Thursday, 25 May 2017

Thoughts on UKIP's manifesto

I have been very despondent about UKIP's future but thought Nuttall made a good fist of launching and defending UKIP's election manifesto. It has some good policies that will appeal to the voters.
 Here is the Daily Telegraph's summmary

The only own goal I can see is the call to

Replace first past the post with a proportional electoral system. 

This is very dangerous as it will hand perpetual power to the Lib Dems who will have the balance of power in most futuire parliament. I see endlesss Nick Cleggs stretching into the future with a rock solid guaranteee he would have us back in the EU asap. I have a lot of time for Ms Evans who wrote UKIP's manifesto but it has to be carefullly nuanced and qualified other wise it hands power in perpetuity to the Lib Dems.

The other part of this call is

Abolish the House of Lords. 

That is easy but what if anything to replace it with? More homework Ms Evans!

The other points are good vote winners as is Ms Evans who acquitted herself very well under an uncharacteristically petulant attack from Brillo on today's Daily politics.

I particularly like the commitment to scrap HS2. I would have added replace it with a
high speed trans - Pennnine link , Liverpool, Manc, Leeds/Hull Newcastle. That woul get lots of votes up North and generate a read Northern Powerhouse.

Otherwise its a very good manifesto and I congratulate Ms Evans on writing it. Its now time for UKIP to get out and sell it on the doorsteps an d I hope Mr Farage will do his bit in this task.

Here is the Labour supporting Daily Mirror aka Maguire press take on UKIP's manifesto

I hope the link below hits Nuttall's speech


A good speech from Nuttall hitting all the right points. UKIP got it right. I feel more cheerful now about UKIP's electoral prospects. It won't be good but it won't be a totall wipe out.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Bombing

I feel real anger about our children being killed in their own country by a Muslim fanatic. It  is time we stood up for our children's right to life and worried a great deal less about Muslim's human rights. What are our so called political leaders going to do about it? Is actions and plans we want not meaningless words from the liberal elite grandstanding on TV.

More security is clearly not the answer because the security perimeter has to end somewhere and queues of innocent people gather there and provide a soft target for Muslim fanatics. Our political leaders and Royals have close protection but that obviously cannot be extended to every one. It is however time this well protected elite does something to protect Joe Public and his children from these religous fanatics and worry less about  their liberal media image and offending Muslims and other pressure groups. They exist to be easily offended and generate as many false grievances that they can.

In short we are going to have to worry about defending the rights of the many not the vociferous few as Jezza might put it. So get on with it Mrs May and the country will support you excluding of course the Guardian readers and their fellow travellers but they are of no consequence electorally..

Its also time for Christian leaders to stand up for Christianity and worry less about other religous groups. How many Christians have been murdered in Pakistan?. Why is carrying a Bible a criminal offence in Saudi? Answers to the most incredibly naive Justin Welby, Lambeth Palace, London SE1.

We have to stand up for our way of life. Silent vigils and protests are not enough.

Tim Marshal has just tweeted:

UK threat level raised to critical. Suggests info gleaned today suggests Manchester attack connected to a cell and more attacks possible.

I would replace the word possible with certain.

Reported this morning, Wednesday, that public tours of the Houses of Parliament have been suspended. This is not carrying on as usual so why is this happening? There are no MPs or Government ministers there just now. Many school trips, UK and EU children have been let down for what?

Here is a brilliant piece from the Conservative Woman that encapsulates much of what the many think and the few choose to ignore.

.Well said Ms Gyngell!

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Tales from the Norton Sub Hamdon bus

We are lucky to have a good hourly bus service taking 25 mins  from Norton into Yeovil from roughly 7 am to 7 pm. OAP bus passes work from 9:30 onwards and its quite a nice social group that meet up at the bus stop  just opposite Paddy's house around 9:50 for 10:00 bus and a natter. I have never seen Paddy or Jane on the bus which is a great pity as its a great way of finding out people's views on everything local and international. No need for the LibDems to waste money on focus groups. Just get on the !0:00 Yeovil bus Paddy.

