Friday, 14 October 2016

The so called single market is not a Market its a Franco German racket

It is not a market, it is a common regulatory regime for the EU controlled by Franco German lobbyists in Brussels. Guido today exposes the myth that we have to be in the Single Market to trade with the EU by pointing out that the USA is not in it but last year did almost 2 trillion US $ of trade with the EU! They paid not a cent to the EU for this trade nor did they accept EU regulations in their domestic market which as members we have had to aceept often to our detriment eg Dyson's problems with vacuum cleaner specs suited to German manufacturers. Nor did they accept uncontrolled immigration as we have to.

Click below to read Guido

As Guido says,

Bear this in mind when you read hysterical articles in the newspapers… 

Also every time you hear some know nothing politician bleating we have tp be in the single market for jobs. The truth is we will be far better off outside the so called single market and it wont cost us a red cent.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Pay attention political elite, Dave told it as it was so people knew what Brexit meant

WATCH: Brexit Always Meant Leaving the Single Market [VIDEO]

Shameless Chakrabati, latest in a long line of Labour hypocrits

People like Chakrabati and Diane Abbott  make a fine rich living on the back of the poor and huudled masses yearning to be free.An empowered, educated, genuine working class is the last think that pair want. Keep them poor and they will keep on voting Labour and keep Chakrabati and Abbott in comfort is the message.

Read all the comments in below from the Guido post and you will find how that pair and others exploit the poor.

This comment I reproduce below gives a flavour of the sentiment

The labour party 
A bunch of Rich people
Telling all the Poor people
To vote for the bunch of Rich people
By telling the Poor people
That OTHER rich people
is the reason they are Poor

Click on the link above to read the over 350 comments in a similar vein and read Animal Farm!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Michael Gove pokes fun at my LibDum neighbour Paddy

This is up there with Paddy's I'll eat my hat gaffe. He didn't. Paddy takes himself far to seriously and as a result can be incredibly pompous which makes Gove's remarks even funnier. Click below to watch and listen.

Friday, 7 October 2016

How the political elite are betraying our country

These EU useful fools are saying what the EU wants to hear ie that there will be a second referendum and the people will vote to stay in the EU. The European media publicise this using clips and soundbites from   UK politicians speaking to the BBC. This is pernicious and will make T May's negotiation more dificult. Junker et al will believe what the hear on the BBC say and dig their heels in. This party politicking damages our country and must stop. The people have spoken, It was an unqualified vote to leave its time for the political elite to shut up and support us just as we have supported them through thick and thin.

I well remember a Polish colleague of my wife living and working in the UK saying that from his watching of the BBC you would think this was an Islamic country. The BBC achieved this misrepresenttatio by virue of their editorial control over what they broadcast and more importantly choose not to broadcast.. They don't have this control over the EU media which can and do cherry pick the BBC's biggest inanities to feed the EU's agenda.

We meanwhile have to suffer a nonstop procession of BBC LibDem luvies and fellow travellers trying to refight the June 23rd Referendum. Its plain idiotic and will never happen. All it does is encourage our enemies.

Sterling is falling against the Euro not because of Brexit but because it was massively overvalued before 23rd June and the UK economy was running a massive current account deficit. Sterling's fall will correct that, rebalance the economy and boost our manufacturing, tourism and service industry. Its a good and necessary thing

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Diane James departure, deja vu all over again

The realpolitik of UKIP is that all MEPs including Mrs James were personally approved  by Farage and gave their total loyalty to Farage. not UKIP, to secure their place on the UKIP slate. Some of course quickly jumped ship like Bashir who was given a prominent place for the TV cameras at T May's Tory conference speech today following his defection to the Tories. I did not spot the other recent UKIP MEP defectors Bannerman, now a Tory MEP or Andreasen.

The tragedy is over the years Farage smeared many good honest UKIP people as BNP supporters to make room for these traitors.

It was Roger Knapman who as leader delivered UKIP's first breakthrough in the European 2004 election  winning 12 seats and16% of the vote. In the run up to this election Farage had made great efforts  through his sycophants to undermine Roger who subsequently stood down.

I opine the same thing has happened to Mrs James, undermined by Farage party appointees plus his placemen officials.. Mrs James was bound to fail in her attempts to reform UKIP. She was naive. Those who have had dealings with Farage would have counseled against taking this poisoned challice.

Nothing changes in UKIP!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

How to use Amber Rudd's scaremongering to expedite Brexit

There are few more repulsive EU loving Tories than A Rudd unless it is her EU lobbyist brother Roland Rat sorry Rudd. Her claim that the EU will charge UK citizens £20 or so for a visa to enter Juncker's  EU empire is just great for us Leavers. It gives the UK the perfect excuse to set up reciprocal visa charges for EU citizens entering the UK. Bingo! We can refuse visa's to any one we don't want. That gives us immediate control of our borders and we know exactly who is entering our country.

The law of unitended consequences strikes again. Keep it up Ms Rudd.

Its a pity the Eurocrats are not as stupid as you.