Friday, 29 April 2016

Watch Europhiles abuse of language very closely

The big lie often comes at the start describing Brexit as anti Europe. Challenge this immediately. We are pro Europe but anti EU. And for my near neighbour Paddy Ashdown who claims to be very pro-Europe Russia is a part of Europe Mr Putin and all.

The EU is trying to invent its own language Newspeak I quote from Wikipedia on Orwell's 1984

Newspeak is the fictional language in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, written by George Orwell. It is a controlled language created by the totalitarian state Oceaniaas a tool to limit freedom of thought, and concepts that pose a threat to the regime such as freedom, self-expression, individuality, and peace. Any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct is classified as "thoughtcrime".

Thoughtcrime is subject to the Clegg European Arrest Warrant so watch out.

I have just read Dan Hannan's great book Why Vote Leave. Its a must read packed with great facts about the EU. I found the list of so called NGOs and the money they get from the EU very informative Last year NSPCC, One World Action, Action Aid and Oxfam got over 43million Euro from the EU  so the next time you hear a phile quoting , "independent" sources ask how much the source gets frm the EU. Dan explains how the racket works on page 24 of his book. The EU machine guns cash at these organisations who 'discover' a big issue that the EU then has to regulate hence more bureaucrats and a bigger budget. Miiliband Major currently runs one of these so called charities for which he is paid a very large salary.

Nick Ridley in the 1980s said years ago the EU was a gigantic German racket. Its a racket that has got a whole lot bigger  since then.

Watch Dan Hannan in action by clicking link below

Thursday, 28 April 2016

How do ordinary people oppose the establishment political elite?

I was always a great admirer of the late Bob Crow, a man of prnciple who always stood up for his ordinary working members. The news that one Brendan Barber, former general secretary of the TUC willl share a platform with Dodgy Dave to try and save his referendum in reurn for political favour shows how far the establishment extends its tentacles. To whom can ordinary people turn to oppose this self serving political elite? Sir/Lord Barber is no longer a trade union man but a member of the establishment upholding privilege against the workers.

The union movement has been bought by Dodgy Dave .Click on link below to see the details of the  sordid deal.

Bernard Jenkin the Tory MP and chairman who chairs the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, delivered a scathing assessment of the reports in the Commons today, and called for an investigation into whether it broke the ministerial code.

Bernard Jenkin in the House of Commons, 28/04/16

Its cash for questions all over again. Worse its manifesto promises for sale to save Dave's oily skin.

He concluded: “This stinks; this reeks of the same as cash for questions; this Government really is at the rotten heart of the European Union.” 

What do you expect of a rotten to the core Prime Minister who prostitued us round the EU capitals for nothing. He is a serial failure seeking to save his skin.

Lets worry less about Labour's jewish problem and more about the future of our children.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

In 1981, 364 economists got it totally wrong and they are wrong today on Brexit

When working at the Bank of England I was not popular with the hierarchy. It is one of the advantages of age that I can remember when the accepted wisdom of the great and the good in Economics got it totallly wrong. These people have such huge egos and lack of manners that even now they still cannot admit they were wrong. Its now called groupthink but I think arrogance is a better description.

The UK was in a mess in 1981 Thatcher had been in power for less than two years inflation was rising, boorowing was rising and in the 1981 budget Chancelllor Geoffrey Howe put up taxes by £4 bn to try and cut our borrowing. The whole economics establishment including Mervyn King and economic Nobel laureates  rose up en masse and signed a letter to the Times forecasting doom, disaster and armageddon as a result of this economic illiteracy by Howe just like the Remain campaign is doing today attacking Brexit. In fact Howe was simply not accepting the Keynsian economic orthodoxy and recognised the political context which trumps economic orthodoxy. Adam Smith was not an economis professor he was Professor of Political Economy.

Thatcher faced the same line of questioning as Andrew Neil deployed today on the Daily Politics against Brexiter Liam Fox ie are all the great and the good wrong and you are right and name any reputable economists who support your view.

