Sunday, 15 July 2018

Why we can never negotiate successfully with the EU commission

I watched QT last night and listened to the usual drone of the economy, the economy,the economy.The economy, ours and the EU is not their priority. The EU's  priority is to preserve, enhance and extend their EU empire  insulated from  the democratic will of the people by useful fools like T May.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Its not over until the thin lady departs

Another heart warming piece from AEP in today's DT

May has over reached herself is AEP's thesis. I think its worse.May is  a German poodle viz her visit to Merkel to get her draft white paper approved by the frau Dr before she had shown it to her cabinet. Just like Chamberlain and Hitler

What price parliament negotiating an EU withdrawal? Just send Oily to Berlin to get his final draft signed off by Angela and cut out the whole UK government and all MPs of course.

We are already a vassal state Mr Mogg you just have not noticed it yet..

May is not our PM, EU legate/proconsul ruling the UK is a more accurate description of her function.

Her Chequers deal has more holes in it than a colander all placed by Oily to. slither out when he needs.

The  back page of the DT business today lists 7 big holes.

Monday, 9 July 2018

2 major cabinet resignations,1 medium, 2 small

Plus HUNt as new Foreign Sec and Rabb as new 2ic to Oily Robbins at exit the EU c/o Mrs May 10 Downing Street. Not   strong and stable  more like Cpl Jones.

What will tomorrow bring?

Saturday, 7 July 2018

You can't trust the Tories. They always put career & party before country & principle

Such old adages usually have a a large grain of truth. As always we will  have to wait for the important details of the Maybot's plan, the Rees Mogg line. In the mean time look at who is pleased, the CBI, the IOD and the Civil Service all of whom are on the EU gravy train big time and represent the bosses.

The plan will be like Tory budgets and start to unravel very quickly in the next few days. Corbyn will exploit it, the Lib Dems will waffle and the SNP will use it as grounds for another Scotttish referendum.

The only party we can rely on to save us from the EU evil empire will be the DUP and that will be gone when they lose the balance of power at the net election.

David Davies as UK Brexit negotiator still has some power despite Oily Robbins. I suggest the best tactics for Cabinet Brexiteers is to drag their feet, say nothing to openly contradict her but only offer lukewarm support and lots of unattributed briefings, a de facto challenge to Mrs May to sack them. Its always better to be sacked than resign. I forced Farage to fire me from UKIP NEC. I did not resign and I am glad I did this. I put clear water between me and Farage. His chosen instrument was Bannerman who subsequently went off to join the Tories.

Unlike the Tory Brexiteers with May I never had any disagreement with Farage over policy.

I think Davies and Bojo are unsackable. To fire either would bring down May's government. She is still weak and wobbly and blamed by Tory ex MPs who lost their seats after her unnecessary General Election last year. Her days are numbered, Mene, mene, tekel tekel as was written on the wall at Nebuchadnezzar's feast in Babylon, a bit like May's  meal at Chequers  yesterday.

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

EU corruption runs rife in our Electoral Commission

I once asked of an EU bureaucrat why the Commission framed EU, ie UK laws, so imprecisely.He explained pityingly to me, that is so we can apply them rigorously to our enemies and interpret them generously for our friend. This EU corruption has insidiously infected  the integrity of our British way of life  and values of fair play and natural justice.

This is what has generated three investigations into  Vote Leave's alleged £650k breach of electoral law. its the old EU referendum trick. If at first you get the wrong answer get them to vote again. The juveniles making these allegations are not in my view credible people. Also, they are all now campaigning for a second referendum. The EC's board is dominated by those who want to overturn the result of the referendum so it suits them to support these politically motivated and spurious allegations. Think of how far Nick's allegations ran and the damage they have done to innocent people.

Honesty and integrity starts at the top or it is lost to us forever and with it our way of life.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Why do the ‘liberal’ elite still love the EU?

I copied this title from

This is a good but sometimes over verbose blog

The elite love the EU because they are loyal to their class  not their country. It comes from the officer class ideal that has its origins in chivalric orders of the middle ages. Cheval is of course French for horse. Officers generally rode horses and identified with those who rode horses just as they still do today at Royal Ascot and Polo grounds . Their main aim is to keep the plebs subservient. They are terrified of working class revolts.

Hence all the propaganda about Red Clydeside in WWI. They conveniently forget that the thin red line of the Crimean war was the Argylls who recruited in the working class slums of Glasgow.

The working class love their country. The political elite and officer class love their privileges. They know the EU will preserve their status and position.

For the workers, if they want to live, shooting  their  officers is the best survival strategy but be careful you don't get caught, 11th commandment.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Two great articles in today's DT

Evans Pritchard


The German elites have come to believe their own rhetoric about the sacral qualities of the single market and the EU Project, even if a cynic might think it cover for mercantilist advantage.  

Amid the barrage of demands on Mrs May over recent days, we have a gem from the German Federation of Industry (BDI): “The United Kingdom is Hurtling Towards a Disorderly Brexit”.
Britain “has to accept” – note the imperial tone – the customs union,the single market, and EU law under the sway of the European Court. There is no glimmer or recognition that both the Tories and Labour fought the last election on manifestos rejecting such outcomes, and that violating this is a capital crime.
It sums up the German view. They want full access to Britain’s market for goods where they have a €50bn (£44bn) surplus, while refusing reciprocal access to services on the normal basis of "mutual recognition". They demand that Britain remains in the full regulatory and legal structure of the EU just to secure this dog’s dinner.
I remember Nick Ridley one of Thatcher's  cabinet describing the then EEC asa gigantic German racket. He was not wrong.
Imposing nil tariffs our side of the Irish border solves the confected Irish non-problem. Time to tell the Paddys where to get off.

The second piece is by Allister Heath the deputy editor. He sees Javid & Truss as the Tory saviours. I hope he is right.