Friday, 24 October 2014

EU supports UKIP!

Four days ago I opined that Barroso was UKIP's biggest electoral asset. Little did I think this would be confirmed within 4 days with the announcement of the EUs demand for £1.7 billon extra, roughly £57 per head of the UK population to be paid by 1st Dec. Farage certainly fulfils Napoleon's main criteria for success, he is lucky!

The Tories are clearly toast in the coming Rochester by-election and Cameron must be sick as a parrot about the way the 'colleagues' have kippered him.

Farage was grinning like a Cheshire Cat on the Daily Politics saying Dave would have to pay up and clearly annoying the hell out of Dave's token Asian. Toryboy Pierce was weeping buckets for poor Dave.

The cause of this mess was the usual, a failure to read and understand the relevant treaty clauses by the Rolls Royce minds of the FCO and HMT and ministers who could not be bothered to ask the awkward questions. I well remember having to lecture such minds of the importance of reading bond covenants in detail.

Stil Farage is not in the clear, rather he is still in the mire over his new Polish friend. I quote from the Sun,s weekly Heroes and Villains piece..

"For a man who preaches about putting principle above cynical Westminster policking, it's been a poor week for Nigel Farage. Ukip’s charismatic boss 'fessed up to doing a squalid little deal to join forces with a far right Polish MEP just to get his paws on £1.5m of taxpayers' funding.
Some perspective: Robert Iwaszkiewicz’s party too pro-Nazi even for France's National Front, who refused a similar link up. Farage made it worse by then laughing off as “a joke” ugly comments by the Pole on how wife beating can have its benefits.
The week’s second disaster was a bad miscalculation to allow ex-Radio 1 DJ Mike Read to sing about immigration in a Caribbean accent. Whether it was racist or not, and it probably wasn’t intended to be, it smelled bad and upset folk – and ended in the PR shambles of mortified Read withdrawing the song, and the poe-faced British Red Cross even refusing to take the money it raised as a donation.
Raise your moral game Nige, if you want to be taken seriously."

Note how the Sun calls Farage UKIP's boss not leader!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Farage agrees with me!

I blogged on 10th October how UKIP should have won Heywood & Middleton,;postID=4139724468400044526;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postname

Now it is reported,

"UKIP are buoyant at the moment and are confident they can pull off a win which just a few days ago would have been considered highly unlikely. It is worth learning the lesson of another recent by-election: Labour’s win over UKIP in Heywood and Middleton by just 600 votes.
One senior UKIP source tells me they would have won the seat if the party had diverted resources from Clacton - which was in the bag - up north. However, I’m told UKIP HQ insisted on putting everything they had behind Douglas Carswell because “we owed him” for defecting. Understandable, yet notable nonetheless that privately the party is kicking itself for not doing everything it could in Heywood."

A senior UKIP source is code for Farage! You can read the original at

On 20th October I blogged that Barroso was currentlyUKIP's greatest asset,;postID=1818742416060261819;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=2;src=postname

I find on Twitter Farage now thinks the same. Click below and listen!

Del Young and I always said we knew what Farage would say/do before he even knew himself. Seems nothing has changed so if you want to know Farage's next move read this blog..

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Farage's new EFD Polish recruit advocates wife beating

Farage has little appeal to women voters in the UK. To find he has just gone out and recruited a Polish MEP who advocates wife beating in some circumstances will do nothing to enhance his appeal to women voters of the UK. I quote from the euobserver the words of Mr Robert Iwaszkiewicz, Faragges new recruit from Poland’s far-right KNP party:

'Iwaszkiewicz himself, a 52-year old entrepreneur, was in May asked by Polish daily Gazeta Wroclawska whether it is acceptable for men to hit their wives. “I’m sure there’s quite a few wives around who would be brought back down to earth by such a reaction”, he replied.'

The KNP party was rejected by Marine LePen as a parliament partner because it was too extreme and racist!

Nuttall was on today's Daily Politics claiming Iwaskiewicz was joining the EFD group in a personal capacity. Hermann Kelly, an EFDD spokesman, said Iwaszkiewicz signed up last Thursday, before the Latvian quit, meaning the group never broke up in the first place. Two quite unbelievable statements.

It all goes to show how far Farage will go to trouser the EU geld plus enhance his front bench speaking rights which he also does in a personal capacity!  

How he appears to British women voters obviously comes low down in Farage's list of priorities but its these women that can put UKIP MPs into Westminser and get us out of the EU! Says a lot about Farage for those who are objective enough to see it.

Read full article:

PS from the Sun

UK Jews Board of Deputies furious with UKIP: "To choose figure as Robert Iwaszkiewicz as bedfellow, apparently for money, is beyond belief"

No its just Nigel's scale of values!

Women of Britain and Kosher boys Vote Farage in Thannet!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Barroso is UKIP's greatest electoral asset

Barroso is what my boyhood hero Biggles would have called a dago but it is Barroso that has been ruling the UK for the last 10 years. Poor old Biggles wil be rotating in his Sopwith Camel in the sky.

