Sunday, 15 April 2018

UK political elite serves the EU by splitting our country

Divide and rule was the method empires have used to split their  opposition to into bite sized chunks that they then proceeded to eat one piece at a time. ensure they could continue to rule over us without the awkwardness of democratic votes.This is of course the EU's tactic to enslave us.

In this they are assisted by our quisling political elite like Soubry and Umuna who are demanding what amounts to a rerun of our referendum. I suggest they lead by example and resign their seats andmanifesto they were elected on.

Worse they now try to set the young against the old by the divisive tale that the young did not vote to leave the EU. This is disgusting. Every old person I know has tried to make things better for their children than they had. It shows the depths to which our political elite will sink to try and win votes.We do not have a law against ageism  as we have with racism etc but we do need one. If this voting break down is an official government figure it comes from a discredited electoral and should be challenged or in the latest political cliche, called out.

All our  vote hungry politicians promote this ageism  even the Green Lucas. As a kid there was a green alien enemy of Dan Dare called the Mekon. Lucas does remind me little of the Mekon as she floats around on her Westminster bubble splitting our country for her EU friends to consume us more easily.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

How Jeremy Cable & Vince Corbyn keep terrible Tezza in power

Next week the SW1 weekly Wednesday afternoon comedy show resumes after the under worked, overpaid cast have had an unearned two weeks off for not doing anything useful. Its a great skill, creating great heat whilst doing nothing.

The show is scheduled to start at 12:00 but is often delayed to allow the dwarf court jester time to do his very unfunny act and the warm up acts time to ask a couple of patsy questions of Tezza the terrible.. Jezza and Tezza get front row seats but Vince has to sit nearer the back. Jezza generally comes in third wicket down as AFN might say when wearing  his ham & egg MCC tie. (AFN runs the TMS  commentary on PMQs but no Aggers)

It is a gladiatorial theatre with Tezza on one side of the chamber taking on the toothless lions on the other side one at a time. Well at 70 plus you cannot expect a full set of gnashers. There is then a light intermission when Braveheart gets to ask a couple of questions before Jezza Cable, the elder gets to ask his miserable single question. Tezza meanwhile glowers around at her enemies sitting behind her especially Cassius Sourpuss and Brutus Clarke. Tezza always wins so its a bit of a non contest.

I do hope they keep it up when all the cast are raised, as they must surely be, to the red benches and  leave space to invite the old folks of Lambeth to watch the show and have a laugh. As with all good day care centres demand exceeds supply.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Theresa May shames our country

In Sweden yesterday Mrs May again funked the question, "Does she believe in Brexit? ". No wonder the EU walks all over us when she cannot say she believes in her own governments policy .The signal she sends out to the EU is please walk all over us and help yourself to as much of our wealth and fish as .you can.

Comparisons with Mrs Thatcher are inevitable. I remember a British diplomat telling me during the Hong Kong handover negotiations that whatever you thought of Thatcher's  policies she was a terrific ambassador for the UK. Mrs May is an EU apologist and an embarrassment to our country,. We must get rid asap or we won't have a country left. Only the DUP now stands up against the EU for British interests. Very sad.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

The threat is always more effective than the act

Putin is a good chess player as are most Russians as I know to my cost. Threats are a very important chess tactic. There is an apocryphal story of a tournament chess game between  two Russian chess masters. Smoking was banned. One of these masters was known for smoking cigars,,the other hated cigar smoke. At the start of the game the smoker produced a large cigar and placed it by the side of the board but did not light it. The cigar phobe immediately sent for the tournament director and complained about his opponent's action. The director pointed out the cigar phile was not actually smoking.The cigar phobe replied but  he is threatening to smoke!

Putin does this when he goes to see Merkel who is frightened of dogs, Putin takes his biggest hunting dog, and sits it down well away from Merkel but makes sure Merkel can see it. .Merkel is unsettled and Putin is on the way to winning.

You get a similar sentiment in financial market where the phrase is buy the rumour, sell the fact.

Our FCO and our military have never understood or used this simple tactic to our country's cost. It is time to rustle up a few threats to disturb Barnier's immaculate hair style. BoJo is the obvious man to do this. We have to sharpen up our act in the Brexit negotiations. Learn from Putin and stop criticisiig him. Like Trump he is a crude but effective threat operator.Our  FCO/Army is polite but ineffective.. Trump and Putin are easily winning the diplomatic war because they are better tacticians than our FCO/Army.

