Friday, 28 June 2019

Anti semitic is a smear like racist

I have never met Williamson nor ever want to but I do think the term antisemitic is used far to loosely and indiscriminately. When my now dead homosexual  cousin joined the BBC in 1966 he told me he was staggered by the number of Jews he found working there. Fifty odd years later despite the claimed increase in transparency we still have no figures on how many Jews work in the BBC.I can name many Jewish MPs but again I know of  no published official figures.  This simply feeds antisemitic  Jewish conspiracy views. The cure for this is transparency and truth.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Thoughts on 3rd round Tory votes

It is now clear that BoJo supporters lent Stewart  enough votes to eliminate danger man Rabb. They took them back today.Stewart's vote collapsed back to what it was in round 2 and Stewart was out. So two down who will be next? Who is the greatest remaining danger to BoJo? Gove, so he will be next to go. Simples.

We are unlikely to leave the EU on Halloween or this side of a General Election

 The Tory MPs have rubbed  out the three genuine leavers McVeigh, Rabb and Ledsom leaving  a full on remainer, two closet remainers and two stab in the back merchants. Is this the best the Tories can  manage? If so I fear for our country. We are now denied a proper leave vote

The so called debate between them was appalling. It was set up & chaired badly so we learned little. Boris was constantly interrupted by the presenter & the BBC pursued its agenda to make sure the candidates could not discuss the great opportunities that follow if we just get on and leave. (J Redwoood)

In the usual BBC bias the audience was rigged and the questioners were also rigged. A dodgy Iman was the most egregious. He is now being exposed by Guido via his anti semitic . The BBC repeated this man's bile on Radio this Tuesday morning. Nicky Campbell has already apologised for having him on his radio show - will BBC1 now follow?

Dan Hodges sums it up:

I said last night there needed to be an internal investigation into how last night's shambolic debate made it to air. That was before the revelation about the Imam. It took about half an hour to find his social media posts. What the hell is going on at the BBC.

and from Piers Morgan

Smart-a*rse liberal snowflakes never understand that my supposedly ‘terrible, odious’ views are in fact shared by the vast majority of normal people.

Quite, but the BBC does not do normal people. It employs its own army who don't do the basics as JHB points out

As Julia HB pointed out
Just look at that long list of producers working on the BBC Tory leadership debate. They handpicked the “ordinary people” - including the imam Abdullah - who asked questions and not one of them thought it might be a good idea to carry out basic background checks on them first...

Maitlis was dreadful with her attempts to push her own agenda.She would benefit from shadowing AF Neil to see how it should be done.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Thoughts on Tory second ballot resuls

There were three honest candidates in my opinion in the  Tory leadership race McVey, Leadsom and Rabb. There are all now out for telling the truth as they saw it. What we are left with are two old Etonian say anything to please fantasists two untrustworthy say anything to get vote political careerists, and a second generation Pakistani who is the only one I would trust to even think about honouring his pledges.

The only good result was Hancock whom I worked with fell on his sword.

The lesson is speaking the truth never pays in UK politics.


Monday, 17 June 2019

Public school products rule the UK

Nice to see Q Letts pointing  this out on Twitter today re C4's debate.

C4 took care to note Tory candidates' school backgrounds. And those of C4 presenters? Guru-Murthy, Snow and Newman all privately educated. Snow and Newman are children of public-school masters - Newman's dad having taught at J Hunt's Charterhouse.

Newman was a pupil at Charterhouse. Perhaps she knew Hunt there. Then on to LMH, Oxford. What school does she send her two kids too? Comp or fee paying?

People in glasshouses.

One for the Major. Why is it almost 50% of Sandhurst entrants went to public school? As Kipling wrote the Colonel's lady and Judy O'Grady are sisters under the skin but Rudyard wrote mainly about the other ranks.


Friday, 14 June 2019

BoJo is the man the EU fear

BoJo spent many years in Brussels as a journalist. The bien pensants of BBC/ITV/C4  are forever pointing out how Boris is hated by the EU. In my book that makes him exactly the man we want to represent us formally in Brussels whilst Farage puts the boot into Verhofstadt  in the EU parliament.

Being Mr Nice Guy has not worked for us with the EU. Its time to change tactics and personnel. Olly Robbins should be sent to run the DVLC in Swansea and Sedwell given early retirement. Get in some of Farage's business chums to negotiate with the EU. The more unsavoury they are the better. Nice guys come last.

I worked with Hancock at the BoE .He is not PM material which I  think he knows himself.

Does 5 months in the Black Watch make a serious military career? It seems to for Old Etonian Rory. What about those of my school who did 5 years in the CCF?

BoJo will win for the simple reason ordinary people warm to him and like him.  Tory MPs may not but many of the worst Boris haters will be deselected. Power to the people.


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

There are advantages in leaving before Halloween

We are in a fight with the EU commission who have consistently pursued a very hard unchanging line on their WDA treaty conceded by Mrs May.They are not prepared to concede one cm to us. So what can we do? Do what the EU don't want. Simples!

What do the EU love more than anything? Their grande vaccances when they take the whole of August off. We will have our new PM in place plus  new government by 31st July. Its first act should be to tell them we will be leaving on 1st August. The current agreement says we leave on or before Halloween so we keep our word and make our highly paid civil servants earn their corn and let our new government hit the ground running.