When challenged in the HoC in similar fashion Thatcher named Alan Walters, now dead, and Patrick Minford both of whom I knew quite well as supporting her view. She could have added Tim Congdon and Terry Burns, but 364 aginst 4 looks overwhelming but of course the economic establishment were wrong and the gang of four were correct. Following Howe's so called disastrous budget the UK economy went from strength to strength.

You can read this in more detail by clicking the link below,

Liam Fox quite rightly referred to the more recent cases of ERM entry pushed by Heseltine and Howe onto Nigel Lawson which of course turned out to be an absolute disaster in Sept 1992 leading to a massive loss of UK reserves and brought Cameron his first public appearnce skulking in the shadows in Downing Street behind Norman Lamont. In 1997  Gordon Brown avoided joing the Euro despite heavy pressure from the Eurofanatics like Mandelson. Brown was no great economic brain or principled politician. He did it for political not economic reasons to establish a seperate power base to Blair.

The depressing thing is these people who were so wrong before, Mandelson, Heseltine and Clarke are still being so heavily promoted by the BBC as men of great wisdom whom we should listen to. Look at the facts. They have a long track record of getting it wrong along with their puppet master, the BBC.

Neil then switched to all those reputable international organisations predicting disaster if we dare leave the EU. He named the IMF and OECD. Both have a poor record of forecasting accuracy on a par with HMT. Patrick Minford had much better forecasting accuracy than all three!

Brexit supporters include PatrickMinford, Tim Congdon, Gerald Lyon all economists of repute strongly supporting  Brexit. All are UK nationals living in the UK who have a strong love of the UK.

The IMF is based in Washington. It is headed by the French woman Mme Lagarde who was put forward for election and relection by Gideon Osborne. She is a lawyer not an economist. The IMF has been a French rotten borough and since its founding in 1948 has been under French control about 60% of the time.

Previous to the IMF Lagarde was Sarkozy's French Finance minister and was and still is a Euro fanatic who played a large part in the ongoing Greek Euro disaster.

 In 1981 Lagarde joined Baker & McKenzie, a large Chicago-based international law firm. She handled major antitrustand labour cases, was made partner after six years and was named head of the firm in Western Europe. She joined the executive committee in 1995 and was elected the company's first ever female Chairman in October 1999.

Now who else was growing up professionally in Chicago at that time? Barack Obama was there from 1991 so must have overlapped with MMe Lagarde, He joined Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a 13-attorney law firm specializing in civil rights litigation and neighborhood economic development, where he was an associate for three years from 1993 to 1996, then of counsel from 1996 to 2004.

The OECD is based in Paris and has been French dominated with a large French staff contingent since 1948 changing its name to the OECD in 1961.

So all these independent sources A Neil likes to quote are not quite as independent as A Neil and the BBC claim. They all swim in the same pond and are staffed by people of similar background. Beware the independence claim! 

I see Fraser Nelson has  piece in the Spectator today on the OECD
 It seems to say Brexit would cut UK immigration by 84000. Now there's a thing that Dave claimed he would do but failed at like everything else.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Frank Field says Vote Leave

Frank Field MP is one of the few in the HoC who deserve the title honourable. He is that and also honest and decent. He sits as a Labour MP for Birkenhead one of the most deprived areas in the country and his work in attempting to better the lot of ordinary working people is second to none. He shames Diane Abbott, Chuka Umuna, Yvette Balls etc who have made a very lucrative living out of their lip service claims that they came into politics to help  the poor.

Read Politics Home by clicking link below and find out Frank's views.

I quote two sections of this piece below.

Mr Field argued that the parliamentary Labour party was out of touch with the party’s grassroots and warned “vast swathes” of voters could flock to Nigel Farage’s party, incredulous at the leadership’s pro-EU stance.

With doubts being cast about Mr Cameron’s future as Prime Minister should the UK back Brexit, Mr Field urged voters to seize on the chance of a change at the top of the Government by voting to Leave.

