Friday, 20 October 2017

The ignorance of our political journalists is unbelievable

Mr F Islam frequently appears on our TV spouting EU scaremongering propaganda. In this he is no different from the rest of the London centred media who uncritically believe anything that comes out of Brussels and rubbish anything that comes out of HMG in London. I don't use Twitter much but when I challenged one of Mr Islam's statements over us losing access to a medical radioactive isotope source when we left the EU. I simply asked him to define half life in this context. His reply was that any 13 year old knew that but of course Mr Islam did not answer my question but then he does look a bit older than 13.

This brought down a torrent of London based Remoaner vilification on my head along the lines that I was claiming to know more than the BMA  Mr Islam's source which of course I did not say. I did say there were other sources of the isotope in the US. The half life of this 6 hours.  I would really like to know how such a short lived isotope is manufactured and used but Mr Islam did not seem to be able to enlighten me.

Now as any fule do kno as Molesworth used to say the BMA is the GP's trade union and as such is dominated by GPs and their financial interests. Oncologists have their own journal and seldom publish in the BMJ. The BMJ is not a major scientific journal like say the New England Journal of Medicine. In scientific terms it is a second division publication that carries a lot of advertising.

Whether I am right or wrong in this matter is not important to me. What I learned by my venture into Twitterland was how dominated it us by London based bien pensants eager to stop Brexit. Its not only Oxford entrance that is London biased, as on R4 this morning, but 99% of the political journos seem to live there at least 5 days a week. Hence we have the current non stop torrent of inaccurate anti Brexit that now dominates the TV with a huge neglect of regional views..

Tune into AQs tonight on R4 at 8:02 pm and listen to a typical piece of BBC bias, Four panelists, 3 Renainers plus one Leaver. It has been like this since the Referendum vote. It is a crude BBC attempt to build up public pressure for another Referendum

Dr Goebbels would be proud of such one sided coverage and aims!

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Another Cameron May strategic error

I read on the front page of the Daily Telegraph today the headline, "Tories denied majority by unfair system."

The Conservatives are being denied a House of Commons majority under an 'unfair' constituency system.

The review of boundaries which was proposed under the coalition was blocked by the Lib Dems. Worse they foisted an undertaking to reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600. This confused the two quite separate issues and ensured the 50 MPs who would lose their seats would strenuously oppose this reduction. Turkeys don't vote for Xmas. This is the sort of devious politics the LibDems love and too hell with our country and this is what is now happening.

When Cameron gained an absolute majority in 2015 I wrote to him asking him to implement the equalisation of boundaries asap. I offered to set up an unimpeachable mathematical model that I had tested and that could not be interfered with by politicians. Well that would never do and I got a non-reply back and Cameron pursued his pointless failed renegotiation and eventually lost the referendum he was sure he would win.

If the Tories had implemented my proposals they would now be home and dry with a safe majority but they did not, and now they don't have a majority to implement it. The DUP would be the big losers so they will never support May who is hamstrung and must lose, probably to Corbyn.

Another huge strategic error by the Tories that will bring Corbyn to power. 


I am grateful to the letter from one Charles Pugh of SW10 published in the Telegraph today under the headline,

"A cabal of MPs who left Britain stuck with unfair electoral boundaries"

partial link

Mr Pugh points out that the  deal was in a Referendum bill that the LIb Dems would get a referendum on us changing to an AV voting system which they lost big time and in return there would be boundary changes whichh the Lib Dems duly welched on just like the EU and in the great tradition of Lib Dem duplicity. The Lib Dems also wanted an elected second chamber which if it had gone through would have given them a de facto veto on anything a government wanted to do that the Lib Dems did not like.

This act of betrayal was only made possible by slopy drafting of the referendum bill. Cameron did not do detail but the Lib Dems do nothing else.

Anyone who votes LibDem should know they are voting for some very  duplicitous people in the Lib Dem parliamentary party in the  Commons. Words cannot describe the duplicity of Lib Dem Lords who nevertheless are given endless airtime on the BBC, Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.       

