Saturday, 23 June 2018

Unscrupulous UK politicians and greedy EU financed bankers are exploiting our children.

We hear lots about keeping our children safe on line but nothing about keeping them safe from lying politicians. This scum are trying to turn our children against their parents who brought them into the world, fed and cared for them. Young people are easily brainwashed as the Nazis showed with Hitler Youth which persuaded children to denounce their own parents for torture and execution.

There is nothing finer than the love of parents for their children Now our scumbag EU loving politicians tell our children their parents have enjoyed a standard of living they will never attain themselves. That is a very dubious claim that can never be supported by fact in their lifetime.

Young people love a good demo hence the crowd of the young marching in London today. Its a pity they were addressed at the end of their march by well heeled nonentities with half baked views like Soubry, Robinson and Miller.  They should ask themselves who has their real interests at heart, their parents or dodgy politicians..

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Vanity of Vanities - we can easily save £20bn for the NHS by canceling Osbo/Cams vanity virtue signal projects

Vanity of vanitiesall is vanity. A statement at the beginning of the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament. The pointlessness of human activity is the major theme of the book. The author, however, like Job, insists that God's laws must be kept, whether keeping them results in happiness or sorrow.

Replace God's law with economics to update this statement as few people go to Church these days

I dealt with one of the Buller boys great vanities, DFID, yesterday. I pointed out how it was structured to never under spend. . I read in today's DT that the DFID secretary of state, Penny Mordaunt, at Cabinet yesterday shocked her colleagues by stating the current protected £13 bn aid budget is,' not sustainable in its current form.'   This would have given Sir Jeremy apoplexy. La Mordaunt will be getting a severe spanking from head girl T May.for this heresy

Unfortunately we are still suffering from the Buller boys vanity. (They do a special course at most public schools in vanity. Humility is not encouraged and the meek never become members of Pop).

HS2 is their current folly that we the humble plebs will have to pay for,  for years to come. It will benefit only London where the vast majority of the transport budget is already spent to benefit the toffs.  Remember Cross rail? Only plebs live up North and its accepted wisdom they don't vote Tory or get into the Royal enclosure at Acot. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Now it's time for the DFID dividend

Much criticism has been levelled at Mrs May's promise to give the Brexit dividend to the NHS on the dubious claim that there is no such dividend. As Mogg pointed out commonsense dictates there is a dividend. The IFS. BoE etc don't do commonsense or Mrs Thatcher style housekeeping.

There is an even bigger pot of money wasted that we could reclaim for the NHS and that is the whole DFID dept and budget of around £14 bn. I am not against giving aid to poor people in poor countries.but institutionalising it into the traditional Civil Service bureaucratic departmental structure headed up by a  permanent sec, sec of state plus support staff and fixed budget is clearly the wrong structure. It has generated a whole new tribe in Africa , the Wabenzi, called after the Mercedes Benz motor cars corrupt African government officials buy with our Aid money.

The worst thing for a career civil servant to do is not to spend his budget. HMT will simply take that money away next year  saying you can obviously manage on less. This ensures you  a rapid transfer to the DVLC, the civil service gulag. Hence towards the end of the financial year DFID runs around like a headless chicken seeking to spend money on anything that will spend all the budget.This ensure  thegongs for the mandarins are safe.

There are other and more effective ways of managing aid e.g. Melissa Gates very effective anti-malaria programme. She and Bill with a matching contribution from Warren Buffet are simply following the model instituted by previous great US philanthropists particularly the Dunfermline born Andrew Carnegie whose 100 year old foundation still funds students at Scottish and other universities. It also funded a huge programme of  Uk public library building most of which are still in use. That is the model we should follow on Aid spending. Shut down DFID and its Sir Humphreys. Deliver better aid programmes and save money to boot. Now that is a real dividend.for the UK populace Mrs May.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Appeasing bullies always fails

Farage rightly calls Mrs May, Theresa the appeaser. It is a damage limitation strategy that is bound  to fail against the EU bullies led by Barnier. The Greeks who had been there warned us of this but May listened to our useless  FCO who have always taken  the easy way out of surrender over standing up for British interests. They justify this in the name of maintaining good relations with the EU over all else. To this end British fishermen's livelihoods were sacrificed in the shameful Heath 72/73 deal and they will be sacrificed again by May.

There are no fishing fleets in London  where the political elite live and therefore no fishermen'with votes either. The French would deal with this problem by breaking down the Downing Street elite protecting gates and dumping tons of rotting fish at the front door of No 10. Fishermen live and work a long way from Westminster.and its out of sight out of mind. We saw the same thing after the war when the monument to the 55000 men  of Bomber Command who died was put on Plymouth Hoe, 300 miles from Westminster where it could not possibly offend the Germans. The huge Polish war memorial in comparison is on the A40 about 15 miles from Westminster. Churchill to his shame approved these locations

There are millions of  second and third generation  Muslims in London near Westminster. A few of them seem to think  they can kill innocent tourists there whenever they feel 'offended' which seems to be quite often and also conveniently near all the TV studios for maximum TV coverage which is then  pumped onto our TV screens wherever in the UK we live. We hear a lot of Muslim anger and grievances but not so much of our fishermen's grievances. These Muslim so called activists are just as big bullies as Barnier. Both must be resisted if we wish to preserve our British values and way of life.