The second point endorses what I wrote a week ago. Corbyn has an unmissable chance to topple Cameron and Osborne in this Referendum. He only has to give Labour MPs a free vote and disown Postie Johnson who seems to have lost his marbles. Does he want more auserity for working people? If Labour props up Cameron in this election that is what they will get.  Labour will suffer the same fate it met in Scotland when they propped up the Tories in the Scottish Referendum vote and will be decimated by UKIP in 2020.

Corbyn has no idea what to do when faced with an open goal. You just boot the ball into the net! Its so easy.

The left wing case for Leave is very strong for the poor, cheaper food and higher wages. That should win a lot of Labour working class votes rather than banging on about anti - semitism for the North London elite.

Here is Frank Field talking to the Cockburn woman today on the left wing case for Brexit

A great quote from the interview,

“many of the social rights, which are trumpeted about as European, were ones which we actually took into Europe. It’s not that in fact somehow workers in this country were bereft of rights until we joined the European Union.”

This a standard EU ploy, claiming credit for things they had nothing to do with like keeping the peace in Europpe which was of course done by NATO set up long before the Treaty of Rome.

Its clear Mrs May is positioning herself to replace Dave if the Remains lose the referendum so Corbyn has an ally there as well but she does seem a bit devious for a Marxist

The EU is forever pursuing big US corporations, Google, Apple etc but why does it not pusue Big EU corporations like VW whose diesels are poisoning us all. Protecting VW's tarnished reputation clearly comes before the health of EU citizens.

Owen Patterson made an excellent speech today spelling out what will happen to us if we do not vote leave on 23rd June. Its a no brainer except for the brainless LibDems and their fellow travellers. Click to listen. IDS does a 5 min intro you can skip past if you wish.

Finally a great cartonn from Kate Hooey says it all


Monday, 25 April 2016

Who needs a US trade deal? Its a red herring.

We do a pretty good two way balanced trade with the EU worth currently about $57bn annually, or roughly  £40 BN Monthly each way. We have never had a trade deal with the US for this trade. Source

This is for my neighbour P Ashdown who likes to demand sources but is not so good at supplying  them. Lib Dems like to talk about walking tall whatever that means. Generlly anything vague and wooly does for the LibDems. Hard facts like hard stones get stuck in their sandals.

Question for Obama so why should this trade not continue or is he so anti UK he cannot see the benefits to the US of this deal?

We have a very unbalanced trade with the EU.  I quote from HMRC statistics

In February 2016 the value of exports (EU and Non-EU) increased to £24.1 billion, and imports (EU and Non-EU) increased to £35.2 billion, compared with last month. Consequently the UK is a net importer this month, with imports exceeding exports by £11.1 billion.

Again this is for Paddy.

The EU has never had a trade deal with the US. The colleagues are trying to negotiate one but for why I don't know. Other than keeping the colleagues in work it seems to serve no useful purpose.

Here are the EU US trade figures for this year so far


2016 : U.S. trade in goods with European Union

NOTE: All figures are in millions of U.S. dollars on a nominal basis, not seasonally adjusted unless otherwise specified. Details may not equal totals due to rounding.
January 201620,455.129,287.7-8,832.6
February 201622,534.032,450.1-9,916.1
TOTAL 201642,989.161,737.8-18,748.7

Source US govt Census

Again for Paddy, today's sterling US dollar rate is 1.44 $/£  so it is roughly a monthl;y imbalance of around
£ 6.5 billion in favour of the EU on an unbalanced trade of £36 billion monthly average.

Looking at annual totals in US dollars

US imports from the EU  426bn exports to the EU 273 bn

For the UK the figures are roughly 57 bn exports and 57 bn imports

So around 20 % of US EU exports go to the UK. Adding EU  imports  and exports together  out of 700bn US$ in total of which $114bn will be with the UK so non UK EU trade comes down to $586bn annual so we account for 16% of the total  EU including  UKtrade. or 19.5% excluding UK. The philes like to quote population figures. These are 508 million for the EU and 65 million  for the UK. So while the UK has only 12.8% of the EU population we account for 19.5% of US EU trade.