I remember when the Treaty of Rome was being negotiated. It was founded on free movement of capital and labour ie people changing country to work not to claim benefits for their children back home. Milton Friedman the great American economist and founder of monetarism pointed out frequently that a welfare state, ie the UK, could not co-exist with an open door immigration policy, ie the EU as we now have it. Did the political elite listen. Of course not, they are the elite and always know best and that is why we are now in the mess we are in having given up our veto on EU rules that damage our country.

The Rome Treaty was designed to prevent another European war between France & Germany with the hidden agenda of France runnng Europe and the Germans being subservient. Its now clear the French cannot run their own country let alone Europe and it is Germany that has had to step in and run the EU in its own right. Dangerous as Germany has got its Prussian military wing back.

We have got into this mess by our suppine political elite not resisting the EU salami slicing approach to taking over our country. The result is a military dwarf that  thinks it is a superpower. The EU cannot defend itself and has to rely on the hated Americans to stop Putin. Chairman Mao in his little Red book wrote that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun but the EU has no guns to stand up to the Red Army that defeated the Wehrmacht in 1943/44. Nevertheless idiots like Barroso and Juncker go on interfering in the Ukraine. The EU will be the cause of the next European conflict not its solution.

Barroso was on Marr yesterday laying down the EU law to us! Gold dust for Biggles Farage and there is no man bettter able to capitalise on this than Farage. Barroso and Juncker are forcing call me Dave into opposing the EU root and branch. Great! Cometh the hour cometh the man and that is starting to look more like Nigel Farage than David Cameron.

Vote Farage in Thannet!

Friday, 17 October 2014

UKIP's chances in Rochester & Strood

At times like these I turn to bookies odds. Opinion are just that and opinions fluctuate. Bookie's odds are based on hard cash and are therefore much more reliable. You can see these by clicking on

There you will see UKIP at around 4/1 on ie they have an 80% chance of winning. Also interesting is the popular bets being placed UKIP at 7/2 on with the Tories at 10/3 against.

There are factors which might change things. The Tories seem certain to choose a local woman to cash on the female anti-Farage vote and the Tories are going to put in a lot of people and money as the campaign develops, non-stop cabinet ministers so to speak.

I am sure the bookies will have factored this in but it will be well worthwhile keeping an eye on how the odds change in the run up to polling day.

PS Interesting to read UKIP's council loss in Thurock and early loss by 600 in Heywood & Middleton ascribed to poor organisation on the ground. UKIP suffers from too many chiefs like William Legge and not enough Indians. All Legge and his ilk want to do is make platform speeches. He is an Old Etonian after all! He should take a leaf out of Rees Mogg's book, another OE but he had the good sense to take his old nanny out canvassing with him to talk to the oiks on his behalf.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Farage's EP Euro group breaks up

I quote from today's EU Observer

The unusual attention for the obscure Latvian MEP, Iveta Grigule, was due to the fact that earlier that day, Grigule resigned from the eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD) group, which led to the break-up of the faction.
Any EP group needs to have a minimum of 25 members from at least seven different countries. The EFDD, formed mostly of members of the UK Independence Party and Italy's Five Star Movement, had scraped together one MEP from the Czech Republic, France and Latvia, and two MEPs each from Lithuania and Sweden.
A meeting of political leaders chaired by EP president Martin Schulz on Thursday took note of the group breakup following Grigule's resignation.
In a press statement, EFDD claimed Grigule was "blackmailed" by the leaders of the two largest groups - the centre-right European People's Party and the Social-Democrats - in order to get the chairmanship of the EP-Kazakhstan delegation.
"Concerning her resignation, Ms Grigule told the secretary general of the EFDD group that 'I had to do it to get elected'," the EFDD statement reads"

This is seriously bad news for Farage, money and staff lost,
According to EP sources, the pro-Russia stance of Ukip leader Nigel Farage may have played a role in the Latvian's decision, whose party, the Latvian Farmers' Union, is in government coalition talks back home.
"In Latvia, there is no left or right, there are only pro-Russia and anti-Russia parties," an EP source quipped.
With the loss of his group, Farage, who recently said that migrants to the UK should be tested for HIV, will lose speaking time, a seat in political leaders' meetings and millions in funding money allocated to groups. In 2013, his group received €2.6 million.
But while many pro-EU politicians openly applaud the breakup of "Farage's group", they also worry that this will spur once again the French far right leader, Marine Le Pen, into having another go at forming a group of her own.
Back in the summer, Le Pen failed to gather MEPs from enough countries because Farage beat her to it.
So Farage loses his front row seat where he can grandstand and abuse the EU crats but it does show Farage's huge weakness of making statements on the hoof. The Latvians suffered terribly under the Russians from 1940 until the breakup of the Soviet Union. It was crass and so typical of Farage to make all these pro Russian statements which so upset his Latvian allies.
Does anyone still think this man has the political skills needed to get us an in/out EU referendum. He is no Alex Salmond. He is just a beer fueled, fag smoking rabble rouser that will never get women's votes. Time for man overboard on the SS UKIP.
and from East Asia via Gudio Fawkes