That Cameron continued to appoint LibDems to the Lords after this calls into question his true motivations.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Monday, 16 October 2017

David Davies & May's big negotiating mistake

I heard Labour's  Barry Gardner on Radio 4 this morning talking about our errors in handling the Brexit negotiations and I agree with him. Bazza's point was the big mistake was made right at the start when we agreed to the EU's timetable for the talks money, Paddy land & EU citizens furst before we talk about anything else. It was a huge mistake but one I have seen made many times. Its very difficult to rectify intial errors as they quickly become part of the foundations. It would have been far better to have said No and it the EU walked away so be it. Far better to have the big bust up at the start.

So why did DD agree to it? He had said he believed there would be a huge row at the start but he then rolled over and let the EU have its way leading to the mess we are now in. Why? I don't know the answer but I think it has Sir Jeremy Cover Up's fingerprints all over it. Cover Up plays May like a fiddle. He has rightly judged her to be a typical head girl, risk averse and eager to please every one and not upset  the establishment . Its a female trait I have seen in many women. Only Margaret Thatcher seemed immune to this trait which is why she  was a great PM and May will be a disaster.. You can't make omelettes without breaking eggs as N Lawson might say.

I am quite sure DD was aware of the problems this wrong decision would create down the line but the more one sees of Hammond and Rudd the more I realise DD was out voted. I fear the consequences of this error will have to be paid out of the till called British interests as the late Alan Clarke used to say. Let us hope it is only our money May gives away at dinner this evening with Juncker & Barnier, Her last dinner in Downing Street with that pair was a disaster. I doubt tonight's will be any more successful but as the Vicar's daughter should know that in the Bible, book of Proverbs  26:1 it says

"As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly"

except in this case its her folly as NiMo might say. 

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Why are our political elite ashamed of our country

Last time I was in Oz 5 years ago I was struck by how patriotic and proud of their country the Aussies are. Where did we lose our pride?

A  UWE PhD student, one George Maggs seems to me to be on the right track with this post on Conservative Home,


He writes,

When I asked students whether or not we should feel pride in our national story, I was genuinely taken aback by how few of them seemed to know very much at all about our past, and how even less were able to draw any positives from our history.

This is depressing stuff but scarcely surprising. Paddy Ashdown got cross with me when I wrote that he does not know his history but he is not alone amongst the political elite in this respect, indeed it is difficult to name many politicians who do know much UK history. They can all quote Burke and Marx which suits their book but come up short on hard historical facts indeed Paddy had some difficulty in distinguishing fact from a village meeting.

Consider what our political elite have been saying to the media this weekend

First Jezza's confidant McDonnell

The bottom line of his ramblings, boasting of how many negotiations he had done  is that Labour would accept anything the EU offered us rather than walk away.

Then we have she who is called NiMo who used the feminine pronoun to describe a senior cabinet members views. Well only Amber Rudd would fit that bill unless she had been talking to the head girl  TM herself. Very indiscreet NiMo

Where does this chap Guido get all this from?

Chris Grayling spoke some sense and debunked the myth that when we left the EU, UK EU flights would cease.

Project fear is back big time with the Remoaners indeed I doubt it ever went away. Its their one and only tactic as Hammond repeats incessantly lest us peasants forget what might befall us if we dare leave the EU. He has his little helper Booker another purveyor of gloom  in today's DT. No wonder the Tory grass roots want Boris as next leader! He at least has pride in our country.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

May the appeaser must resign.

May is a politically  incompetent woman who does not believe the country would be better off outside the EU. Her latest car crash interview with Ian Dale on LBC must be her last:as PM

We are now in a 1940 situation with appeaser May (Chamberlain in 1940) facing and losing to the fascist dictatorship of the EU led by Herr Juncker. In 1940 the political elite wanted to replace Chamberlain with another appeaser, Lord Halifax. Thank goodness the MPs took a chance on the then much sneered at Churchill. It was him or surrender to Hitler. Its exactly the same choice we face today. May will be replaced by either the appeasers/remainers Hammond or Rudd who will kow tow to Juncker and the great god, the economy or if the Tory party has  the good of the country at heart any of those who led the Leave campaign.

