Monday, 23 May 2016

Steve Hilton shafts Cameron

Hilton, Cameron's Oxford friend, former spinmeister,godfther to his late sun wrote a brilliant article in the Daily Mail click below to read:

I copy the headlines below:

  • Says Britain is 'ungovernable' after being 'corruptly captured' by the EU
  • Believes EU will take revenge on Britain for vote and impose new diktats
  • Said their refusal to grant 'modest' demands shows no will for reform

  • and from the main text,

    "And in an attack on Project Fear, the former No 10 adviser dismisses claims by Mr Cameron, the IMF and the Bank of England that being in the EU makes us more secure.
    In an exclusive Daily Mail article, Mr Hilton – who persuaded Mr Cameron to stand for Tory leader – also delivers a devastating assessment of the PM’s referendum deal.
    He says Mr Cameron made only ‘modest’ demands of Brussels – and that even these were swatted contemptuously aside. He also warns that Brussels will take revenge on Britain for the referendum if it votes to stay, by imposing fresh diktats.
    Mr Hilton concludes: ‘A decision to leave the EU is not without risk. But I believe it is the ideal and idealistic choice for our times: taking back power from arrogant, unaccountable, hubristic elites and putting it where it belongs – in people’s hands.

    His declaration for Brexit with exactly a month to go until polling day will send tremors through No 10."

    Sarah Woolaston must resign from V ote Leave following her attack on the justified Vote Leave claim that the £10bn a year we send to Brussels could be spent on the NHS. I have been married to a consultant paediatrician for over 30 years. My wife reads things properly and fully but being an MP and chairing a select committee seems to have gone to La Woolaston's head.

    Nigel Lawson, the ablest chancellor in my lifetime is clearly appalled the way the Treasured has been politicised by Osborne and Cameron click below to read the full account.

    Cameron and Osborne look like two desperate con men who have been rumbled. They have decried our country in any way they could and imported foreigners to do it as well. Cameron is supposed to be our PM but behaves as Merkel's lap dog. If the country does slip into a recessionary spiral then Cameron and Osborne are the people who led us into that mess.

    Saturday, 21 May 2016

    Vote for freedom or die a slave

    Today I went with the Vote Leave Somerset group to Crewkerne to man a leaflet stall in the small shopping centre . The local Tory MPwith his wife and two very young children were there. We obviously were not doing terribly well with many punters avoiding us so I decided to take a leaf out of Prince Monolulu the late racing tipsters book and say something short that would grab the punters attention. Click link to read about him

    He used to stand at the entrance to the racecourse shouting,

    " I gotta horse, I gotta horse to beat the favourite"

    He grabbed the punters attention straight awayand sold them useless tips.

    I decided  to try and grab the shoppers attention and I hit on the short phrase,

    "Vote for Freedom"

    Strange to say it worked.  and I unloaded far more leaflets on the punters than the other volunteers  Mr Fysh our localTory MP was somewhat aghast but it damn well worked. So much better than saying, "Can I give you some information about the referendum" which people cannot relate to.

    There were a few awkward LibDems to whom I replied,

    "Then you and your children will die slaves"

    That seemed to work as well and they buggered off!

    I offer my services to Vote Leave for free. I cannot do worse than messrs Cumings and Elliot both Tories.

    For God's sake get the Labour women & men centre stage

    Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, Frank Field.

    They are quietly spoken and are liked by,the voters and will secure Labour votes. The Old Tory and UKIP vote is in the bag.

    Back them up with female Tories  Priti Patel and Thersa Villiers.

    Gove and Hanaan are the only two male Tories I would put on the platforn.

    Keep IDS, Grayimg and BoJo well way from the cameras and be prepared to disown Farage.

    If any of the VoteLeave hierarchy want me on board my email is

    I am free up to 23rd June.

    I quote from Burns battle anthem, Scots wha hae

    Wha will be a traitor knave? 
    Wha can fill a coward's grave! 
    Wha sae base as be a slave? 
             Let him turn and flee! 

