Saturday, 1 August 2015

Calais - time for serious action

It is by now abundantly clear that Dave's EU colleagues particularly Hollande have no wish or appetite to stop the flood of illegal migrants sitting in their Jungle camp, fed by misguded French charities waiting to enter the UK illegally. So much for the EU colleagues tackling real problems other than straight bananas etc. I get sick of the hot air and bullshit we are getting from our political elite, church leaders etc. None have put forward a single positive practical proposal. Its time to up the ante and put real financial pressure on the do nothing French authorities. Farage seems to want to start another European conflict by deploying UK troops in France. Every time Farage opens his mouth now he confirms what a shallow rabble rousing clown he is.

The political class are fixated on Dover to Calais but there are many alternatives and the way to break up this migrant stranglehold at Calais is to use alternative routes. Its simple. The prospect of all that cross channel trade leaving Calais.even temporarily would do wonders to concentrate the Mayor of Calais's mind. The trade might never return!

Other French ports include Dunkirk where our grandfathers were evacuated from, Dieppe & Boulogne.  In Belgium  Ostend used by Wellington in 1815 to communicate with London avoiding France, Also Zeebruuge  which now has sailings to Hull avoiding the souh East of England altogether  and the huge port of Antwerp. Then there is Holland with Rotterdam, the biggest port in the world by volume of traffic, Hook of Holland, Flushing, Europort etc  wonder how much solidarity the Benelux  dockers would show doing the trade re-routed from Calais? It would be good to know  so it can be incorporated into Dave's sham EU negotiations

The way to concentrate the EU colleagues minds is through their pockets. We have a huge trade deficit in physical goods with the EU let us restrict it. Sure it will hurt UK firms and workers but Dave has to show a little ingenuity to subsidise our firms for their and not the French. When the French dockers realise what is happening Hollande will get it in the neck! The Brits won't be there.

Lorries and ships are mobile, dock facilies are not but ports have always competed with each other for trade and that's what the EU is supposed to stand for!

Now what about the Eurotunnel? Simples load at Lille and don't stop at Calais.Only discharge going South  at Calais. Ah but the migrants will just trek to Lille say the  BBC bleeding hearts. Let them and use the breathing space to build proper defensive walls at the Calais rail terminal. Then switch back to Calais and keep on switching at random. Lorries move faster than migrants!

Then get smart, switch ports and do not give the migrants and the media for that matter a fixed target. If you have a huge edge in mobility use that asset as Napoleon did in his successful battles!

This is not going to be easy but it is workable with good management. Its time the Rolls Royce minds of the FCO did something to help the UK. It might transfer more trade up North in the UK and achieve far more than Gideon's fantasies about his Northern Powerhouse. Best of all it will flush out the inadequacies of the EU and those UK quislings in their pay.

Ships and lorries are mobile! Use that ability to outwith these economic migrants. Genuine asylum seekers should apply to the British embassy in Paris, Rome or wherever they are.. No UK or migrant blood spilt but the French bank account takes the hit.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Farage's deficiencies now showing as EU Referendum Campaign starts

Today's DT headline reads, "Farage to No campaigners: Get off your backside or lose." What hypocrisy! Farage has spent the last 10 years kicking out good talented activists, just the sort of people you need across the country to help the Out campaign but replaced by talentless sycophants some of whom like Atkinson and Bashir having been selected on UKIP MEP slates thanks to Farage's favour have already deserted to other parties within one year. They are however on the EU gravy train which is  what they wanted leaving the hard work to the UKIP OAP foot soldiers.

Farage wants to grab the glory of leading the Out campaign but the Tories and others have said no way and rightly want an apolitical business figure. I would add to that an academic a historian not an economist plus a military figure like Tim Collins not a General. That would give Troika leadership better than Farage or a Tory.

Finally the DT says , " Farage will today call for his party to play a leading role in the deabate". Kiss of death for the Out campaign.