When my son was 2 he was a great talker and much preferred buses to cars. He used to walk up and down the gangway engaing anyone who wanted to speak to him in conversation. He had a captive audience for 25 minutes and boy did he make the most of it. He still is a great talker and I remember having a meal in or local, the Lord Nelson and owing to a shortage of tables we were sat with a former Tory agent and his wife. Neil, my son by then at Oxford and president of OUCA started talking as was his want and the lady was vastly impressed and suggested he considered a career in politics. Neil is very close and already knew every body worth knowing in the Tory  party but was much to clever to be involved with the Tories.

It was clear that even at the age of 2 Neil knew bettter how to work an audience than Paddy and the Lib Dems ever did. They have become so out of touch with the electorate and only like talking to other Lib Dems. All they have to do is to wait for the 10:00 bus and talk to ordinary people but this ia anathema to Lib Dem bien pensants. I fear they will lose big in the coming election.

I took my title today from Rudyard Kipling's, 'Plain tales frrom the hills' and I hope to cast a Mrs Hawksbee from the regular passengers.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Lib Dems are the EU's creature

Watching Clegg is very reminiscent of the old gramophone record label, His Master's Voice with the little dog that is so like Nick Clegg and the large trumpet that  resembles Juncker.

The company’s famous trademark was made in 1898 by Francis Barraud, who painted his brother’s dog Nipper listening to a Berliner disc gramophone - His Master’s Voice has faded to a whisper

The dog, Nipper, was in true EU tradition a mongrel part terrier part something else. I would rename it Nick. More up to date or even Bulls Eye like Bill Syke's dog in Oliver Twist.

The company’s famous trademark was made in 1898 by Francis Barraud, who painted his brother’s dog Nipper listening to a Berliner disc gramophone - His Master’s Voice has faded to a whisper " 

How appropriate for the Lib Dems. It has all the EU trademarks inclding Berliner. The Master was of course Herr Juncker before lunch as after lunch his speech becomes somewhat indistinct.

AF Neil was having a lot of fun with some Lib Dem lord today on he EU offering of a second referendum which as Brillo pointed out was a recipe for staying in the EU on worse terms than we have now. The stupidity of the Lib Dems as regards the EU knows no limits!

Brillo described the leaping Lord as like the Japanese soldier marooned on a desert island after WWII ended but whom nobody had bothered to tell the war was over. Even the Germans used to do this properly, For you Tommy the war is over was the accepted form of Mutti Merkel words. Can we not use it for Remainer Lib Dems left marooned by the tide of history on an island that will soon disown them.

The conversation then moved on to the former great Lib Dem leader lord Paddy's service in the Marines on such an island. I seem to remember a black and white news reel clip of 2nd lieutenant Ashdown sitting at a child's school table in Borneo adminstering readings of the Lib Dem manifesto to the natives. If anyone has a link to this footage please post it in my comments section.

Truely Lib Dumbs is the most acccurate name for Paddy's party. How can a so called British party side with our countries enemies who want to rob us and expect to win UK votes?

Here is the official Lib Dem response in all its full idiocy.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Clegg is nailed by Brillo as the biggest liar in British politics

Compared to Clegg Donald Trump is a man of outsanding honesty and integrity. Only Diane, can't count, Abbott gets close to Clegg on the UK barefaced political lie stakes. Its the way Clegg's eyes glisten with insincerity while porky after pork comes out of his mouth.

I recommend reading the comments on Clegg's awful performance. I quote a few below:

The people of Hallam should sling this fraudster out on June 8th.

Clegg couldn't lie straight in bed at night. We all know he's a lying hypocrite looking after the interests of the keepers of his soul in Brussels. There's nothing he won't say or do to serve them.

His argument seems to be "People don't watch us so I can say what I like"

If Clegg the smeg really thinks nobody watches the programme why did he bother turning up for it? He is deluded

Brexiteers believed the lies they saw on the news but didn't believe we'd be leaving the single market as they were told because they don't watch the news?

  • Nick Clegg. More slime than a snotty snot rag.
      • Avatar
        somebody PLEASE round these mendacious c$$ts, put them in a wardrobe, and push it off a cliff
        the amount of goalpost shifting is beyond ludicrous
        roll on june 8! grind these barefaced liars into the dirt!
      ....and this is why the Lib Dums are polling so badly. People are not as stupid as they seem to think we are. Treat us with contempt and we will return the favour in bucketloads!

