Monday, 11 December 2017

Tories learn how to suck up to bullies at public school

There is a great article by a Dutch journalist in today's Guardian

It has generated a simpler but equally effective piece in today's Consevative woman blog

Both say what I said in my blog yesterday where I  quoted from Alan Clarke's book that the Tories were without principle or moral scruple and would do anything to retain power. That is their one and only God which even the vicar's daughter worships. I quote from Andrew Cadman's piece.

 "However it has shown – repeatedly – that it wants all the noblesse without any oblige: it exists simply for those who perceive themselves to be born into the Establishment or for social climbers who wish to join them. Of course it is an awfully long way down from such Olympian heights, so collectively Tories tend to respond to external threats by allowing themselves to be bullied in return for position: Vicars of Bray, scurrying all over the political map; in office, but rarely in power.

In short, the party is a moral coward, and as such it always wise when predicting what it will do to choose the most cynical and venal course of action you can possibly think of. Even then, you will often be deeply shocked. In that spirit I wrote this piecefor TCW just after the referendum was won. It looks positively na├»ve compared with what has actually happened. The Tories’ controlling grandees ruthlessly defenestrated the woman who appeared to be a genuine Leave candidate for the leadership, Andrea Leadsom, to avoid having to ballot the heavily Leave-voting grassroots. They then crowned someone very much made in their own image – a cowardly, visionless Remainer who could be trusted to put party before conviction or country. (Whether Mrs Leadsom, who had previously said that leaving the EU would be a disaster, and last week fully backed Mrs May’s Brexit betrayal, is any less cynical than the rest of her colleagues is extremely doubtful.)"

The dictum you can't trust the Tories has been proved true time and time again. The phrase noblesse oblige does not refer to the upwardly mobile, money motivated Tories  but to those born at the top of the tree, the Whigs, who had no need of money or status. They were born with both.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Mrs Thatcher made me proud to be British. Mrs May makes me ashamed

All the  British diplomats I spoke to during her premiership especially during the negotiations to hand back Hong Kong to the PRC said what a wonderful ambassador she was for our country. Most of these diplomats privately disagreed.with many of  Mrs Thatcher's policies but they were proud of how she stood up for our country.

I cannot say the same for Mrs May. Her grovelling to the unelected ,drunken, bureaucrat Juncker made me ashamed. Is this what our great country has come to? But for the UK  Juncker, Verhofstadt etc would not have a country.

How much more humiliation will Mrs May take to cling on to office? She has proven to be a very poor prime minister who has accepted  a series of very bad deals for our country. We deserve better than Mrs May for our children's sake.

This morning I wandered around the charity shops of Crewekerne as I do very Saturday before visiting Waitrose for my free coffee. Its the variety of items in charity shops that appeals to me and today I purchased for £1 Alan Clark's book entitled, "The Tories" covering the period from the 1922 meeting at the Carlton Club until the Blair wipe out in May in 1997. In he preface ..Clark writes,

"...a tacit article of faith among serious Conservative politicians being this: That the interests of the British nation state are best served by contriving the perpetuity of a Tory administration whatever the apparent sacrifices of principle or policy this may entail". Clark's italics

This explains May's behaviour. She has been immersed in this Tory culture for 40 years. It is more her creed than the Anglican church she was brought up in. Toryism not Anglicanism  is her religion. She is unaware of it and cannot help herself. Someone has to put her out of her political agony and our country out of its shame but who will do the deed?

Friday, 8 December 2017

May sells us out to the EU again

No wonder Juncker praises May. She is doing a wonderful job for the EU worth at least £40 bn to the EU. As one lady said on a vox pop tonight we did not vote to leave to end up giving  £40bn to the EU. So where did it all go wrong?

As soon as Referendum result was announced the political elite refused to accept it and have consistently campaigned with their willing allies in the Civil service, the media, the judiciary, the un-elected lords, the Church ie the whole British establishment to undermine and eventually reverses the 52 48 referendum result with a majority of 1.3 million majority to leave. The establishment believes in democracy only when the populace agree with them and that hey are the best, indeed the only, people who can be trusted to make these decisions. Worst many of these saboteurs were Tory MPs which made it very difficult for a Tory PM to implement Brexit. This is a scenario that would have taxed a consummate clever politician like Harold Wilson or a strong brave conviction politician like Margaret Thatcher but for a weak stupid cowardly woman like Theresa May it was mission impossible. She rolled over under no real pressure from the EU and made concession after concession she did not have to make.

The basic tactical mistake was made right at the start to accept the EU's timetable and schedule for talks.May ran away from tackling this head on and we have paid the price but more worrying we will continue to pay a heavy price.

We now have an agreement that has more fudge than a box of chocs. Those fudges will come back very quickly to choke us. Remember these fudges will be interpreted by the ECJ.

