Friday, 12 September 2014

Scottish Opinion Polls & Labour MPs

I can think of nothing better for Alex S than pictures of 100 sordid, expenses grubbing Labour MPs going on mass to Scotland to beg the Scots to vote No. They are simply trying to save their own worthless skins and the Scots will see that.

The polls are interesting but seriously flawed. People who took their name off the electoral register in Scotland because of Thatcher's poll tax are now putting their names back on the register but they won't be on the list of electors supplied to the pollsters. Guess which way they will vote, not for the Nos I opine.

The pollsters hence have a biased sample which will underestimate the Yes vote.

Anyway I am of to Scotland to participate in the big rammy as A Neil would say so probably no blogging for a while.

Vote Farage for Thannet!                      

Thursday, 11 September 2014

I largely agree with Nigel Farage on the Scottish Referendum

It is a matter of sadness for me that Farage arranged for me and others to be banned from UKIP by the cabal for reasons of personal spite. I have never had any policy differences with Nigel Farage and agree with much of his piece in today's DT.

His main point that leading Scotland out of the UK only to join the EU is illogical. I agree as I know does Del Young who has put this point to me many times.

Farage's understanding of the role of a central bank is a somewhat naive commonly held view. In the last banking crisis it was the UK government that had to guarantee UK bank deposits not the BoE. The BoE is in fact a very small bank compared with commercial banks. Its power lies in its ability to supply liquidity at the short end of the market, less than 14 days and hence help banks balance their books on the central banks balance sheet. Unlike other central banks eg the Bundesbank it does not hold the countries reserves on its balance sheet. It manages them but ownership is vested in HMT hence the lender of last resort goes to HMG.

It is also not as 'independent' as the Bundesbank or the Fed. The BoE has a very political appointee, Carney as governor who seems very much under the thumb of HMT.

Alex Salmond is quite right to assert Scotland owns part of the BoE balance sheet so there is no problem there. The size of the Scottish banking sector vis a vis the Scottish economy was only a problem because Jonah Brown waived the competetion  rules for political reasons to let Lloyds take over HBOS anddiscouraged scrutiny of RBS. If banking rules are properly applied there will be no problem.

As AS pointed out Lloyds is already registered in London. If the rUK did not ensure tax from both banks was paid fairly in Scotland as well as England then the EU would have carte blanche to takeover the City and Amazon and the like would have a field day.

As for BP what happens in Scotland will be small potatoes to what is currrently happening to them in US courts. The reason is the same, failure to apply correct safety rules.

In the UK rules have been too easily bent and waived. It has led many of our problems in recent years. Alex Salmond will clean that up in Scotland if he is given the chance.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tories & Labour make Clegg type promises to the Scots

Take a look at today's Daily Politics to see two politicians caught in the headlights without a pair of briefs between them.

Emma Reynolds is an obvious Labour air head who repeated her irrelevnt notes to every question from A Neil as did Tory boy Stephen Crabbe.

How much of Scottish oil tax revenue will you be giving to the Scottish government under your hastily cobbled together devo max proposals was AN's question. Both poiliticos come from the modern Tony Blair school of politics and think if you talk long enough and wave your hands about eventually the interviewer will run out of time and/or forget his question. Given all the manure heaped on the Scot Nats for not spelling out their plan B on currency this hopeless pair could not spell out their plan A on oil tax!

Devo Max was a panic measured hastily cobbled together which is now coming apart at the seams within 12 hours. Alec S is winning this battle hands down.

Cameron was talking to a carefully selected audience from the SWIP a disastrous Llyods bank acquisition waved through by Jonah Brown.

Clegg was somehere in the Scottish borderd where sheep outnumber people 100 to 1,

Nobody in Scotland believes a word they say, As I write Milliband has not yet surfaced.

Asked for one word to describe the three amigos a pannel came up with:

Clegg - liar
Cameron - posh
Milliband - weird

Just the guys you need to gift it to Alec. Click to see Alec's comments

Killer final line the three numpties are ther to try and save their jobs not save our country.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Panic grips Westminster political elite

I can never remember PMQs being cancelled as Dave and Ed have done today. Alex Salmond has got them on the run and the spin men are all running round like Corporal Jones shoting don't panic but that's exactly what they are doing.

Whatever the outcome this referendum campaign has broken the power of the Westminster elite which is a great result for all of us who did not go to public school or are not members of the North London Jewish intellectual elite.

