Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sunday Telegraph on Establishment cover up of Janner plus a Farage whopper

The Establishment is a hidden network of the most powerful people in the UK who run our country for their and their friends benefit and to ensure the perpetuation of the system. Thus it now emerges that the DPP, one Alison  Saunders began her barrister career at One Garden Court Chambers when Gerald Janner was a senior QC member of that set. She should have declared an interest when the file alleging child sex abuse by Janner was sent to her and passed the file to someone totally independent and not played the not in the public interest card to save Janner from facing a trial. As a former chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews Janner was of course a member of the stablishment.

Mrs May got into a similar establishment spider's web when seeking a chair person for the full child sex abuse imquiry. Her first choice, Butler Sloss turned to have a brother, Michael Havers who sat in cabinet with Leon Brittan who when Home Secretary had been key in the non prosecution of suspected establishment paedophiles. The peoples faith in the establishment must be preserved at all costs through lavish disbursement of titles, quango chairs, BBC board  members etc.

Mrs May's second choice one Fiona Woolf a former Lord Mayor of London fared no bettter when it emerged that Mrs Woolf had been on good social terms with Leon Brittan so she had to go also and Mrs May had to go 12000 miles to New Zealand to find and independent judge to chair her ill fated inquiry.

Post May 7 there will be a further influx of new recruits to the club as many unemployed former MPs will be ennobled and able to collect £300 every day they appear on the red leather. Knowing others in the establishment and loving the sound of your own voice are the only qualifications necessary. NB Major there are no SNP members of the HoL and Nicola Sturgeon has no establishment connections. Maybe that is why she is so popular with the ordinary people of England as well as Scotland.

In the Telegraph's 7 questions for 7 leaders Farage produces a whopper.

Question: One thing you would change about yourself?

Answer: "I am too tolerant sometimes. When it comes to loyalty I often offer too much, even to people who have let me down repeatedly. Maybe I need to be more cuthroat"

Nigel Farage is the most vindictive politician I have ever met. He harbours grudges like Tam O'Shanter's wife. He never forgives and forgets. I'll cut him off at the knees was one his favourite sayings.

His fault is his promotion of sycophants like Bannerman, Andreasen etc

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Good to see Farage at Gallipoli Cenotaph service

I am glad we put on such a great show to remember those on both siides who fell at Gallipoli Churchill's great failure. It is hugely important to the Aussies and New Zealanders who lost a huge percentage of men at this monument to UK military incompetence. My grandfather whom I never saw was due to go and be slaughtered there but was saved, although badly injured, by being in the Gretna train disaster when the troop train carrying the 7th, Leith, battalion of the Royal Scots en route to embark at Liverpool collided with a local train. Both signalmen involved were found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to prison,

 Both signalmen were subsequently charged, appeared before the High Court in Edinburgh on 24 September, found guilty of culpable homicide and sentenced to periods of imprisonment, one of them with hard labour.

 Read about it by clicking below

It still touches me the street names in this account were where I grew up, Dalmeny Street, Pilrig etc but I did not know the original ship they had been due to sail in had run aground so their depature from Edinburgh had been delayed by 24 hours. It was a bit like missing getting on the Titanic and makes one realise that but for fate we might not be here.

The best thing the Aussie cricket captain Steve Waugh  ever did was to institute his teams visit to Anzac Cove when they travelled for the Ashes tour.

It was good to see Farage was invited. He has a great interest in the Great War.

Sam Cam still looks a great ambassador for understated British fashion.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

What use are laws if they are not used and enforced?

Guido on the Tower Hamlets corruption:

The election of Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman has been voided by a judge and he has been banned from standing again.
He is found guilty of making false statements smearing his Labour opponent John Biggs as a racist.
He is also guilty of using taxpayer-funded grants to induce votes.
And guilty of bribery and corruption.
Also guilty of corrupt practice of undue spiritual influence.
Guilty of “general corruption” too.
Rahman a wrong ‘un? Who’d have thought it…
UPDATE: Statement from Eric Pickles:
“I sent in Commissioners into the dysfunctional mayoral administration following the mismanagement of public money and the breakdown of democratic accountability. An independent Election Court has now found the Mayor and his agents guilty of corrupt 
practices, including bribery and the abuse of public money.

