Monday, 31 August 2015

No to EU campaign riven by infighting

If this continues it will be a walkover for the Yes campaign. Farage is fomenting discontent and division as he has done in UKIP these last 20 years. Mathew Elliot who claims to run the Business for Britain campaign and demands he be chief executive of any joint campaign is from his history loooks like a Tory mole. Then there is Arron Banks who seems to head up the campaign, was a big Tory donor and then started donating to UKIP. He seems to operate an insurance related business.

Finally and most worringly is the involvement of  US based right wing organisation Breitbart who supplied Raheem Kassam to run the disastrous  Farage South East Thannet General Election campaign upsetting O'Flynn, Evans etc. I presume he was Farage's latest of many efforts to 'professionalise' the cult UKIP which masquerades as a political party. Mr Kassam now seems to have retreated back to Breitbart and confirms what anyone involved with UKIP already knows, Farage is a poor judge of people, Kassam comes after Bannerman, Andreasen etc as Farage proteges parchuted into UKIP only to disappear back to where they came from.

It is abudantly clear that if Farage or his cronies or Elliot's Tory chums are anywhere visible in the No campaign it is bound to fail as Farage's numerous attempts to become an MP failed. I do hope Mr Bank's life and business interests will stand public scrutiny if he is involved.

Personally I would prefer a Jeremy Corbin figure from the trade union movement who at least believe in what they say and have some idea of how ordinary people live.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Chilcott seeks to protect the establishment

It has been clear for a number of years that John Chilcot is seeking to clear and whitewash the British establishment over the Iraq war in a manner Sr Humphry Appelby would thoroughly approve. He is being paid £790 / day so has a little incentive to move to a rapid conclusion.

I looked up Chilcot in Wikepedia and here is what I found.

Re his part in the earlier Butler report:

He is described as "a mandarin with a safe pair of hands", though some doubt his forensic skill. International lawyer Philippe Sands is reported as saying "Having some familiarity with Sir John's questioning ... it is not immediately apparent that he will have the backbone to take on former government ministers."[5] Sands also commented specifically in The Observer, on Sir John’s questioning of attorney-general Peter Goldsmith during the Butler inquiry:
“He [Lord Goldsmith] gave evidence on 5 May 2004. The uncorrected transcript shows some members of the inquiry pressing him [Goldsmith] hard. By contrast, Sir John's spoonfed questions give every impression of being designed to elicit a response from the attorney general that would demonstrate the reasonableness of his actions and those of the government.” 

So he was an obvious safe choice to do the full GB set up inquiry and whitewash the establishment.

Again from Wikepedia.

On 15 June 2009, the then British prime minister Gordon Brown announced that Chilcot would chair an inquiry into the Iraq War, despite his participation in the discredited secret Butler report. Opposition parties, campaigners and back bench members of the ruling Labour Party condemned the decision to hold the inquiry in secret and its highly restrictive terms of reference which would not, for example, permit any blame to be apportioned.[7] In 2015, Chilcot was criticised as the Iraq Inquiry remained unpublished after six years.[8] Head of the UK civil service Sir Jeremy Heywood said the inquiry had repeatedly turned down offers of extra assistance to help speed up the report. Chilcot is paid £790 a day as head of the inquiry.

Sickening. the long suffereing families who lost sons and daughters in the war are not top of Chilcot's to do list. The establishment must be saved any embarassment  at all costs..


Friday, 28 August 2015

Lies, damned lies and immigration statistics

As the commentariat rightly says a lot of these immigrants are students. They then go on wrongly to say they pay fees into the UK. Only non-EU students pay their own way the EU ones rank pari passu with UK indigenous students by EU dictat so they get loans from the UK taxpayer which in my opinion will never be repaid to the UK. That's the way the money goes pop goes the weasel words.

So. question for the Education minister What percentage of student loans has been repaid by UK students and by EU students? I know the reply one would receive. Under EU rules it is forbidden to discriminate between the two groups so no figures are kept. If you don't keep relevant data you can never be embarassed, PPE politicians handbook   page one.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Legion d'honneur for the unarmed 3 Yanks and a Brit who disarmed Morrocan on train

It was the right thing to do and unlike the UK it was done promptly but it was a bit sick making to see sordid politician Hollande turning it into a photo opportunity, its almost enough to make me a monarchist but not quite. I hope they all washed their face sfter Hollande kissed them on the cheeks a bit like the Aussie in the Harveys ad forced to shake hands with Stuart Broad wipes his hands on his shorts to rub off the contact with  the nasty POM.

Two questions, where was the train guard(s) when all this was going on and the thought that had it happened in the UK our PC Plod would  have arrested the Brit for infringing the Morrocan's civil rights at some safe time after the incident.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

US soldiers in civies disarm dangerous Moroccan on crowded French train

The incident took place near Arras. These presumably on leave unarmed soldiers showed huge courage in tackiling this heavily armed Moroccan. Their prompt  brave actions undoubtedly averted a heavy loss of life. One of these brave men was badly injured with a knife wound. It was good to hear that a UK citizen assisted in restraining the attacker.

Once again the French have benefitted from the bravery of US soldiers. Its time the Franco Prussian dominated EU recognised the huge contribution the US still makes to the security of Western Europe. Without US activism Putin would take over Eastern Europe and the EU would be shown as a paper tiger as Mao used to say or should it be paperclip tiger

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Why May went to Calais

I wrote in my blog of 1st August that it was time for serious action so why did May not go sooner?

I answer it with a story from my Civil Service says. I was asked to look at a test procedure so as was my practice I asked to attend the next test. When I pitched up I found the head honcho was also there. I greeted him saying I expect you have seen lots of these and to my surprise he said No that this was the first one he had been to and that he was only there becuse he had heard I would be there and he did not want me knowing more than he did of this process.

That is the same reason May went to Calais. She was informed that Cazalette, the French Interior minister was going so the French shamed her into going. She clearly did not want to go as she might have had to face a Mrs Duffy situation. Politicians hate having to meet real people!

Calais will run and run until Winter makes it too cold for the migrants.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Great Lies of the Political Class

I am an MP/MEP to serve my country. Bollocks! They are there for the money and the truth is most are so talentless  they are unemployable elsewhere. I had this line from Farage at an NEC meeting to which I replied Bollocks. Farage is a prime example of a politician in it for the money, in his case EU money plus of course a very large EU pension. When I suggested at a UKIP NEC we should not take up MEP places Farage and his sycos went berserk attacking me. I know just how Jeremy Corbyn feels!

I came into politics to make things better. Bollocks. They came into politics to make things better for themselves. This particularly applies to Labour MPs who make a very fine living off the backs of the poor. Thus Corbyn's chum Diane Abbott could send her son to the fee paying City of London  boys school which would be financially out of reach for 95% of her constituents and the 5% left would not have voted for her but the Tory candidate.

Nobody has ever seen a poor MP or MEP. Ask why the next time you meet one of these hypocrits.