Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Supreme Court result victory for the wealthy over the people

I listened to Lord Chief Justice this morning announce that by 8 to 3 they were dismissing the government's appeal against the lower court verdict. and that HMG would need to table a bill to trigger article 50  . That was as expected but there were some good points for Mrs May.

First, the Scot Nats etc have no right to be consulted as it is a matter for the UK parliament. T\hey have already said they will table 50 amendments to |HMG's bill. Each amendment makes them more and more laughable and I expect them to get full T|M scorn treatment as meted out weekly to Jezza at PMQs.

Second there were no legal impediments to a very brief Bill to enact this decision, Guardian ed  please note

Third after the verdict Pannick was very coy on Sky as to what the costs would be and who had funded the as the losing party HMG will have to pay the costs.

Fourth it clearly lays the blame at Cameron's door  for the sloppy drafting of the referendum bill that allowed this action in the first place.

Finally all can now see that it is wealthy ex-pats like Branson who are behind this farce in an attempt to thwart the will of the people and keep their wealth and privileges. .All this action showed was that if you are prepared to shovel money to rapacious lawyers you can cause no end of trouble.for ordinary people.

David Davies will have little problem this afternoon in the HoC.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why are left wingers so undemocratic?

I am appalled but not surprised at the violent street protests organised by those who did not vote for him. Trump was democratically elected in a process that has been used for over two hundred years. Smashing car and shop windows will not change that. I hope they feel the full force of the US law.

We seem to be surrounded by a political elite who think the democratic process is only correct when it agrees with their partisan views. Ashdown, Clegg, Farron etc are the main culprits in the UK but we also get it from BBC imports like the US woman Greer who is never off our screens in the UK with her unsubstantiated drivel. She claimed last night Trump knew nothing of the Bible, how does she know? We do not need her when we have our own Diane Abbott to put forward the left wing case.

I have no idea whether Trump will be a good or bad president but he must surely be given a chance and not no-platformed as our moronic students do to anyone who disagrees with their views.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The nobody told us syndrome

Its a cheap vox pop beloved of our liberal elite media to interview a bunch of youmg people who say on camera nobody told us about this or the variant nobody told us this could happen. Grow up! No pollitician ever tells the whole truth they  are in the words of a former Cabinet Secretary very economical with the truth. Its part of the growing up process to learn to ask sharp questions. Paxman used to be very good at this with his why does this lying bastard think he can fool me attitude.

Its even more depressing to read an MP saying leave campagners said we could stay in the Single Market following a leave vite on 23 rd June. That is just a lie or as it seems now to be called, fake news..


The interview with Pinnochio Cleg is even worse. Clegg believes if he talks long enough he can make black white. He typifies the worse of our political elite. They are complete strangers to the truth.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Compare Trump's experienced cabinet to our PPE type career politicians

The list can be found on the Guardian link below


Most of Trump's appointees have done proper jobs at a senior level in business, the army and government. There are 20 Men, one a black retired paedistric Neuro surgeon, age range 44 to 80 , average age around 62, 5 Women,one a Chinese age range 44 to 68, average age around 57.

Now compare that with our lot, 8 women age range 41 to 60, average age 47, 13 men age range 46 to 68, average age 55. One ex GP. Most but not all of the rest have little experience of a proper job, a lot of PPE types, no real military experience.

So Trumps men are around 7 years older with far more experience at senior levels than our guys. Trump is 72, 12 years older than May, Trump's women are 10 years older than ours and far more experienced at senior level.

Age does matter expecially in China and Japan where age is respected. Even Aung San Suu Kyi is 71 so ages with Trump.

Our guys and gels look like young amateurs compared to Trump's team.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Carney and Barnier row the EU back up the Thames at top speed

The penny/euro has just dropped with those two great minds that after a clean Brexit the EU will be the big loser. No surprise, its economic reality. First Carney

the government now needs to agree a transition deal for quitting the EU and  Brexit posed a greater risk to the remaining members of the EU than the UK.

Link : https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jan/11/mark-carney-signals-bank-of-england-may-raise-forecast-for-uk-economy

The hard man Barnier reported by Reuters requesting a 'special deal' for the EU to deal in the City of London.


That's the way the gateau crumbles when you eat humble pie. Its all about equivalence something we had to accept, corrupt mid European legal systems being euivalent to British justice. The great foundation of the City is the British common law someting the Eurocrats hve just realised. That is why the world transacts in London with its impeccably fair commercial law backed by hundreds of years of case law

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Follow the money to find the truth about the EU

Guido today:

That's why the EU wants to keep us in! The takers out number the contributors and hence out vote the contibuters.

Latest Brexit whinge comes from University VCS, average salary £300 k about coming disaster. They are just talking their pocket book. Most of these overseas students are financed by UK tax payer loans that are never repaid. Worse they deny places at our best Universities to our own children! The Kiwis have cracked this by tying the loan to passport number and imprisoning  those who have not repaid their loans. Time we did the same!

Can we not get Trump to extend his biased media attacks to the corrupt BBC, specialist subject paying themselves very high salaries.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Clementi new chairman of the BBC

From Wikipedia

"David Cecil Clementi was born on 25 February 1949. His father, Cresswell Clementi, was an Air Vice-Marshal in the Royal Air Force. His grandfather Cecil Clementi was Governor of Hong Kong from 1925-30 and Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Straits Settlements from 1930–34. His great-great grandfather was Italian-born English musician Muzio Clementi.
He was educated at Winchester College, where he was captain of athletics and a distinguished footballer. He then went to Lincoln College, Oxford, where he obtained a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and a blue for athletics. After graduating, he qualified as a chartered accountant.[1] He graduated MBA from Harvard Business School in 1975."

He is obviously a very well connected establishment man eminently suited to run the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. I have heard KB wags called him Il Duce.

At the BoE I never worked with Clementi. I thought it was a bit strange he was appointed DG at the BoE by Gord. Gavyn Davies of Goldman's seemed to many to be a much stronger candidate. Clementi had beeen at Kleinworts for 22 years where he was credited with privatising BT in 1984. BT was sold at a very cheap price to insure success..

Dresdner bought Kleinwort Benson in July 1995, when a number of old-style merchant banks were being sold to foreign rivals following the "big bang" which liberated the City of London.

Clementi joined the BoE in Sep 1997 when he  replaced Howard Davies as DG for Financial stablity. Mervyn King, a bright grammar school boy, the other DG  was in charge of the economics side of the Bank. King subsequently became Governor.