 This judgment vindicates our action to intervene. The immediate priority of the Commissioners must be to ensure a free and fair election takes place on 7 May.
I will now ask the Commissioners whether further resources or powers are necessary to help them stamp out this culture of corruption in Tower Hamlets. The Commissioners’ powers may need to be extended in the interim before any by-election.
The police also need to take steps to stop further corrupt practices following this damning judgement. We must also challenge those who seek to spread further division in light of the ruling. There can be no place for rotten boroughs in 21st Century Britain.”

As in Rotherham the police cravenly refused to act, cowed by the threat of racist and Islamophobia accusations being made against them by those originating from those of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin. (Bangladesh used to be called East Pakistan.) The Electoral Commission the guardian of our electoral system chose to ignore the intimidation that surrounded the Mayoral election. I remember listening to the BBC excuses on election night for the unexplained delay in the Tower Hamlet result. Every other London borough had declared that night but Tower Hamlets had to come back the next day. It stank of electoral jiggery pokery.

Eventual it was left to 4 ordinary members of the public, petitioners, to take the case to an electoral court. They were vilified and intimidated but bravely went on to get today's result.  Why did the police and electoral commission officials not show the same courage?

Why were the laws on child sex abuse not applied to Janner?

Why are we so frightened to apply the laws of our land to Islamics? 

What is happening to the rule of law in our country? Breaches of the law have to be investigated by the police and brought to open court for enforcement otherwise we will end up another corrupt state.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

That Sturgeon woman!

That is how the posh public schoolboy members of the London political elite refer to Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP. Over the centuries the London establishment could never take being bested by one of the lower orders particularly a woman eg Margaret Thatcher . When he was about 6 my son was addicted to a pre war black and white British film called "That Hamilton Woman" starring Larry Olivier as Nelson and Vivian Leigh as Emma Hamilton who following Nelson's death was shamefully shunned by the British Establishment.

It was also Churchill's favourite film during the dark days  of the war and like my son he watched it many times to lift his spirits. Emma was not one of the aristocratic elite but like Nicola had talent. Add that to Nicola's patent integrity and you have the reason why people like her and detest Cameron, Milliband and Clegg. Accusing her of seeking to break up our country, the cry of the London elite, is absurd. Scotland is not their country but it is Nicola's. I hear that Matthew Parris, gay icon of the London Tory elite, has been up in Inverness recently checking on the health of Scottish Tories presumably under the endangered species laws. Did he find any?

Farage gave a good performance on morning and eveningTV today. UKIP have a good story to tell and a good manifesto to run on but that alone will win few if any seats. What UKIP lacks is a proper political machine and independent constituency associations. It does not have a well organised army of activists like the LibDems. That is Farage's failure. He has handed over the party organisation to sycophants like Crowther with the resultant underperformance. UKIP is currently running at twice the Lib Dem poll ratings. The Lib Dems are expected to win 25 - 30 seats but UKIP's realistic expectation is 4. That is the measure of UKIP's organisational failure but if you smear and kick out the best only the dross remains and we have no hope of exiting the EU.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Farage solid on today's Sunday Politics

Farage gave a good solid performance in today's Andrew Neil interview. Neil tried him out on a variety of topics including Farage standing by his commitment to stand down as leader if he does not win Thanet. As NF said there will be a big change in party leaders post election. There will only be one winner and the rest losers.

Farage made an excellent point that the drowning of refugees in the Med did not happen under Gadaffi and we are responsible along with Sarkozy for toppling Gadaffi. The same can be said in spades about Iraq and Saddam.

Most interesting was Farage's clear offer of UK refugee status to Middle East Christians who are clearly now being persecuted ad killed by the Moslems. It was good to see a UK politician not pandering to the Islamic vote. Our churchmen and judiciary should take a leaf out of Farage's book. Allowing Islamic women to wear veils in court that only expose their eye slit is discriminatory and perverts jusrice which must be seen to be done.

Friday, 17 April 2015

BBC Challengers debate farce - Farage was right!

There are many ways to rig a sample and the BBC knows them all. Even if last night's audience was a proper stratified random sample which i doubt, the questions to call was an editorial decision in the hands of the BBC.It called three women two very young, one of which was coloured plus a coloured man and one white middle aged man was patently not a representative cross section of the UK public. Farage was right to complain but this was a thought out decision by Nigel. He wants to be seen as the scourge of the politically correct, wimmin, brigade and burnish his common sense bloke in the pub image. It worked and will help secure UKIP's core vote.