Its a huge mistake for Cam/Clegg/Millipede to go to Scotland. They are all very unpopular there and provides Alex Salmond with a heaven sent opportunity to play the people versus Westminster card which he will do very well. It is now apparent to all, even the Major, that Alex S is the ablest politician currently operating in the UK.

The currency argument has spectactularly backfired on Darling. When the Irish left in 1922 the residual UK did not collapse and nor did de Valera ask permission from the BoE to use the pound. Ninety years later Eire is still there and prospering.

Will Cam resign? No! Who can her Maj send for instead? That's why George III refused to accept Lord North's resignation in 1774 after the loss of the American colonies. Lord North wiled away his time that summer near to us at Dillington whilst the American colonies were lost. A bit like Cam/Clegg and Milliband this summer in London and Portugal. Plus ca change plus c'est la meme chose as the French say.

I hope the N|ats have plenty of eggs left over from Murphy, the idiot who put the Lisbon Treay through parliament, to chuck at Cam/Clegg and Millband plus Jonah Brown. They have all betrayed our country to the EU. That is why the SNP are doing so well just as UKIP's succeeded in the May Europeans. People are sick of the self serving political elite. Alex can capitalise on a protest vote if Farage can.

Vote Farage in South Thannet!

Monday, 8 September 2014

UKIP leadership election

Can anyone post when Farage's term as leader expires triggering a new leadership election?

I quote from UKIP's constitution:

7.4  The Leader's term of office shall run for four years. This term may be extended for such time as may be deemed necessary upon the NEC passing a motion by a two-thirds majority to enable the Leader to stay in post in order to fight an imminent General Election or European Election,

As far as I can see Farage was elected on 5th November (wow, the day the last honest man entered parliament!) 2010 following his stooge Pearson's resignation on 17th August 2010. The interegnum was filled by one J Titford an NEC/Farage nominee.

Question, how imminent is 5th May 2015?

I have not looked at the UKIP constitution for many years. The phrase that any member wanting to stand for anything must be "in good standing in the party" now occurs very frequently. Previously I can only recall one occurence of that phrase in the UKIP constitution.

Question, who determines whether a member is in good standing? 

Easiest to answer in the negative, anyone Nigel does not like is not in good standing in the party a decision that will be endorsed by his NEC placemen ie a unanimous NEC decision.

I am reliably informed the forthcoming UKIP leadership election is likely before the Clacton by-election of 9th October so there can be no confusion as to who the cult leader is on that date.

Vote Farage in South Thanet in May 2015!

PS I just read to the bottom of the leadership election section of the UKIP constitution where it now states, "Those eligible to vote shall be members “in good standing”'. So if you are not approved of you won't get a vote just like in China.

There is an attempt to define good standing as

4.1.2  Members are considered to be in "good standing" if at any given moment:

a)    their subscriptions are up to date; and 
b)    they are not subject to any suspension or exclusion by the Party either from elected office or from standing as a candidate of any sort in any election; and
c)    they are not subject to any form of suspension or restriction as to their membership of  the Party.

Ho hum, all very vague. Many are restricted but by whom? Who restricts the restrictors?

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

British born Jihadis are EU citizens

This simple fact escaped our elected representatives at today's PMQs, my old colleague Matthew Hancock and Labour's shadow law oficer Emily Thornberry. It fell to the BBC's deputy political editor and Old Etonian James Lansdale to point out this uncomfortable fact just begore the end of A Neil's Daily Politics. It is therefore not within the power of the UK parliament or government to ban returning jihadis from the UK. They will simply go to the EHCR at our expense for such a UK government action to be struck down leaving Cam etc with egg all over their Bullingdon penguin suits.

Our elected representatives gave away the power to control our borders many years ago to the EU. As Maxwell Fyfe, MacMillan's attorney general said in 1962 signing the Treaty of Rome would reduce the UK parliament to that of a parish council. Cameron and his fellow travellers can produce as much hot air as they like on this topic but they cannot change this legal reality that he and his kind have consigned our country to being a peripheral province of the EU superstate.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Clacton by-election on 9th Oct

If Carswell wins big it makes Farage's off shore anti-EU position less stable. Good! UKIP deserves aleader who is based in London not Brussels. Carswell is a far more able and decent man than Farage. It could be mould breaking and Cabal terminating.