse UKIP is now seen there as the Farage cult it is..

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Evans tries to set the record straight

La Evans was interviewed by the nice Victoria Derbyshire today on BBC TV. Click link below to see/hear

Poor Ms Evans she did write a decent manifesto. The 2010 one was written by the Tory traitor Bannerman who is now a well paid Tory MEP, At that time Bannerman was favoured by NF but after his abysmal manifesto Farage was quick to rubbish him. One thing for sure Cameron won't be asking Bannerman to write a manifesto or anything else for the Tories so Evans effort did not have a lot to beat, Ms Evans is not the first and won't be the last to fall from the fickle fuerher's favour. When you sup with Farage take a long spoon.

From my experience of NF O'Flynn told nothing more than the plain unvarnished truth about him. Gobby is I presume the exUKIP press officer who had to say what NF wanted him to say.

To be secure with Farage you almost have to sign an oath of unquestioning allegiance to him in your own blood as despots in the Middle Ages required. Its loyalty to NF not loyalty to UKIP that matters, The two are not the same.

I remember hearing Farge threatening to cut some poor UKIPPer off at the knees for disagreeing with him. I suppose I should be grateful I can still walk.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

O'Flynn quits as UKIP economics spokesman, Evans out as policy chief

Reported by Guido Fawkes click below:

O'Flynn has had enough of Nigel. He was along with Carswell a real UKIP asset but I don't think he will be back until Farage departs.

The Evans story broke later on Guido

It implies she was being well paid for her UKIP role but now the money has gone and she has to earn a crust.

Guido earlier put Reckless in the frame to replace Evans

Another case of Mac the knife.

Farage is paranoid about plots against him

One of Farage's problems is he thinks everyone else thinks like him. He has fomented enough plots himself against the leadership when he was not the leader to believe that is what people are now doing to him hence the unscheduled NEC meeting callled yesterday at short notice. Trouble is his usual whipping boy, the BNP, is now who can he point the finger at now.

Carswell better be careful about Evans. She owes everything to Farage and knows which side her bread is buttered. Everything she wants is in Farage's gift so he can control her. Carswell and O'Flynn are different. They are there on their own merits and Farage controls nothing that they want and in Carswell's case he controls the Short money that Farage wants.

Farage clearly has to go for the out side in the referendum to have any chance. But of course he won't go. Like Robert Mugabe he will cling on to power supported by his payroll vote as long as possible.

One prediction, Farage won't be taking a holiday any time soon. He knows what has happened to numerous African leaders who have been deposed whilst they have been out the country.

Farage does not look well to me.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Truth behind the unresigning starts to emerge

It is now clear that Evans, O'Flynn and Carswell want a more collegiate softer approach for Cameron's referendum and see Farage as a vote loser. Its not a plot only common sense. Needless to say Nigel does not see it that way and is trying to appear to be patching things up with UKIP's sole MP. Bad news Douglas, Farage neither forgives or forgets. You will soon be on the receiving end of a lot of political smears from anonymous sources so have your defences ready.

Evans, O'Flynn & Carswell are of course perfectly correct. To have any chance of securing an out vote Farage has to disappear, the sooner the better. UKIP is irrelevant only the referendum now matters. Lose that to the stay in brigade and even if UKIP win 50 seats in 2020 they will be powerless. The people will already have spoken. Farage has done his bit for UKIP and now must stand down for the greater good.

As I wrote yesterday the out campaign best chance is to secure the services of the Wizard of Oz asap. He was calling the shots for the Tories right down to telling Cameron to move/demote his mate Gove from Education 8 months before the election as he was 'toxic' for the Tory campaign. Cameron wisely deferred to his strategist and the rest is recent history.

So I say again if  you want to get out of the EU get Farage out, the Oz bloke in and do what he says. This is far to important to pander to Farage's ego and the cabal's bank balances. Cam will put him on the red leather if nothing nasty is found when the new regime takes over.  .