Monday, 5 December 2016

How the article 50 case hearing can expedite Brexit

The Daily Mail today publishes an excellent article on how our Supreme Court Justices are selected behind closed doors by largely pro EU quangocrats. They compare it with the openess of the US system and show how woefully inadequate and unrepresentative our process for appointing these unsackable people are. What we have is an old boys network with as always Old Etonians well represented as they know all the right people.

The best thing that could happen is for the Supreme Court to rule against the May government and for the government to appeal. Where too? The European Supreme Court! If that happens it's game set and match for Brexit if May then calls a general election. Even better would be for judges to refuse leave to appeal!

That is the best reason I can think of for the Supreme Court upholding the government's appeal, nothing to do with legal points, pure real politik..

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Two Lib Dem car crash interviews

First their new star tecruit Olney

Then good old calamity Clegg

Ratty Paddy

As I have written before I live in the same Somerset village as Paddy Ashdown. I went out for my lunch time walk today to find Paddy, Jane and AN Other wandering down on the other side of the road  in the same direction about 30 yatds ahead. In front of me were a couple of LIb Dems who shouted congrats to Paddy on the Richmond resut which Paddy graciously accepted. As I came level I remarked that Jane, who has recently had a knee op was walking much better.  I then asked Paddy when Olney, the new Richmond MP, was giving her next interview.This seemed to upset Paddy who went on he came to Norton to get away from politics and could I not leave it alone. I immediately put some distance between him and me so did not hear the end of his statements.

The previous Sunday I had been accused by Paddy's son in front of Paddy and Jane of taking away his children's future, supporting Donald Trump etc ie the usual LibDem smears  about anyone who dared support Brexit. Neither Paddy or Jane asked their son to desist. I did not reply and walked off.

Neither Paddy or his wife asked his son to desist from his upsetting and completely inaccurate remarks to me. No mention of getting away from politics then! Paddy maintains a high political profile on TV and other media. There is often a TV satellite van parked outside in the road for Paddy to be interviewed in his house. If Paddy wants to live as a private citizen he should not apppear so regularly on National TV which of course everyone can watch. If he wants to be in national  politics then he should take what comes with this.

He is an unelected peer. That gives him a platform for his views that is denied to us lesser mortals. There must be some way such peers can be held accountable. I stand ready to appear on any platform with him TV or otherwise to rebut his Lib Dem opinions to ensure a more balanced view.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Richmond is simpy a protest vote by rich people looking out for their own interests

I used to stay at Roehampton which is adjacent to Richmond Park. It is one of the wealthiest  constituencies in the country and even 10 years ago you could not find a family house costing less than £1.5 million. I know, I tried.

It is full of people media types, lawyers, accountants like Ms Olney etc who have grown fat on EU largesse. Unsurprisingly in the Referendum they voted 70% to remain. They voted with their wallets then and have done it again. Farron is a little man with hige delusions of his own importance. I quote from his post result ravings reported by Guido

Tim Farron is getting more than a little ahead of himself claiming Sarah Olney’s win is a rejection of Trump and the 2015 election too. Richmond Park was a 21% swing by a Remain constituency against its incumbent Leave MP. Food for thought for Labour Remainer MPs with pro-Leave constituencies…

Thelast sentence is the telling one. If May is forced into a corner by EU loving Tories and LibDems she will have to call a General Election or resign. It will be a wipe out for pro Remain MPs sitting for constituencies with a large leave vote. Tory constituencies will largely de-select pro EU candidates and go for leavers. They will take huge number of Labour and Lib Dem seats leaving something like 5 for UKIP.

The Lib Dems always wanted a re-alignment in UK politics. I think they have achieved it. The next election will be fought out on a pro / anti EU divide. The result of the Referendum will still stand. Failure to properly implement it will cause severe civil unrest. That is what the Lib Dems will have done to our country.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Where have all the Lib Dems gone?

I live in a Somerset Village called Norton sub Hamdon which has been a Lib Dem rotten borough for the last  30 years. Normally its hotching with Lib Dems but today its like the deserted village.They have all migrated to Richmond and can only be seen on vox pop TV. Even the great Lord and his Lady and  their dog have gone.

God help the good burghers of Richmond infested by this plague of Lib Dems. They do not deserve this infestation. Time for Moses to appear and drive them back to Islington..

I shall be interested in the outcome of this saturation bombing. Like Ms Oakeshott I opine it will be counter productive. If you are a voter and have already voted I advise immediate evacuation. I also  advise you avoid the one whom Quentin Letts decscribed as having narrowed eyes like a rabbit with mixy.

If the Lib Dems do win I predict a BBC LibDem love in. Difficult as they both love themselves so much already.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Jack Kennedy asked for Ormsby Gore as UK ambassador

Hypocritical of the diplomatic establishment, Chris Meyer et al, to maintain the US administartion should not dictate  who will be UK ambassador in Washington. This is exactly what Jack Kennedy did in 1961. He requsted David Omsby-Gore be appointed UK ambassador in Washington something Old Etonia Macmillan was happy to do. Here is a brief bio of O-G from Wikepedia

 Ormsby-Gore was born in London, the second son of William Ormsby-Gore, 4th Baron Harlech, a Conservative politician, and Lady Beatrice Edith Mildred Gascoyne-Cecil. British Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, was his maternal great-grandfather. He was educated at St Cyprian's SchoolEton College and New College, Oxford.

So Eton, Oxford and pure UK establishment ie straight out of the born to rule political elite we and the US have just voted against.

Poor Nigel Farage. He was born in the wrong bed, went to the wrong school and never went to University let alone Oxford. Things have not changed in the intervening 50 odd years and never will until we have a real revolution in the UK and have a real meriticracy.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

St Jo of Cox

The killing of Jo Cox was a tragedy for her two young children. I feel deeply for them. To be deprived of their mother at such a young age is awful.

However many other children have been deprived of their mother by murderers. They all deserve our deepest sympathy not just the death of  an MP highlighted by the media.

She chose a political career. She was a political careerist, a Mrs Kinnock spad. All careers come with risks  one knows when one makes the career choice. Asssassination is a well known risk politicians run for thousands of year.

What troubles me is the implication that MPs are more important than anyone else. They should be treated exactly the same as any one else, no better, no worse.

Thomas Mair the killer had no police record. He was a loner. I do not understand why the judge could describe him as a terrorist. If you examined the bookshelves of the liberal elite you might well find extreme left wing terrorist literature that advocates violent protest. Mair committed a heinous murder but deserves the same justice as is meted out to other brutal killers, no more no less.

Jo Cox no more deserves a halo than Airey Neave, Ian Gow, Jack Kennedy or any other politician killed for their beliefs.