Lets start threatening to do what the EU don't' want to give us. That's why we still need UKIP. We got our referendum when UKIP terrified Cameron over the threat to Tory votes and seats.

No UKIP means the threat to the Tory and Labour seats disappears and and they can quietly forget our independence cause.  Our political elite and the BBC would love that to happen  and they could return to relatively safe non-issues  like Schools and Hospitals and doubtful Russian nerve agents.

We need UKIP extant.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Glory Hallelujah UKIP is saved for the time being

There is a tweet today  from Gerard Batten. I hope this is the Guido link

to this effect.

Leader Gerard Batten:
“I am very pleased to announce that my appeal to UKIP members to raise £100k to save the Party from insolvency has met with an incredibly generous response of almost £300k. In addition, the £175k legal bill has been paid by other means. UKIP is now safe.”

I have always thought Gerard was one of UKIP's few decent MEPs, Julia Reid is the other one .It was great to see his efforts raised enough to pay the fines and keep UKIP. extant. Over the years Gerard had a lot of unwarranted abuse to take from preferment seeking Faragista acolytes. He has kept the UKIP flame burning.We are going to need UKIP again to fight for our referendum against the Tory appeasers.

Friday, 30 March 2018

Nazi/German lessons from history for the EU

Its been a rotten day with incessant rain so as is my wont on such days I switch on day time TV  I find day time TV far more interesting than peak viewing and today was  no exception. Today's programme dealing with Nazi study of our country in 1930s should be compulsory viewing for school children  of 14+ and all BBC media types.

It started in Liverpool with German exchange students some of whom were  spies sent to report on University staff who  were potential sympathisers and would be use full if the Germans every invaded. The first point for our EU indoctrinated youth is that such student exchanges went on well before the EEC was ever thought of. They have been common for the last 100 years and were definitely not invented by the EU. In the 1930s Hitler youth undertook  cycling tours of the whole UK and collected more valuable information

There is an old myth in Liverpool that Hitler visited his brother there in 1912 and his seeing the crowded South docks made him see what a great trading nation we were and wedded to, and dependent on the sea.

The docks were thus of great interest to the Germans who used the information so gleaned in the 30s to bomb Liverpool in 1941 almost to total destruction. Liverpool was also the control centre for all Atlantic shipping during the war. Makes Trump shutting down Putin's Seattle spy centre more understandable.

Part of Britain, the Channel Islands, was invaded and occupied by the Germans for 6 years during the war. They imposed a brutal regime of forced labour killing thousands of people  as they did in other countries they occupied like Greece but this was our country.

The film's thesis with which I concur was this was what was planned for us. This is why Putin will rightly never tolerate a Franco Prussian EU army in Ukraine. The EU can call it a European army but the Russians will see it for what it is, a German army.

Let us learn from history and not be deceived by our duplicitous political elite.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dangers of transition/implementation period

The danger is we will have absolutely no say in anything does for those 21 months. May has given all our leverage away. This implications are becoming clearer with each day that passes. The idea that things will continues as was during this interregnum is naive and laughable. Decisions will be made by the EU in that period that will impact adversely our country for many years post Dec 2020.

Fishing rights are one example. We simple cannot believe Mrs May will stand by her commitments to the British people and she has already reneged on so many. Despite her statements to the contrary she will bargain away fishermen's livelihood and communities to save the Bankers of the City of London. The longer things drag on with us not out of the EU the greater will be the danger to our country and way of life.

Another example is the EU Galileo GPS system requiring huge investment to  compete with the existing functioning US system we all currently use.As an example of how long it takes the EU to do anything it cannot be rivalled. I was at a meeting in Brussels in 1978 where it was discussed. I heretically asked what was the point of this system when we could use  the existing, working US system as we do today on our Sat Nav. The bien pensants fell upon me as an unbeliever. We must have European not US solutions to European problems was the predictable French response. I simply pointed out that the \G in GPS stood for Global ie covering Europe. I was not invited back.

UK companies however now to be frozen out of the development of this system and I am sure this scenario will. be being repeated over the EU procurement process.

We may run an open and blind procurement  process for printing our passports. How many other countries do?

It is hopelessly naive to believe that during the implementation period we will get a fair crack of the whip from the EU with things continuing as before. We will get royally screwed by the EU. Mrs May will just have to lie back and enjoy it.

Get out of his silly dangerous transition deal and go to WTO rules on 30th March 2019 ignoring what the French boss of WTO says.