Friday, 12 February 2016

Bungles, infighting & rows:UKIP's road to election failure

Thus reads the two page headline in today's Times. The article seems to read as the memoirs of one David Soutter who was head of candidate UKIP candidate selection for the 2015 election

You can read about Mr Soutter's recent history by clicking the links below.

and you can see him and listen to him on link below

Now I have some sympathy with Mr Soutter. I quote him from the Times piece.

On Farage, "He needs to go. I think he has to recognise the party is not the party of one person"

On selecting candidates, the officials seem to believe that "the job of the assessors was to ease people through the process rather than judging them"

It was always thus. In my day it was Mr Gill a former Tory MP who was in charge of UKIP candidate selection for the 2009 Europeans. A candidate called Marta Andreasen was selected to stand as no 2 to Farage in the South East. She failed at leat 5 of the UKIP criteria for candidate selection. I challenged her selection at the relevant NEC meeeting and was vilified by the Farage sycophants for being nasty about Mr Gill who had not bothered to turn up at the meeting. The villification was lead by Mr Bannerman now a Tory MEP on the grounds Mr Gill was not present to defend himself. Bannerman made my point for me but he was too stupid to realise it. As the man in charge of candidte selection he should have been there to defend his selections.. Andreasen was of course elected.

Mr Gill eventually came out with the limp excuse that he was just rying to facilitate things! Incredible!.

On the allocation of funds, Soutter says, "money was diverted for personalities not winnability" .How true! Hundreds of thosands of UKIP pounds have been spent on 7 unsuccessful atempts to get Farage elected an MP. None of the sycophants dared speak the truth. Voters don't like Nigel Farage. At the Eastleigh by-election in 2014 the local party selected Diane James as candidate. She narrowly lost despite an underfunded campaign. My near neighbour Paddy Ashdown opined that if the campaign had run one more week Mrs James would have won.

Voters like Mrs James and will vote for her.. Its that simple.

Farage and his sycophants get in on the UKIP EU party list syatem. None, including Farage would ever be elected in a Westminster elelection where the electors vote for whom they want to represent them and that's not Farage  Some day the penny might drop with the UKIP faithful, Farage is a loser..

Finally on party chairmn Crowther, a Farage nominee, " Crowther made sure that the people who wanted to stand who were friends of his got through" That's called cronyism. Poor old Denny a former crony of NF fell from favour and was deselected in his home city.. I guess in Wolf Hall he would have been for the chop.

" We did not get the vote out. We did not have enough troops/activists on the ground" said Mr Souuter. How true! Farage and his sycophants and got rid of the most motivated and the best of UKIP activists on the trumped up charge of being disloyal to Nigel. Loyalty to the UKIP cause was not enough.


Thursday, 11 February 2016

How Farage damages our BREXIT cause

The Times today, 11 Feb, goes with a front page headline,

UKIP Backs criminals who stand for election and continues,

"UKIP knowingly allowed dozens of racists, homophobes and violent criminals to stand as prospective MPs and councillors at the last election, the Times can reveal.

Te Eurosceptic party was aware at least 14 of its candidates last May had violent pasts including three who were guilty of GBH. It allowed them to run away.

UKIP internal records show that at laest a further 23 expressed or supported homophobic, Islamophobic or sexist views. One was a supporter of the far right EDL and stated the Prophet was a 'criminal psycopath'.

In most cases candidates were originally blocked from standing but successfully appealed often with the support of senior UKIP officials".

My italics. So these people were weeded out by the local party members but were then reinstated by UKIP NEC which is of course totally controlled by Farage.

The Times reports as bullet points:

The party handed over its membership database to a donor who had been running the Leave.EU campaign.

Party members who applied for selection included drug dealers, a sex offender and a convicted murderer.

On pages 8 and 9 the Times runs a full page headline,

Wife-beater, racist and porn star allowed to stand for UKIP

Furthermore the Times reports UKIP is in financial disarray and is struggling to pay its bills. Half the staff at the Newton Abbott head office have been made redundant and it has been forced to vacate its Mayfair head office so loved by Farage.

Tomorrows Times promises details of the chaos, infighting and cronyism that blighted UKIP's election campaign.

What drives me mad was that all this was so predictable. I and others pointed out to Farage that if UKIP became a real threat to the political  establishment the media would dig up every bit of dirt on UKIP they could find. My suggestion was to ensure everyone in UKIP was squeeky clean  and UKIP finances were impeccable.

Farage responded by filling the party at the top with his cronies and financial profligacy. Anyone who dared criticise Farage was exiled from UKIP positions and many were.

We cannot hope to win the EU referendum if  Farage is anywhere the campaign. This is only the start. The media have much more on Farage and won't hesitate to use it.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Hannan is best candidate to debate Brexit with Cameron

There is an outstanding brief piece by Hannan in CAPX demolishing the project fear arguments in CAPX, Click below to read

I am grateful to the dishy Isabel Oakeshott for publicising this article. It develops the three tweets below.


The most tellling point is if the EU philes think Brexit will make the French and others beastly to us why do they want to hand over the governance of our country to these spiteful, nasty people?

The underlying theme is the EU wants us in not for our own good but because it benefits the EU.