When I campaigned in the streets of Yeovil & Crewkerne for Vote Leave last year I said to every one I gave a leaflet to, "Vote Leave or your children will die German slaves". For saying this I was abused and sworn at by the Lib Dems but not Labour or Tory voters. i still stand by what I sad then and the subsequent speeches of Juncker, Verhoffstadt etc have proven how right I was.

Our Brexit victory is being salami sliced away in the usual EU delaying manner. Why do we need a transition period at all? Business will always ask for more time just as my students always wanted more time to prepare for exams. Then they will ask for yet more time and more and more. May says it will be time limited but won't say what the limit is so its unlimited. Then there will be a General Election which will probably bring Prime Minister Corbyn to power . That may not be such a bad thing if it rids us of Hammond and his cronies. At least we know PM Corbyn will not like the big business loving EU if he sticks to his principles but power and money can change even the best Marxist's views.

Our Brexit will however be lost.

Monday, 9 October 2017

May is Heywood's captive.

Every time May opens her mouth she spouts what Sir Jeremy cover up has told her to say. By agreeing to accept ECJ jurisdiction during transition period she has just given away another of our strongest negotiating cards. The woman goes from one disaster to another.

All the minsters support this because they have future political ambitions in the gift of Heywood. Normally it would be the PM dishing out the jobs but she is so weak that power has devolved down to Heywood who is now clearly running the show.

The only big Tory to speak out against this further cave in is Rees Mogg. Why? He is the only one who does not want anything in Heywood's gift. He wants to be Speaker and that depends on MPs votes alone. Sir Jeremy cannot control backbench MPs the way he can  control wannabe ministers.

Remember Jim Hacker and Sir Humpy. It was all true.

Looks like the mandarinate is running the Brexit show. Delay, postpone, stall. Hope innate caution of ministers allows fudge... its working

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Who really rules Britain?

Quentin Letts is a great columnist. Read what he has to say on the above topic

Quentin articulates in this piece what I have long felt or as he puts it:

How Britain is ruled by patronising b*#*@rds: QUENTIN LETTS names the worst offenders among the People Who Know Best who never tire of telling us what to do and think

"From every side came instruction as to what we must think: about diet, gender, sexuality, race, even the weather, with the TV forecasters telling us to put on sun cream and giving silly names to every incoming squall.

The entire System was at it, badgering us, belittling us, patting us on the head, putting us in our place."

This is all done through our Dr Goebbels BBC. truth is an optional extra for the BBC

Audiences for QT etc are fixed and even more fixed are who is invited on to peddle their drivel. I find it patronising the number of opinionated American women from the murder capital of the world who are in invited on to our TV and paid by us for rubbish. We can make that ourselves. Why then import US garbage?

I have frequent urges to throw things at the TV whenever I hear a female American voice.

We have plenty of stupid opinionated thespians of our own eg 

"Actress Amanda Abbington (she was Dr Watson’s wife in Sherlock on the telly) messaged: ‘Watch the collapse begin. Dark days . . . Where can I move me and my children too (sic)? Where’s nice? Italy? Canada?’ They might have better grammar there, certainly. 
Keira Knightley was foul-mouthed. ‘Stop others f***ing with your future,’ she bleated in a message to yoof. James Corden, who left Britain to present a TV show in California, transmitted from across the water: ‘I’m so sorry to the youth of Britain. I feel you’ve been let down today. x.’"

But the quote i like best from Quentin is

"My wife, a sweet and liberal-minded soul, casually mentioned to a princeling of the Church of England that she intended to vote Leave. He gasped: ‘How could you?’ He might have been less aghast had she admitted to witchcraft."
Meanwhile churches are steadily emptying, mosques are springing up everywhere and our so called religious leaders don't seem to do religion anymore, they prefer Corbynista politics.

Taken from Quentin's new book

"Patronising Bastards: How The Elites Betrayed Britain",