A very small audience. Crowther cannot organise a decent microphone so one can hear the questions from the floor. So typical of UKIP.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Leaving EU would harm status of British universities - lobby group

Thus opines one Julia Goodfellow EU bumlicker frst class

"Brexit" would harm international academic collaboration, Julia Goodfellow, president-elect of Universities UK, is due to say later today at the launch of a university-led campaign attended by pro-EU lawmakers.
"The case for staying in Europe is about ensuring the future prosperity of the UK," she will say.

"It's about maximising the chances of new discoveries that enhance the society in which we live, it's about the UK's standing in the world, it's about British jobs and it's about opportunities for British people now and in the future."
As a former University lecturer I can say with authority this is total bollocks.
Our EU membership is about providing and financing EU students at the best British Universities denying places to our own children and supporting EU students with money we will never get back.
Ah say the Europhiles but our students can go and study at EU institutions. True indeed except with two caveats. They will have to pay for themselves and attend lectures in Portugese, Serbo Croat or whatever.
All EU students learn English from an early age and all major text books are written in English translations. Our home based students would have to master many languages to compete.
All ready Oxford is taking more and more mid Europeans and less and less Geordies. We are the EU's biggest suckers.
Our universities love the EU as they dole out (return) huge amounts of cash as 'research' grants to greedy academics but all such grants are conditional on multi country projects so you need partners in at least 3 other EU countries to get the money. Nice one by the EU bribing us with our own money and providing a nice subsidy to EU airlines.
Another one on the list of the great and the good UK institutions in the EU's pocket
J Good fellow got a pay rise of 19% last year taking her salary as VC Kent to £265000 pa more than call me Dave. No wonde she supports the status quo!

Douglas Carswell has writen the very good answer to Goodfellow I reproduce below. Note she is financed by a organisation that has grown fat on EU money


This morning, Universities UK has launched a highly political campaign, calling for Britain to remain in the EU at all costs, even before the terms of membership  the UK will be voting on in an EU referendum are made clear. A number of claims by the group do no stand up to scrutiny though. The group is seeking to portray a vote to leave an unreformed EU as damaging for university funding and co-operation, despite this not being the case. Furthermore, as Change, or go points out, the amount of EU funding for Universities is  dwarfed by the amount we pay into the EU, and is not contingent on membership:
Claim: UK universities accessed over £870 million in research funding in 2013 alone.
Response: The main system for channelling funding, Horizon 2020, includes a number of “associated countries” including: Iceland, Norway, Turkey and Israel. The UK does not need to be an EU member to continue to cooperate with Horizon 2020.
Claim: The Erasmus programme 207,546 students and 21,133 staff from the UK have benefited from it.
Response: Erasmus does not require EU membership. Erasmus+ is not limited to just EU states, or even just to EEA countries. The programme covers 32 primary countries – the EU, the EEA, Turkey, and even Macedonia. Nearly every country in the world has opted in to some elements of the Erasmus+ package.
Claim: The UK’s research base has been strengthened by over 6,000 individual researchers coming to UK universities by the EU’s Marie Curie scheme.
Response: A country does not need to be in the EU to benefit from the Marie Curie scheme. According to the Commission, the eligible host institutions for Marie Curie are organisations active in research or researcher training located in EU Member States or “Associated States.”
Claim: Free movement of staff and students allows UK universities to access to talent from across Europe.
Response: Leaving the EU need not compromise the free movement of staff and students. A number of countries, including Norway and Switzerland, have free movement agreements with the EU. However, were Britain to opt out of free movement, the reduction in migratory pressures means that the UK could reverse the decision by the Home Office to scrap the Tier 1 post-study work visa (a decision which, according to the Institute of Directors and James Dyson, has made Britain less attractive to students).
Claim: Nearly half of UK academic papers have an international author
Response: Universities UK admits that “we have links all around the globe.” Our ability to work with countries beyond the EU would not be harmed by leaving the EU.
These arguments are being put forward by the the President-elect of Universities UK, Dame Julia Goodfellow, who is hardly a neutral figure in this debate. She is is Board Member of the extremely pro-EU campaigners British Influence, and she contributed to a 2003 paper that stated “There is no going back from the euro” and claimed that the euro was “an irreversible engine for heightened competitiveness”
Meanwhile, the UK enjoys the highest university standards in Europe, and is outmatched globally only by the United States. The UK Government itself has raised concern about the problems the EU has created in the educational sector in its review of the Balance of Competences:
“The UK Government does not believe that the EU approach to education policy coordination sufficiently recognises the variety and variation of experience and expertise in member states.”
It also states: “Even among what might be considered its natural audience, the inconsistent Ministerial attendance from all member states at meetings of the EducationCouncil or the Youth Council, as well as the level of attendance at Director General meetings, High Level Group meetings and meetings of thematic groups, suggest – anecdotally, at least – a bureaucracy and a system with little traction.”
Outside of an unreformed  EU, the UK would still be capable of cooperating with other universities through a number of key organisations, including:
  • The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). This is the leading organisation for comparative education indicators, analysis and trends, notably through its PISA and Education at a Glance (EAG) programmes. OECD members are not limited to the EU, but include Korea, Australia, Chile and Israel
  • The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA)
  • United Nations agencies, including UNESCO, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) and UNICEF
Even if all these schemes didn’t exist, as home to numerous pre-eminent educational establishments, Britain will remain a key education destination of choice for students across the EU and around the world.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Ruling Spad's wives have real life experience their husband's lack