These Muslim activists are engaged in a Guerilla war against our country which can. and I hope will  be dealt with by targeted intelligence

The EU however is now engaged in an open  war against our country inspired by Napoleon, Kaiser Bill and Hitler. In modern parlance they are trying to reverse the result of the Napoleonic Wars, WWI and WWII just as Grieve and his 5th columnists are trying to pervert our democracy by devaluing the one man one vote principle. We were told that our government elite would implement the result of our referendum something many MPs seem reluctant to honour.

The EU plays a very long game something the vast majority of our MPs do not recognise. I went to Brussels in the mid 80s on a medical computing project. At that time the same Directorate was kicking off a GPS system When I inquired what was the point of repeating some thing the US had up and running and was arrogantly informed by the EU bureaucrat that we wanted European not US solutions to European problems. I pointed out that the G stood for Global but I was of course ignored.

All is now clear. Galileo it has a  a  significant military component which is obviously designed for use by Juncker's European Armed forces. We all know what happens when the Franco Prussians get their hands on serious military hardware. They invade other countries and will start wars again in Europe. Russia is part of Europe. Moscow is 1000 miles West of the Urals.

Hatred of the Anglo Saxons is clearly the driving force but the EU target will as in previous centuries be Russia. The French hate us for taking Napoleon away from them and leaving him to rot on St Helena. The hate the US as it speaks English, is democratic and lives by an English common law system. The Germans are more pragmatic and will use the French as cover but make no mistake they area dirigiste state and also want bits of Russia. They have lost at least twice in Russia and will lose again but at what cost?

When we had our referendum in 72 it was to stay in the European Economic Community, the EEC. Economics is now a poor second to the politics of maintaining the European Union , the EU. Our Brexit vote was against  the political union that is the EU. We never voted to join such a union. It was foisted on us by our corrupt political elite. Do not let Grieve and his pals confuse the issue. We want to leave  the EU but will continue to trade with Europe just as we have done these last 5000 years and will do for the next 5000 years. That's the real long game.

Let Mrs May say openly like Trump she will put her country not the EU, first

Monday, 11 June 2018

Why I want Swiss style government

First it has frequent binding referendums so there is no political elite, PPE based class system. All citizens are genuinely equal. The latest two referendums show this.

Note the first June referendum was highly technical and would have taxed the limited intellect of our corrupt duck house obsessed MPs but the Swiss voters coped easily.

Second all male citizens up to age 50 do 2 weeks refresher military training each year.

Third they keep their weapons and ammo at any armed IRA style attack can be resisted by the law abiding citizens carrying arms as per the second amendment to the US constitution

Fourth they never get involved in foreign wars and get their children killed as we did with war monger Blair

Finally they have always rejected joining the EU Fourth Reich.

Why can't we accept the Swiss have a better more democratic  political system  than we have. Ours is creaking at the seams and serves only the UK political and social elite. It was invented almost 400 years  ago when few could read or write. Trump governs the US and the free world by Twitter. Surely this is better and more open than the 1922 committee.

Despite being armed to the teeth Switzerland  has a very low murder rate. Every road tunnel is mined in case of invasion. If you want peace prepare for war.and get rid of our politicians in Lords and Commons.

Its 1938 all over again

In 1938 we had a weak PM, Neville Chamberlain bullied by a German dictator. Chamberlain's policy and that of the Foreign  Office was appeasement. The Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax.was the leading appeaser. Chamberlain flew to Munich  in 1938 and signed over a large part of Czechoslovakia to Germany. The parallels with our situation  today are frightening.

T May is of course N Chamberlain down to the 4 am flight to to meet the Franco Prussian EU dictator Juncker, his French henchman Barnier and leading not for the first time to British humiliation and further appeasement.

It will be Northern Ireland that May wants to sign away. Lord Halifax is played by Chancellor Hammond in this scenario.We never learn.

Is there a Churchill to save us? In 1938 he was detested by the Tories. They turned to him as a last resort. It all fits..Churchill will be played by Boris if he is allowed to fulfil his destiny. He is the only hope to save us from the Fourth Reich and its UK Quislings. 

Saturday, 9 June 2018

T May should study the master Harold Wilson

Mary Wilson, Harold's wife died this week aged 102. She along with many Labour politicians  Barbara Castle, Peter Shore, Wedgie Benn opposed our entry into the EEC as it would enslave future Governments and the UK to a dirigiste Napoleonic model in perpetuity.  How right she was but then  as now the Goldman Sachs money driven view prevailed over a weak Europhile PM, E Heath

Wilson was the cleverest PM in my lifetime. Faced with a divided party and elected on the promise of an in out referendum he kept out of the referendum campaign and left it up to rabid Europhiles, Woy and Shirley. As we had only been in the EEC although his was a minority government in Feb 1974 he won the General Election in Nov 1975 and held the promised referendum in 1975 which embedded us in the EU for the next 40 years. Like Blair he was involved with Gadaffi and almost died in a boating accident in Scilly involving like Jeremy Thorpe a dog.

Labour was then as now split on the EEC and he came up with a brilliant solution

In the subsequent referendum campaign, rather than the normal British tradition of "collective responsibility, under which the government takes a policy position which all cabinet members are required to support publicly, members of the Government were free to present their views on either side of the question. The electorate voted on 5 June 1975 to continue membership, by a substantial majority

Mrs May please note.

Mary Wilson was immortalised in Private|Eye's Mrs Wilson's diary, still a riveting read.

 Also Wilson's political sec Marcia Falkender and Press sec Joe Haines made a lasting although uncredited contribution to British political life as political advisers to Yes Minister still the best description of how government works in the UK. Sir Humphrey is the stuff of legend and Mrs May is clearly Jim Hacker in a skirt