Obama should be more careful who he puts to the back of the queue. The UK is a good balanced trading partner for the US whilst the residual EU is imbalanced and per capita is worth less to the US.

The FT today have summarised the reasons why such a US EU trade deal is not likely to happen any time soon or in Obama speak, 5 years, 10 years who cares. Click link  below to read

I recommend reading the original article but for continuity I summarise the main points below:


Negotiators start their 13th round of formal talks towards a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on Monday in New York. 

In the EU anti-TTIP protesters have taken to the streets by the thousands and senior politicians in both France and Germany have expressed reservations about a deal. That is driven in part by the political calendar. Beyond the June UK referendum on EU membership, in which trade has been a big issue, lie general elections next year in France and Germany. 
US officials fret that if a deal is not concluded before Mr Obama leaves officeit could be 2021 
European opponents of TTIP have seized on a provision that would allow US companies investing in the EU to take disputes to special arbitration panels and circumvent local courts. They argue that the inclusion of “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” provisions could undermine European governments’ ability to draft regulations. 
After suspending negotiations over the investment chapter in 2014 and holding public consultations, the European Commission came up with proposed reforms. They include the creation of an international court to hear investment disputes and the establishment of an appellate body. 
But the US is opposed to both of those ideas and crafting a compromise is likely to be difficult. 
I think that a bit of an understatement!
I can't see either party agreeing
Government spending
Since 1933 the US government has been required by law to give preference for many of its purchases to US companies, and over the years many state and local governments have passed similar statutes. 
The EU wants Washington to use TTIP to supersede those laws, and give European companies equal access to the US government procurement market. 
The EU Brussels bureaucracy don't do democracy. The state of the US do and Obama cannot dictate to them the way the EU can dictate to us.
Any conversation involving TTIP and agriculture is likely to be a long — and potentially volatile — one. 
Powerful farm lobbies on both sides of the Atlantic have long been eager to protect their domestic markets whether via tariffs or regulation. But governments on both sides have also long had different official attitudes towards a range of agricultural issues. 
I think 10 years to resolve that lot is optimistic! The colleagues are wasting their time and our money.
Its a Red Herring from start to finish. I don't know why I bothered. I guess I just like demolishing Lib Dem arguments
Its uncontrollable immigration, freedom and supremacy of our courts and our democracy we should talk about. One man one vote, government accountable to the people and not being slaves to a self perpetuating Brussels elite we shoul hamer at until 23rd June.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Not to be opened until 24th June

Dan Hannan has compiled an excellent list of the nasty surprises the EU has in store for us on 24th June if we vote Remain.

You can read it in full at

No 3, the Euro army will cost the lives of our children. The Franco Prussians have delusions of military glory and world domination of their culture, language and army. They will take on the Russians and the Yanks and lose.  So if you want to ensure your descendants will never be cannon fodder for the next Adolf Buonoparte or Napoleon Hitler vote Leave on 23rd June and ask all your friends to do the same.

Obama's heirs will be tucked up safe in Chicago so its your kids that will be killed.