In the 2015 election the three traditional parties were all lead by former Spads, Cameron, Clegg and Milliband alll men who had never done a proper job in their lives. Is it any wonder our country is in such a mess. The former Spad's wives are a different group, all women who have done proper full time jobs, Miriam  Clegg's wife was a big time lawyer as was Justine Milliband an enviromental law barrister.. Sam Cam was a business woman involved in the fashion industry although when Dave became PM she withdrew from her executive postions to avoid accusations of conflict of interest.

So all three of these women have held proper jobs at a senior level and earning large salaries. Their husbands were kept men pursuing their political hobby. I know who I would prefer to run our country.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Obama speaks for the interests of the US not the UK on EU membership

Obama is a man I feel I should admire as the first black US president but when I look at his self seeking actions I can fnd nothing to admire. A sordid US politician with a black skin is underneath just another sordid politician. I will never forget how he used the Gulf oil spill to castigate British Petroleum althugh the company had traded as BP for the previous 20 years for his sordid re-election campaign. He gave a nod and a wink for every Gulf con man to pile in wiith unsubstantiated claims against BP up held in dodgy US courts and bringing BP to its knees a position it may never recpver from and makes it easy prey for its  US competitors.

The US firms involved, Halliburton who supllied the cement and Trans Ocean whose rig it was and Cameron Iron who supplied the blow out preventer were not pursued with anything like the same vindictiveness. They got off very lightly. Huge punishment was reserved for the Brits whom Obama hates I presume because they banged up his Mau Mau gran pappy during a murderous terrorist campaign in Kenya. How many uncharged Islamic terrorist suspects do you still hold in Guantanamo Bay Mr President 8 years after you promised to close it? No wonder ISIL grows and flourishes with such a sordid US president who cannot keep his word,

The Piper Alpha disaster which killed 167 workers on 6 July 1988 off the coast of Aberdeen is the world's deadliest ever oil rig accident. The UK PM Thatcher ignored the US angle.

Piper Alpha was owned by a consortium of foreign companies including Texaco and operated by Los Angeles-based Occidental, which sold off its UK interests soon after the disaster to concentrate on the US and Middle East. I they scuttled back to their own jurisiction something BP should have done.

In 1984 in Bhopal India a chemical plant partly owned and run by the US firm Union Carbide exploded killing  an estimated 8000 within two weeks.  Children deformed in utero by the  chemicals made at this plant were born many years afterwards. Union Carbide paid less than 1 billion dollsrs in 2014 terms in compensation. BP's bill is 50 billion and rising.

