Friday, 24 March 2017

Lamont points out we have nothing to fear from leaving the Single Market

Exactly, its a scare story put about by  big business and the useless Lib Demst.It was invented by the equally useless John Major and is such a wonderful thing that no one can explain it a bit like the Emperor,s non existent clothes. Its a wonderful thing for bimbos whose tits are ten times the size of their brains to prattle on about on BBC TV where tit size is everything.

Clegg eyes glistening with insincerity loves to waffle on C bien pensants.

Another great letter in the Telegraph today from a Mr Pardoes. The PM stated that attacks on our democracy  are doomed to failure, "If my memory serves me correctly Tony Blair rewarded such attacks by the IRA with ministerial posts and pardons for murderers"

Proof of the old adage that you cannot believe a word politicians say Never forget that eternal truth.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The political cowardice of the UK political elite has proved terrorism works over my lifetime

I was revolted by the canonisation of the murderous McGuinness as a a man of peace. He was nothing of the sort and as Tebbit said the world is a better cleaner place without him. I keep my sympathy for the families of the many British soldiers killed by the IRA for trying to stop the Irish killing each other.  These men did not want to be involved in Ireland's never ending self inflicted so called troubles. To this day they are still hounded by HMG whilst IRA killers still walk free and pardoned by HMG to preserve Tony's so called peace process. Is there peace in Northern Ireland? Not in my view.

Its amazing how many people are  prepared to apologise for McGuinness, Michael Gove got well and deservedly shafted by Julia Hartley Brewer for saying a propos McGuinness its always sad when someone dies.He had no answer  when JHB said even Hitler?

McGuinness was due to be prosecuted and escaped justice by embracing Tony' s pseudo peace process ensuring the police ordered not to pursue their investigation. Tebbit was right to label McGuinness a coward but so were the UK political establishment trying to ensure they could be secure eating in their expensive London restaurants.

This had happened once before. Between 1976 and 1979 Roy Mason the Labour NI secretary had the IRA on the run by his unwavering use of proper police and legal process. The IRA were being beaten. Mason lost his job on 4th May 1979 when Thatcher won and the IRA were let off the hook by Mason's successor the Tory Atkins etc

The policy of appeasing the IRA rather than prosecuting them, Blair's policy, proved terrorism works. Islamic terrorists have learned this lesson well. That is why four people died today at Westminster. We will continue to pay in blood for Blair's policy errors for many years to come until we ditch our craven political elite.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Two big Remoaners Lies

The first is if David Davies does not get a 'deal' from the EU we will crash out of the so called single market onto WTO rules and burn in Lib Dem hell listening to a Farron loop for all eternity worse than the punishment Zeus meted out to Prometheus. I doubt if Farron knows what the 'single' market is. Its ceratainly not a market in the meaning of common parlance, rather a set of regulations on things like the size of toothpaste tubes and it does not cover services which is the majority of UK trade. It is a term coined by John Major and used by him Brown and war criminal Blair to try and disguise their historic incompetence and preserve their negative 'legacy' and thus ensure their lucrative lecture engagements continue to roll in.

 During last year's referendum campaign the Remainers repeatedly claimed over 40 % of our trade was with the EU. This is an overestimate in my opinion but for the sake of argument let us accept this figure So what rules did the other 60% of our trade use. Answer WTO as does  93% of the non-EU world. ( P Ashdown please note). Its simple arithmetic 100 lesss 40 leaves 60.

On this 60% of  WTO trade we run a slight balance of payments surplus. On the remaining 40%  we have a trade defict of almost 90 bn. a large chunk of which is with the Germans. I doubt if Dr Frau Merkel would be allowed by German industry to close down this lucrative trade that keeps over a million Germans employed making motor cars for the UK market.

Yet the Renoaners given great publicity by the BBC still rabbit on about how much we willl lose if  Merkel is not nice to us andd we 'have' to  go to WTO rules. The opposite is the truth. Its the EU that will lose big time, 90bn euro.