    Friday, 20 May 2016

    Vote Leave makes too many errors to win the referendum

    Jack Kramer used to say the guy who wins tennis matches is the guy who makes the fewest mistakes. Its true in politics as well. There are errors of omission and errors of commission and Vote Leave has made plenty of both. Responsibility must lie with  Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliot, campaign director and chief executive respectively. Both have big egos  but not big talent and I suspect don't like each other.

    They have omitted to use their women, partcularly the Labour women Gisela Stuart and Kate Hoey but also Priti Patel and Theresa Villiers. Suzanne Evans seems to be getting some TV time but I suspect this is of her own making and not due the C & E. The result is that the Vote Leave campaign has been dominated by largely unphotogenic grey old Tories and that has allowed Remain to portray it as an internal Tory score settling squabble that turns the great British public off big time. Little wonder then that the polls are moving against Vote Leave who quite simply are now losing the battle.

    The biggest error of commission has been over use and over exposure of Boris Johnson who looks stupid but is clever. Unfortunately the electorate particularly the younger end of the spectrum live in a looks dominated culture and are unable to appreciate Boris.

    Fact: over half the electorate are women so use ordinary looking clever women backed up by men women like and trust, Daniel Hanaan and Frank Field spring to mind.

    Fact: this referendum can only be won with Labour votes

    Keep IDS, Grayling in the background. Use Gove if you have to and rest BoJo. for a while. In short put the old Tories back in their box for a couple of weeks.

    I hate to say this but Farage may be the only guy who can pull their chesnuts out of the fire by connecting to the old Labour working class who are suffering big time and by tutning it into a people versus the political elite battle. As Lucy Beresford said on TV this morning ordinary people are sick to death of the rich powerful and the wealthy luvvies telling them how to vote. Make the luvvies counter productive.

    Thursday, 19 May 2016

    Swiss view on Brexit

    This is from a partime Swiss MP. All Swiss MPs are partime as our ours except unlike the Swiss they are paid full time.

    Wednesday, 18 May 2016

    Another 100,000 EU migrants arrived in the last 3 months

    Click on below to read the full story

    to any young person thinking of voting to Remain realise that you will have to accept less money for the same work as migrants will work for less than you will. The bosses love this, cheaper labour that they can hire and fire at will. They call it wage compression but its more money for the bosses and them and less for the workers. So if yor mother is thinking of voting Remain tell her that. Its the truth..

    I quote from the piece

    Data published by the Office of National Statistics today  showed that there were 2,145,686 between January and March, nearly 100,000 more than the previous three months.

    Compared to the same period in 2015, there are 224,000 more EU workers in employment in the UK.

    The truth is that it is Brits on low pay - and those out of work - who feel the consequences of uncontrolled migration. They are forced to compete with millions of people from abroad for jobs, and they suffer downward pressure on their wages.

    The only way to take back control of our borders, economy and democracy is to vote Leave on 23 June.

    The EU is a bosses club and impoverishes the poor as the chairmam of Remain, Rose let slip.

    Its GDP per capita that measures how well off a a countries' workers are. Crude GDP measures how rih the corporates and the bosses are.

    Farage sabotages Vote Leave, Cameron negotiating with corporates before his non-reforms

    Farage is clearly out to wreck Vote Leave of which he is not a member or spokesman for. He knew perfectly well how his second referendum suggestion could only help Remain and damage Leave. Why did he do this? Farage is totally self obsessed. He is not a team player. He is where he is because of the EU. It is his raison d'etre and paymaster. If he can't be the big chief he throws as many spanners in the works as he can find.

    Douglas Carswell has written a brilliant blog on Cameron's duplicity over his faux renegotiation con which makes even Neville Chamberlain's 1938 bit of paper look an achievement. Cameron did not even get a bit of paper!