A few years later after this relatively tiny settlement Union Carbide pulled the usual American disappearing act and sold up and left.

BP still operates in the US.

The Obama interview was given to the BBC's fervent Europhile Sopel previously based in Brussels and put out by the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. The BBC employs a small army of jounalists can not one be found to critically assess Obama's motives?

The US wants to keep its UK poodle in its Brussels kennel for US big business interests. He cares as much about UK citizens as US industry cares about the dead of Piper Alpha and Bhopal. Think on that as you listen to Obama's fine words.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Farage's UKIP failure. 61% of UK population wants to stay in the EU, 27% want to leave

These figures are from today's piece by Jeremy Warner in today's Telegraph. Click to read full piece.

As Warner's headline says more and more Europeans want to leave the EU but more and more Brits want to stay in. This sums up Farage & UKIP's abject falure to connect with middle Britain in the middle of the worst ever Eurozone crisis.

His piece is based on a 500 sample size Isos Mori poll carried out mid June 2015 results below.

Q If there were a referendum now on whether Britain should stay in or get out of the European Union, how would you vote?
Base:AllAll expressing an opinion
 Stay inGet outDon't
Stay inGet out
14-16 June 20156127126931
Base: Asked of half the sample (c.500 GB adults aged 18+)
Q Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?
Base:AllAll expressing an opinion
Stay inGet out
14-16 June 20156622127525
Base: Asked of half the sample (c.500 GB adults aged 18+)

Now 500 is not a large sample. General Eection polls use sample size of at least 1000 and as the graph, which I cannot copy, in Warners piece shows the results are quite volatile. Nevertheless the question reemains why in the middle of an existential Euro crisis do more Brits than ever want to stay in the EU? Warner does not really answer that question. I will try to.

UK citizens are in Andrew Neil's favourite word 'feart'. The BBC, the CBI, the political elite have been working hard to stoke up this fear of leaving the EU but as Roosovelt said we have nothing to fear but fear itself. The EU need us more than we need the EU so we have nothing to be afraid of. Its human nature to prefer the known to the unknown but the known about the EU is awful ie the Greek tradgedy. Its difficult to envisage an unknown worse than what is now happening in Athens.

As always our best ally is the overweaning hubris of the EU political elite lead by that dodgy mid-European Juncker which I fear will lead the EU into a military conflict with Russia in the Ukraine. To parody Franco during the Spanish Civil war  " How many divisions does the Pope have?" Answer about as many as Herr Juncker, not a lot!

Add in the EU created Greek mess tipe to fall into Putin's lap and you can see why the Yanks are worried. Is Obama up to it? I doubt it. He is no Rooovelt.

The risks to UK citizens of life outside the EU are therefore a lot less than life in the EU.  Is that too difficult for you to articulate Mr Farage?

Monday, 20 July 2015

Another UKIP Pseudo U turn

U turns are a UKIP/ Farage speciality. Resignations and sackings can be reversed at Farage's whim and now un not grubbing around after public money as Guido so eleoquently puts it . The latest concerns Short money, government funds for political parties with MPs, which Farage was eager to get his hands on but when Carswell pointed out it he would control any such funds Niogel threw one of his temper tantrums and on TV;s Question Time said UKIP would accept no money from HMG coffers, Nigel of course prefers to take his money from the EU where no audited accounts are krpt.

It is being spun as the UKIP NEC reasserting its rights as the supreme ruler of UKIP. Ho, ho!

Note that Farage's place man Crowther is to have joint control of the fund with Carswell. I wonder how that is going to work out.

Note also that UKIP unMP Reckless is also said to be employed  on public funds.

Confused? I am!

It all sounds like the final scene in Orwell's Animal Farm the political elite pigs and humans have a big party at public expense and the lesser animals, that's you and me, peek through the curtains and cannot tell the difference between the pigs and the humans or in our case UKIP and the Westminster political elite.

On more serious matters there is a good piece by Janen Ganesh in the FT on how the comrade  colleagues are becoming increasingly disillusioned with the EU colleague collleagues .