Monday, 23 November 2015

Heffer breaks the don't mention Enoch was right taboo

In a brilliant piece on Sunday, Heffer articulates the truth that dare not speak its name, Enoch was right on immigration as Paris proves. Click below to read

I will not paraphrase it as I cannnot improve on Heffer.

In the same edition,Janet Daley, not my favourite scribbler, writes an outstanding piece demolishing the morally bankrupt and now totally irrelevant EU project. Its a must read

concluding with what we have known for years, The EU is not fit for anything'

And what of the UKIP folk. Well there is a report in today's Times based on Matthew Godwin's latest book detailing how Farage is trying to knife UKIP's only MP Carswell with the help of his long time dogsbody Towler. This is pure Farage at his worst no wonder nobody ever votes for him as an MP.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

More LibDem plotting on EU referendum votes at 16

Again I smell the scent of my near neighbour Paddy Pantsdown behind this latest unelected undemocratic Lords efforts to thwart the will of our democratic House of Commons. Paddy hates the Tories. There is nothing wrong in that but Paddy has been spending a lot of time up in London on Lib Dem political plotting.

Upset that his blue eyed boy Cleggy has been removed from government Paddy is by fair means or foul, trying to make things as difficult as possible for Cameron. The government will rightly not tolerate the Lords exceeding their constitutional powers set by precedent. This is inviting Cameron to reform the upper house or more likely clip its wings. Personally I am getting rather tired of these unelected Lord windbags who love only the sound of their own voices frustrating the will of the people as expressed through our MPs. This afternoon it was old Bakewell tart opining on the NHS. She has of course no relevant experience of work in the NHS as nurse, doctor, pharmacist. She is truely Baroness Windbag!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Farage: Free movement of people means free movement of Jihadis

Click on the link to watch a wide ranging long speech from Nigel Farage introduced by Diane James on why we should vote to leave the EU in Cameron's sham referendum.

He faced up to the problem we have with a significant proportion of young Muslims living in the UK who give their loyalty to Islam before our country. It was a brave speech to tackle the religous element and not hide behind multi-culturalism as almost all UK politicians do.

The only bit I did not like was that he only answered questions vetted and selected by Mrs James. It would have been far more effective to have taken questions from the floor as I have seen US presidential candidates do from time to time but Farage is good but not that good!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Terrorism works

Peter Hitchens has written a very good piece on the Paris attrocity urging thought before action. Click link below to read it.

Thought before talking to the media would also help but this is something our politicians are incapable of doing. We will get endless pledges to hunt down the perpetrators, wage war on terror blah, blah blah. Nothing will change and the terrorist demands will quietly be met and the victims forgotten. This is our history of dealing with the murderous IRA  whom the great war monger Blair caved in to.

We have given up the rule of law  for political expediency and we now have the nauseating spectacle of a retired British private soldier aged 66 being pursued by the ploice whilst IRA murders strutt in the coridors of power of our land.

Terrorism works becuase it hits the political elite either personally like Airey Neave or in the ballot box. The minister who terrified the IRA most was Roy Mason 1976 to 1979 who simply applied the  full force of the law to pursuing the IRA and was winning. In 1979 Thatcher's man Atkins came in and the good work was all lost.. We showed ISIS how to do it.

ISIS has learned this lesson well and know that the US, EU and UK  will cave in to them eventually. Only Putin has the back bone to stand against them. It is interesting that the sordid Obama has now to go cap in hand to Putin to support his latest war on terror. Putin knows his history. The US lose their wars on terror and Putin does not want to be seen with losers.

Also in the Mail today there is a piece by historian Michael Burleigh, headlined

British Muslims are not neutral by standers We are at war and they must join us.

Naive!. Muslims are controlled by a strong clan structure. The cannot oppose Jihadis. To do so would be to side with the infidels or Crusaders  and be totally cut off from their family and clan. Their loyalty is to their clan whose head may well reside outside the UK. Londonistan is but a growing colony for these people. We are being invaded.


Friday, 13 November 2015

Nuttall - another UKIP useful idiot on QT

I seldom watch QT with its rigged audience preferring Andrew Neil's later show  but as he was cancelled due to our hard working MPs being on holiday whilst Dave sucked up to rather unpleasant Indian gent I decided to watch it. It had the usual politically correct sex changeling seated next to UKIP's Liverpool scally Nuttall, aka God's gift to the BBC, the gift that keeps giving. Sat at the far right place on the panel, UKIP's usual spot, it was easy to see PN thumbing through his crib cards so he knew what to say and try to cover up his lack of wit and knowledge. Trouble was even with his crib cards he did not read them out very well.

The there was the usual Labour motor mouth woman, Lucy Powell who masterminded Ed's electoral disaster in May. Sajid Javid, Tory,  was on a sticky wicket on the NHS which seemed to be the thing the audienced wanted to talk about with a GP and a mother of two med students/ junior doctors in the audience there to berate the beleagured  Mr Javid. The only funny bit was when a very good looking female medical student said she would be off abroad asap but was flatenned by a working member of the audience reminding Dr Bimbo to be that it was the tax payers who were funding her expensive training and did she not owe us something.

Stig Abel of the Sun who is a regular on Sky's paper evening review was the only member who connected with the audience and who could martial a cogent argument.

Overall a complete waste of time brought to you by the BBC's  hardworking leftists and homosexuals as David Frost used to say on TW3 but that's what you pay your licence fee for!

There are lots more UKIP useful fools waiting in the BBC green room.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Cameron is telling lies, again

I am grateful to US based site Breitbart for pointing this out.

At Chatham House  yesterday Cameron stated,

that if the UK votes  to leave the EU, the “choice cannot be undone”.

But Article 50, paragraph 5 of the Lisbon Treaty unequivocally states: “If a State which has withdrawn from the Union asks to rejoin, its request shall be subject to the procedure referred to in Article 49.”
Article 49 is clear: “Any European State which respects the values referred to in Article 2 and is committed to promoting them may apply to become a member of the Union.” It then details how the process would occur.
For Mr. Cameron to have claimed that the choice is irreversible is dishonest and alarmist. 
So its now a fear uncertainty doubt and lies strategy from our slimey old Etonian PM.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

BBC's useful UKIP fools

It is now clear that a strand of the BBC's sabotage UKIP strategy is to wheel on UKIP idiots and let them dig themselves and UKIP into a huge hole. On Friday it was Winston MacKenzie -did he ever win a championship belt for boxing? Today Monday it was William Legge aka the belted Earl of Dartmouth. He is excruciatingly embarassing in his stuttering rambling waffling hand waving rants ill supported by relevant facts. I remember having lunch with him and the late Pieis Merchant at the Highway Man Inn in Decvon where Legge produced a quite banal series of hand waving no-sequiturs that left Piers and me speechless. We were very grateful when his minder arrived to cart him off back to mummy and the family pile. Legge is a political liability as Farage well knows.

He and other most UKIP MEPs should be kept off the TV as much as possible. They are in Lenin's phrase useful fools for the oppostion and sharp media types like Andrew Neil. Only Farage, Carswell, O'Flynn and Diane James can present UKIP policies on TV. Legge, Jill Seymour , Nuttall and the rest of UKIP's MEPs  lose UKIP votes every time they open their mouths and prove the BBC's thesis that UKIP is full of incompetents.

The BBC just has to sit back and let them prove the BBC thesis by simply opening their mouths and vomiting ill thought out garbage all over the studio..