Embedded image permalink

An oriental co-conspirator points out that PUKI is Filipino for vagina… 
Just reported today Monday 20th Oct Farage has recruited a Polish MEP to give him the seven differebt bationalities and get him back on the gravy train! 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Panorama on Farage - what a waste of money

I watched last nights pathetic BBC effort on how not to do investigative journalism. This programme has been over a year in the gestation and the BBC brought forth a pathetic reheat of old allegations. Why do we have to pay a licence fee for this drivel? Click below to watch this wate of money.

It starts with a non-press conference/UKIP private meeting trying to keep undesirable hacks out. An event of no interest to anyone other than the scribblers. Then Richard North pointing out Farage's similar dagger technique to Brutus. Not quite correct. Brutus only stabbed one guy I can think of 20 or so Farage has knifed starting with former leader Knapman. They say politics is a dirty game but Farage has elevated political assassination to a whole art form in its own right.

Then onto the BBC's compulsory vox pop with one Alby Tebbutt on the streets of Romford portrayed as a racist although I heard nothing racist in what he said despite the BBC setting him up with a coloured lady who clearly had not listened to what Alby actually said. Nothing the smug arses at the BBC than mocking an ordinary decent man who happens to be a former Try. Contrast that with the much more sympathetic portrayal of former Labour voters Tony & Fay, a MS suffer whose care has of course been cut by the nasty coalition.

Then Farage criticising the nonexistent EU expense checking  Nigel likes an open goal. But what about Nigel's own little earner the Ashford call centre? Transparent? Clear as mud is a better decription. Note the associate of Nigel Farage who was involved in this operation is not named. I wonder why not? Watch that space.

Then Richard Sucherzewski stated when on UKIP's NEC in 2006 he was kept in the dark about the financial details of Ashford. (Note RS subsequently stood against NF for the leadership, suffered some nasty anonymous smears and left UKIP. He was not the last to suffer this sort of treatment.) Then back to Richard North saying the same thing and asking the same question, where did the Ashford money, £400k + go? The largest share went into the South East region, Farage's region, 2004 European campaign.

 Then back to RS talking about the need for integrity and transparency. Switch to Brussels and again no transparency on where Farage's EU money, some 4 million Euros went. Then onto a bit of LibLabCon picador wok on Farage's poor voting record in Brussels on UK fishing quotas plus a vitriolic attack from Belgian arch euro federalist Verhofstadt giving NF a bit of his own medicine.
Then the BBC weighed in with claims of Farage promoting and UKIP taking money rom e-fag makers. Then back to the excluded journos  where UKIP eventually lost when it found it had no journos. Then on to Nigel's nasty mid European neo fascist friends who help him getting more EU dosh as a group leader.

The a bit of doorstepping by Dara in the corridors of Brussels where Farage says he never instructed UKP MEPs not to speak to Panorama saying that Darra had been talking to a lot of ex-UKIP dregs of rejects. Programme then points out that many, Andreasen was a great Farage protege but when she disagreed with NF he described her as impossible and trashing her. (When on the NEC I had pointed out to Farage this woman did ot fulfil UKIP and UK electoral candidate criteria but his oppo 'sausages' Gill waived the rules.) Andreasen is now a Tory.

Ditto with Bannerman also now a Tory who wrote UKIP's unreadable 2010 manifesto. (Bannerman showed me an excerpt of his magnum opus in 2009 and was very upset when I told him  it was reheated Tory drivel) Incidentally Bannerman is no relation whatsover to the Liberal PM of around 1900. I hope the Tories know this! Farage charmingly described Bannerman as a 'idiot'. Panorama claim to have found 25 sennior UKIPers who have left after disputes with Farage. I guess I must be one.Its nice to know I am not alone but unlike A & B I have not gone off to join the Tories I cannot think of any other exUKIP NEC members who have.

Then onto Farage's withdrawal of his agreement to give Panorama an interview. This is another standard Farage tactic. Agree to do something and then renege on his commitment.

The bit I liked best was Carswell saying its nice to have a leader with whom he agrees to which Farage replied, "Its early days yet". Many a true word is spoken in jest!

It finishes up with Carswell's victory at Clacton which I guess meant some of the earlier material had to be dropped. Duffy a long time Farage sycophant could be seen waddling along behind Carswell. Watch your back Douglas!

Ends up with Farage attacking the political class Spad culture like I suppose Carswell and Richard North pointing out the obvious truth, Farage is in it for Farage. I have always thought Farage was, like all profesional politicians, a con man. He is just better at than most of the others.

I leave you wit Private Eye's latest very funny front page

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