Nicola Sturgeon again won the debate hands down, You can disagree with her policies but you cannot dispute her abilities and integrity, things lacking in most politicians.

The most interesting analysis came from the very clever Portillo in A Neil's programme. Portillo rightly pointed out that only Farage directly answered the black man's question on the effect of immigration on our services and that only Farage mentioned the huge build up of the National Debt to 1.3 trillion, a burden on future generations. As an aside note that it was only in the last few months UK debt incurred during the Napoleonic Wars was finally paid of!

It was therefore depressing to find 4 of the 5 speakers promising yet more debt funded public spending eupemistically called 'investment' by the Welsh lady. Its consumption pure and simple to be paid for by future generations.

UKIP's manifesto has stood up to scrutiny and was the only one to offer deailed policies to reduce the deficit and start on debt reduction. The armed forces commitments were also excellent.

I have criticised Ms Evans as a poor TV performer but she deserves credit for this manifesto although I think O'Flynn probably had a big input as well.

UKIP's difficulty is the others are competing in an auction of  give away promises to the electorate who will be conned after the election jus as Clegg shafted the students in 2010. UKIP will lose out in this silly bidding war but that's how politics works. There is a saying in the commodity markets where Farage claimed he made a mint. Sell 'em what they want and ship 'em what you have got. That's what is happening Nige!

The Spectator has another slant on audience bias which is worth reading

PS Also this one praising Farage

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How the establishment hypocrits protect their own and are shafting UKIP

The announcement not to prosecute leading British Jew Lord Janner for allegations of child sex abuse beggars belief. There seems to have been adequate evidence to put before a jury but the DPP decided in view of Janner's poor health that a trial would not be in the public interest. This is the get out of gaol free card available to the establishment but not to ordinary citizens who have to abide by the rule of law. We should learn from the US where a grand jury of ordinary citizens, not lawyers, decide in open court if there is a case to answer. Here in the UK there is one law for the rich and influential members of the establishment and another for the poor plebs. Rich Jews are also not slow to play the snti Sermitic card when they are in trouble. As Marlon Brando once remarked there are never films made about nasty Jews as they run Hollywood.

Fuller details at

The whole thing becomes even more sickening  when in 1999 this same man Janner was demanding a German nursing home resident in LeicestershireAustralia, should be deported and prosecuted for alleged war crimes.

As Guido puts it,

So Janner says you can prosecute of deport elderly wrong ‘uns, but not investigate the claims of his paedophilia because his memory is a bit hazy…

One law for the establishment and another for us.

There is a wider point. Rich Jews have wormed there way into the heart if the British establishment to secure exemptions and priveleges for Jews. This is now coming back to haunt us with Islamics now demanding these same exemptions for themselves. Worse the whole Middle East mess can be traced back to the Balfour Zionist declaration that the Jews must have a homeland. The trouble was there were people, the Palestinians liviing there already so the Jews are now having to indulge in the same ethnic cleansing that they never let us forget happened to them. Hypocrisy!

Then there is white van Labour MP, Thornberry, criticising Dave selling of social housing to its occupants while she buys up top end social housing costing one million in Islington to rent out.

That's the message for us.

A comment on Guido sums it all up

"For anyone who was late arriving, here's the summary of the benefits of being a politician:
Commit murder and get away with it
R@pe children and get away with it
Steal and get away with it
Start illegal wars and get away with it
Abuse an expenses system and get away with it"
Charles Manson, Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Fred and Rose West, Jeffrey Dahmer, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter and all the other serial killers and nonces went about it the wrong way. If they'd just entered politics, they'd be free as a bird now

And they all look innocent and wonder why they are despised by the 'hard working families' They all claim to represent. Hold on, they can't all represent this group. Who will stand up for the idle benefits claimants?

Finally the way they are handling UKIP is pure establishment.  Farage is a performing monkey so how do you handle him. Simples you control the media like the Jews control Hollywood so deny Nigel an audience and let him wither on the vine. A performing monkey or film star  is nothing without an audience.

Nick Wood sums it up brilliantly ,

and its working! UKIP are steadily dropping off the publics radar. It will need a huge impact event to reverse this trend. The pity is the UKIP manifesto is not bad but its too little too late and its diminishing returns on expenses scandals etc. Time for UKIP to come up with something really good but what?