As well WTO rules cut both ways so the price of German goods will go up and the volume fall. I do not think this is desirable but if the EU choose to play hard ball they will lose far more than we will. The best solution is as suggeted by Patrichk Minford, abolish tariffs altogether on all trade which benefits Joe Public hugely but of course the French will never allow it but if we are outside the EU their views do not matte one jot.

To change the subject I am apppalled a small contigent British troops are to be sent to the Baltic. Thats how WWI and WWII starte. Keep our boys and girls at home and let the EU deploy its Eurocrat army to Lithuania etc. That will really frighten the Russians.

Our politicians should devote all their efforts to supporting our PM Mrs May.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Can Farage strike lucky again?

Nigel Farage is the luckiest politician in my lifetime. He has considerable talents and has made a huge contribution to getting us out of the EU for which we must thank him.

Now lady Luck may smile on him once more if McKinlay has to stand down in Thanet. and Farage runs again. He might win but there his luck may run out. MPs get a lot more scrutiny than MEPs and have to do constituency work every week. May not be Nigel's pint of beer. Hob nobing with Donald is much more Nigel's line now he has moved up in the world.    .

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Out of touch House of Lords - the ugly smug face of privilege

I watched with horror the latest attempt by the unelected Lords to reverse the result of the people's vote to leave the EU They are deeply in love with their own importance and the sound of their own voices. They are clearly out of touch with ordinary people.

The June 23rd vote and the US November vote were votes against ruling political elites that are long past their sell by date. The leaping lords just don't get it especially my neighbour Paddy Ashdown who seems to be deeply in love with himself. on TV

We have to rid ourselves of this bloated useless elitist club that we have to pay a huge amount of money to maintain in lavish style. To use Henry II's words, can no one rid us of these turbulent Baronesses.

We heard a lot about the sovereignty of Parliament but nothing about the sovereignty of the British people. If we need representatives, and I do not think we do,why not just choose them at random from the population as a whole. At least then we would have a representative house.

Something has to be done about this place Mrs May. The USA gets by with 100 senators. Let us reduce the Lords to 80 and dispense with the other 800.

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Belted Earl of Dartmouth, UKIP MEP, caught lying by BBC SW local TV

On today's BBC SW News it was reported that William Legge aka the belted Earl of Dartmouth, UKIP MEP for the South West had told a porky about a wind farm built on land he had just transferred. It is UKIP policy to oppose on land wind farms. Farage described it as giving money to rich people.

There was an incident outside the studio as Legge was leaving and a BBC reporter tried to ask him about the wind farm land transfer. The belted Earl became very agitated and appeared to try and slam a glass door on the reporter. On the clip the BBC showed Legge clearly said he knew nowt about the wind farm land transfer.

Here is the link the fracas is at the start but the BBC will take it down in 6 hours so be quick

I have seen Legge behave like this before and lose his cool. Not good for a politician

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Heath & Safety derails Paddy's gang's sleep over

Paddy's gang of geriatric Lib Dem Lords had planned a sleep over this week on their amendmnt to the Bill to trigger the start of Brexit negotions. Camp beds and sleeping bags had been ordered so the Lib Dems could be on hand through te night to sabotage any Government moves to geld their amendment.

But oh dear the HoL authorities have said this would contravene 'elf and safety regulations which of course the Lib Dems are jolly keen on. William did not have this to contend with when running his Outlaws gang at least according to Richmal Crompton. Paddy is just plain unlucky.  Napoleon would therefore never have put Paddy in charge of anything. So back to the plotting board for Paddy's gang.

On a more serious note this amendment if passed would torpedo our PMs negotiating position with the EU who would see they were not dealing with HMG but the geriatric Lords. May would have to call a General Election. That may be what the Lib Dems want but it would wipe out  the Labour party so comrade Corbyn will whip his troops to support T May. Jezza is not that stupid..

The big nasty problem for T May is in North Paddy land where she inherits a huge problem created by the great warmonger Blair.