      Doing this immidiatly after a piece as to why people don't like politicians is beyond satire.
      Well Done Nick. Hypocrisy incarnate.

      The look on Andrew Neil's face as Clegglied his way into a deeper and deeper hole was priceles.

      Roll on 8TH june and lets hope the voters of Shefffield Hallam rid us of this apology for a politician

      Saturday, 13 May 2017

      Cyber attacks, the common sense truth

      It is 30 years since I used to earn a crust advising companies on computer systems but what was true then is still valid today its just a pity the media are so abysmally ignorant of IT as of course are our political elite. Given they both come out of the same word driven  PPE swamp to use the Donald's term, this is scarcely surprising .

      Windows XP is undoubtedly the operating system that has beeen attacked. It was a good secure operating system but the subsequent upgrades were more difficult to use and initially full of bugs that were eventuallly rectified but by that time the damage had been done and many people had reverted to XP which they were familiar with and could work. Its not a lack of money that caused the NHS to fall back on XP, they needed something that their staff could work.

      The media blather about lack of upgrades is nonsense. The cost of upgrading to a new version of Windows was trivial in the grand scheme of things. That is the easy part the difficult bit is training people up to use the new system and them gaining familiarity and confidence with it. I had to point out this to numerous firms CEOs. Some listened, dome did not. Politicians and NHS top management are not known for listening and taking common sense advice but we have to pay for their tin ears.

      Monday, 8 May 2017

      EU's Brexit position

      It is outline here in a splendid piece from Bloomberg. Its compulsory reading for all those who want to get control of our country back.

      I quote a few of the more ludicrous EU negotiation starting points:

      The U.K. will get a shock if it thinks assuring citizens’ rights will be straight forward. The EU has a long list of rights it wants to see protected for what officials say are around 4.5 million EU citizens living in the U.K. and British people living in the EU, and many more who have moved back to their home countries after accumulating rights.
      The message to Britain is clear: the EU wants those people to “live their lives as if Brexit never happened,” according to one EU official
      An EU citizen living in Britain, having acquired pre-Brexit rights, should have recourse to Europe’s courts if not satisfied with a British Supreme Court decision, the mandate says.
      The ECJ also should have a role in ensuring the U.K. pays the agreed bill as well as enforcing the agreement as a whole.
      “Whenever EU law is concerned, for example with regard to citizens, we must rely in the long term on the EU Court of Justice,” Barnier said.

      Brexit means... some EU nuclear waste becomes U.K. nuclear waste

      I can understand why T May wants to be reasonable to placate our 5th colunist Lib Dems etc but what is the point of negotiating such impossible demands with a counterparty that does not want a settlement but only to humiliate the UK.
      The idea that EU nationals living in the UK will live under the jurisdiction of the ECJ is exactly what we voted against in our referendum as the Eurocrats well know. Would they grant the right of US citizens working in the EU to be judged by US judges? Of course not. The whole idea is clearly a wrecking tactic and is one of many the EU will deploy as the Greek Yanis found out.  His advice is do not negotiate with the EU. Look what happened to Greece. 
      Far bettter immediately after the June General election to repeal the ECA of 72/73 which gives supremacy to EU law in the UK over British law. Get rid of this and everything else falls into place. The EU are not interested in trade or peoples jobs and wel being. Their's is a purely political agenda. The want to retain power over us and our country. The sooner May recognises this the better. There is no deal to be had with the EU. It is only an EU delaying tactic. They are not negotiating in good faith.
      We have nothing to fear on trading under WTO rules indeed the EU uses exactly these rules to trade with non EU countries. The so called single market is nothing of the kind. It benefits the Germans much more than us and it is the Germans that will lose most when we go to WTO rules.
      If any EU national does not want to live and work under British law then they are perfectly free to return to their country of origin taking their family with them. There is an old saying, 'When in Rome do as the Romans do'. It predates and trumps the Treaty of Rome.
      Their demand to live under their own laws is just like Muslims wanting to live under Sharia law. No country can have different sets of laws for different groups of inhabitants. What happens when these laws clash? Civil war aided by foreign governments would be the outcome.
      If you live and work in the UK you live under and accept British law administered by British courts.