1. Deeper integration
In June, the EU published its response to the euro crisis, a document known as the Five Presidents’ Report. It set out plans for ‘fiscal and political union’, ‘further pooling of decision-making on national budgets’, and harmonisation of ‘insolvency law’, ‘company law’, ‘property rights’ and ‘social security systems.’ It made clear that these things were to be pursued as ‘single market measures’, applying to all 28 states not just those in the euro. This isn’t some think-tank paper, or some manifesto by crackpot MEPs. It represents official Brussels policy. We can’t say we haven’t been warned.
2. More bailouts
It seems clear that yet another Greek bailout will be needed. The real danger, though, is that the euro crisis will spread to Italy or France, making Greece look like a sideshow. As the Governor of the Bank of England admits: ‘There are risks of remaining in the European Union… in particular, in relation to the development of the euro area.’ At the last election, David Cameron boasted that he had a written guarantee that Britain wouldn’t be dragged into any more bailouts. In July, that deal was torn up and Britain – despite all the promises – was dragged into the third Greek rescue package. How many more times will it happen if we signal that we won’t leave?
3. A European Army
Last year, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, said he wanted an EU army. The European Commission says EU defence integration is not ‘just a political option but a strategic and economic necessity’. Germany’s Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, says: ‘Our future as Europeans will at some point be with a European army’. Again, what are the odds of Britain being able to resist this process if it votes for continued EU membership on the present terms?
4. Rule by Euro-judges
The European Court is rapidly expanding its jurisdiction following the introduction of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. For example, the EU’s Advocate General ruled a few weeks ago that it was ‘in principle’ contrary to the Treaties to deport Abu Hamza’s daughter-in-law following a criminal conviction. Although she is not a British national, she is ‘sole carer’ to a child born here (the taxpayer, it seems, is ‘sole breadwinner’). Deporting the two of them would thus violate her ‘rights as an EU citizen’.
5. Shrinking Europe
While the EU remains convulsed in the euro and Schengen crises, the rest of the world is growing. But, as long as we remain in the Common Commercial Policy, we cannot sign trade deals with non-EU economies. The PM promised that there would be an EU-Australia FTA, but it has been blocked by Italian tomato growers. There is no progress on an FTA with India after nine years. As the EU’s share of the world economy shrinks, this becomes a bigger and bigger problem.
6. Refugee quotas
The EU has already said that it will repeal the Dublin Convention that allows member states to return illegal migrants to other EU states through which they have passed. It will make any new deal contingent on accepting refugee quotas. If it says this now, before the referendum, we can infer how much more demanding it would be following a remain vote.
7. Treated with contempt
Look at the recent renegotiation. After all the promises, we ended up amending one directive on welfare. If this is how the EU treats us now, before we vote on leaving, how would we be treated after voting to stay?
Zieg Heil as they say in Berlin

Time to change the Vote Leave team

Good football managers change their team when it is misfiring or getting outplayed and bring players off the bench. Its allways a difficult decision, keep the guy on and hope he returns to form or bring on a sub. Alex Ferguson did not hesitate to drop his star player Becks when he felt his mind was on playing for England not Man U. It is clear to me that BoJos mind is on the coming Tory leadership contest rather than the Referendum so he is making mistakes like Obamas grandfather. I agree with BoJo and Farage that Obama is anti-British viz his treatment of BP over the Gulf accident which he insisted on calling BP British Petroleum to inject the nationalistic, jingoistic angle but attack Obama's hypocrisy and non arguments rather than his ancestors and then ignore him and the corrupt Clinton woman..

So I want BoJo pulled off but who to bring on? Well the attack from the Remainers is that Vote Leave is just a bunch of old Tory males so bring on the women. I would put Labours Gisela Stuart up front with Kate Hooey and Priti Patel playing off her. I was very impressed with Penny Mordaunt today on Murnaghan and I don't think Vote Leave can leave her out of the team. Cameron and Osbo will find it far more difficult to attack a group of LabCon women than gray men in gray suits.

I don't think Chris Grayling is cutting through so I would pull him off as well. Liam Fox is more able and better liked and being a former GP, a real job, is a real plus point against Cameron's Spad army.

I would use Michael Gove sparingly and keep him fresh for the last month of the campaign. Daniel Hannan is a more than capable subsitute for Gove and should be used now as much as possible.Slot Farage into the man of the people  BoJo slot but monitor him very closely. Farage has done better than I expected and identifies issues that matter to ordinary people and goes for the jugular but he can be a loose cannon..

I hope Nigel Lawson is running this show and not the juveniles and will act ruthlessly like his old boss MT.