    I hope Douglas does not mind if I reproduce his blog verbatim below  It is headlined

    If Remain had a good case, they wouldn't need to deceive us

    The link is

    "If we cannot secure these changes, I rule nothing out." That's what the PM toldParliament back in February about his EU 'renegotiation'. Now we know he was crossing his fingers. Even then, he was privately plotting with Big Business to campaign to remain.
    The PM's leaked letter to Rupert Soames shows he was never negotiating in good faith. He got no reform from the EU, because he asked for none. In return for his collusion, the Commission - along with big corporate vested interests - is bankrollingthe Remain campaign.
    This stitch-up encapsulates everything that's wrong with the EU. Crony corporatism. Disdain for democracy. Contempt for the people. Government of elites, by elites, for elites.
    In previous referenda, when the people have given the 'wrong' answer, Euro elites have ignored the result. This time, they've tried to rig it from the start.
    "We're all better off in," the Remainers claim.
    If that's true, why did the PM keep Parliament in the dark?
    Why is European taxpayers' money being used to get round campaign finance restrictions?
    Why, instead of a positive case for the EU, do we only ever hear threats and scare stories?
    If there were a good reason to remain, we wouldn't need to be hoodwinked.

    Cameron is not known as dodgy Dave for nothing. He is a duplicitous b******. So ITV's great debate will be between Dodgy Dave who wants to Remain and naughty Nigel who says he wants to Leave but is equally duplicitous and takes a huge amount of money from the EU and also therefore secretly wants to Remain. I quote from Maguire's Daily Mirror blog on Farage's cringe making performance on yesterday's Daily Mirror organised debate with three on each side.,

    "The UKIP leader showed the limits to his appeal at the Mirror’s EU referendum debate with his ill-judged comments on diversity" Quite. That is exactly why Vote Leave don't want him but these Farage comments were deliberate not ill-judged as anyone who has had dealings with Farage will know.

    Its called a stich up and dear citizens on 23 June the establishment will shaft you as Kilroy Silk used to say.

    Tuesday, 17 May 2016

    Which experts are really independent?

    My near neighbour Paddy Ashdown makes much of the Remain opinions of organisations he describes as independent, the CBI, OECD, IMF, Ofice of budget responsibility etc, etc. his favourite attack line delivered in his usual pompous manner to whoever is talking for Brexit is to ask his 'simple' question as he always calls it which organisation of repute supports leaving the EU.

    This implies that experts are always right something which is demonstrably false with Gove, Fox etc pointing out these are the same organisations and experts who wanted us to join the Euro, think especially of Tarzan Hesleltine in this regard a man who once behaved like a football hooligan in the HoC with the Speakers mace. I suggest Paddy reads the wisdom of crowds link below,

    There are a number of other books on the same theme. What is not so well explained is that a group with a basic knowledge of a subject are as good or better than highly paid so callled experts.

    Those behavioral psycologists who earn their living in this area have written many papers debunking the myth of the highly paid expert.


    Then of course there is the common sense that experts say what the people who pay them, in this case the EU, want them to say. Dan Hannan is especially good on this click on


    But there is another aspect to this expert group think. In March 1981 Thatchers government had real financial recessionary problems and her chancellor Howe decided to put up tax to balance the budget. The whole of the economic world all 364 of them including on Marvyn King signed a letter with the same warnings of impending caratstrophe which we now know as Project Fear The Labour front bench adopted the Paddy tactics of demanding Mrs T name two reputable independent academic economists who supported her actions. Quick as a flash Mrs T respomded Alan Walters, Prof at LSE and Patrick Minford Prof at Liverpool.and the Tory benches were well pleased and Thatcher was proven right when the economy rapiidly recovered.

    Now it just so happens I knew both Alan Walters and Patrick Minford. Minford was Walters PhD student so not quite independent one might say. But the same applies to the ecanomists the IMF etc. They all swim in the same pond are fed by the same hand and cannot therefore be considered anything like independent. To achieve real statistical independence you need an random sample from a wide population not a few well paid experts. Economic expertise is a myth as reliable as Mystic Meg or Prince Monolulu for the old racing men.