What now? The only way to save our Brexit is to go to WTO rules when the EU demands, as it will, yet more concessions. The crunch will be turning words into action. Words are cheap actions tend to cost and the elite will keep on undermining our Brexit vote.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Independence and Freedom is what the British public voted for in the June 16 Referendum

'It is in truth not for glory, nor riches, nor honours that we are fighting, but for freedom - for that alone, which no honest man gives up but with life itself.' 

That was written in 1320 Declaration of Arbroath submitted to Pope JohnXXII who confirmed Scotland's status as an independent nation. The sentiments were repeated in 1776 in the US Declaration of Independence.

I dare say there were Remainer merchants who warned against the loss of trade in leaving the British Empire but look at the US now and look at the UK. Who has done better over the last 240 years?

Ambrose Evans Pritchard echoes these sentiments in today's  DT business section. These sentiments are eternal truths as the DT headline reads,"Lessons of colonial past show that independence is prize enough itself "

That is what the Scots recognised in 1320 and the American colonies in 1776. All this talk by politicians of protecting the economy, a meaningless phrase, and for that reason beloved of the political elite, is secondary to freedom. Its only use is by sordid politicians seeking to scaremonger the electorate into submission to the EU. What is the economy for ordinary folk?

I quote from AEP 


The European Union is best understood as an imperial construction, if not exactly an empire. Once you see it in this light, the moral pretences are unmasked. Belgian historian David Van Reybrouck has set off storm in European intellectual circles by breaking the taboo, and doing so at the heart of the system in Brussels, from the centre-Left. He thinks eurosceptic populism has been badly misdiagnosed, pigeon-holed too glibly as anti-immigrant, or anti-capitalist, or as a displaced protest against hyper-globalisation. The EU intelligentsia have been quick to hear echoes of the proto-fascist movements of the inter-War years, but they have missed the better parallel from that era: anti-colonial resistance against the Belgian, Dutch, British, or French empires – which by that stage took their “civilizing mission” earnestly. – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard  
The EU offers us nothing but  preserves its own huge £80 bn trade surplus with us.

What we want is what the American colonies wanted in 1776.power to control our own country.

Good to see Schulz saying today if you want to be in the EU you have to accept a|Federal EU, undemocratic and ruled by a self perpetuating political elite. Is this what Remainers voted for last year? If Brexit fails that's what the UK will get from the EU.

Here is full link

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Theresa May is a coward and unfit to be our PM

I am grateful to Andrew Cadman to articulated this so clearly in the Conservative Woman blog.

There used to be a  recruitment poster in WWI designed to shame men into volunteering that sums Mrs May up.

Mrs May is the one in the 3 piece suit.

What did Theresa May do during the great referendum debate? She hid behind the sofa in her Home Office whilst better, braver politicians than Mrs May fought for the future of our country. She did not even have the guts to sit on the sofa with her spotted shoes.

I think of all the brave UK citizens who fought against the French & Germans and died for our freedom and our  country. Mrs May's flag is the White Flag of surrender not the Union Jack. I weep for our beloved country.

Edward Carson the great Ulster Unionist said, Ulster will fight, and Ulster will be right.Mrs May says Yes Herr Juncker, Yes Mr Tusk, 3 bags full.The bags of course are full of British cash that should go to our NHS, our children's schools, our armed forces etc but Mrs May will give to Hammond's big business friends on the EU gravy train.

Here are the three pulling May's strings and giving her duff advice

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Our Brexit is being given away by Mrs May

Another day, anther Brussels shambles created by Mrs May. Its not rocket science to run the exact text of your proposed offer past your crucial allies before you divulge it to a third party who will leak it to further their own political agenda. Mrs May did not do this. Again she has been shown to be a weak  and silly woman, a prisoner of her two senior civil servants Heywood & Robbins who are writing the drafts of these offers which seem to be leaked as soon as they are written.

The EU's Tusk has given Eire a veto on any proposed agreement. The DUP have rightly demanded a veto as well. The Scots and Welsh have demanded a similar deal for their countries. The London Mayor wants the same for his fiefdom. This is chaos.

May, Advised by Heywood & Robbins has taken the negotiations into her own hands and David Davies has been frozen out. DD is a competent negotiator..May is a disastrous negotiator. We lose every time she opens her mouth. The 1922 committee must act and organise a leadership election to save their party and our country. After the election Heywood & Robbins should be  pensioned off and two  new appointments made of expert negotiators from UK business untainted by Civil Service culture.

As a holding position we should announce we will after March 2019 trade on WTO rules and we will look at EU request for further payments from us on a case by case basis where the EU produces evidence to support its financial claims.

We can no longer tolerate May's incompetence.

Monday, 4 December 2017

How much more incompetence can the Tories tolerate from T May

Mrs May made us look a laughing stock in Brussels today. Thank goodness for the DUP Mrs Foster without whom May would have sold us down the river. Juncker was taking the mickey out of her today and she did not even notice! I weep for our country.
Her final disaster will be hailed by the BBC as a triumph.