Hannan puts it better than I can so please read his piece.
Hannan not Farage is the man to debate Cameron.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Cameron lies for project fear

Cameron is scaremongering. Despite having promised a fair campaign he is blatantly electioneering whilst stopping poopsed ministers in his cabinet from replying. If those Cabinet Ministers opposed to the EU should not accept this Flashman bullying. They should come out and oppose us remaining in the EU. Cameron has fired the starting gun.

Worse is his sleazy claim, that Brexit will lead to migrant camps in Kent. It is a blatant lie. The agrrement to allow British border checks on French soil is a bi-lateral UK France treaty signed by Labour's Blunkett about 10 yearsago. Here are some tweets from Tory MPs,

Sarah Wollaston

"Checking passports pre travel on Eurostar would need to continue anyway because of security & absurd to pretend that would cease"

This went on on cross border trains in the sixties as I well remember. Its even in the film "From Russia with Love".

David Davis

"The failed EU immigration policy created the ‘Jungle’ camp at Calais. The idea that would reduce border control is preposterous."

If the French unilaterally cancelled the Calais treaty they would be wide open to other countries acting against France across the World.

Note also Dave's slight of hand pretending to care about prison reform. Its the old magicians trick. Watch the EU hand up Dave's back.

It is sad to see a British PM so devalued.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Farage boasts I have the voice to persuade the 'undecideds'

A typical Farage vain glorious boast in today's Sunday Telegraph which is the exact opposite of the truth. Polling companies report that women make up most of the undecideds. Which group detests Farage's laddish booze and fags image? Women!

"I am the voice that can sway the undecideds" Who do you think you are kidding Mr Farage? Farage is anathema to middle England which is where the referendum will be won.

UKIP is yesterday's party. It has served its purpose and got us a referendum but it can never win a referendum. That needs support from the centre ground which UKIP cannot  win.

The Farage quote I most object to is, "Its fantastic.The idea that you can put country before party, conscience before career - I love it."

Anyone who has been on UKIP  NEC and has had to deal with Farage knows that this is the exact opposite of his behaviour over many years. He has run UKIP as a cult where unquestioning support of Farage was the only way to survive.  I and many other who  put country before party and conscience before career suffered unpleasant anonymous smears and forced out of UKIP as threats to Nigel.

Farage is a good debater and I am sure he would do very well debating Cameron. Dave is not stupid. He saw what Farage did to Clegg. There will be no Farage Cameron TV debate and the less we see of Farrage on TV and the more we see of Mrs James the higher the out vote will be. Farage comes across as agressive and unpleasant. Mrs James comes across as pleasant and concillatory. She is almost a female version of call me Dave! Middle England like the latter more than the former.

The out campaign has to come up with a strong coherent plan of what will happen to the UK if we vote to leave. If not it will be a walkover for Cameron's Project Fear.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Who should lead the out campaign?

This question cannot be put off any more and must be answered. Cometh the hour cometh the man and in this case it seems to be Nigel Lawson, Thatcher's Chancellor and without doubt along with Dennis Healey the ablest Chancellor in my lifetime. Elliot and Cummings of the over inflated egos have been demoted off the board of VoteLeave to executive positions clearing the way for a merger with Leave.EU with Lawson as chairman of the merged operation. Thank goodness for that!

There will be other board members whom I hope will speak for the leave campaign. These will be mainly non cabinet Tories like Liam Fox, David Davis, Daniel Hannan plus Labour's Kate Hooey. It has to spokesmen who can resonate and connect with those in the centre ground whose votes will decide the result. We could do with an ethnic minority spokesperson and I would be grateful to anyone who can suggest one. The main criterion for our spokespeople is they should be reasonable inoffensive people who are liked by the populace and don't upset anyone and with whom the populace can identify as ordinary guys like themselves. The biggest mistake the LibDems made was to ditch the affable popular Charlie Kennedy who got them the most MPs they ever had!

No Farage or even nice UKIPers like Mrs James. Their job is done. We don't need them! Indeed they are a liabilty now. UKIP votes are in the bag. Its centre ground votes we need to win. Farage and his cronies will switch off Middle England big time. For that reason the BBC will promote Farage etc non stop on QT to reinforce the fruit cake and loony image of the Outers the BBC wants to paint. It will be one of Lawson's main tasks to keep Farage off TV and never accredit him as a spokesman for the Leave campaign. If Farage wants to be useful he should concentrate on fund raising.

This campaign will not be a point scoring debate. It will be settled in the hearts of the British people voting for people they see as sharing their values and aspirations.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Thank God for the UK press corps and bloggers

I think the picture below sums Cameron's renegotiation up,

I can't remember a PM getting such a bad press

The prize must go to the Sun's Capt Mannering Cameron front page cashing in on the soon to be released film rehash of the Warminster on Sea platoon. A bit insulting to the real Capt Mannering who was a true patriot something you could never say aboy smarmy  Dave.

This is the section of the 2010 Conservative manifesto that Steve Baker was asking the Prime Minister about
Embedded image permalink

Seems pretty clear that Dave did not deliver on these manifesto promises. Still the place seeking Tories will swear black is white to get their bums into ministerial limos.

Cameron's Tusk EU press release makes Neville Chamberlain's 1938 bit of paper look a good deal.

Peter Lilley and Jacob Rees Mogg cut Cameron apart in the Commons today. Boris and Theresa are sitting waiting to see how the wind blows. If there is a real grass roots revolt against Cameron this weekend they will quickly jump on the bandwagon.

Dave's attempt to hoodwink the ordinary people may force his resignation. He has been rumbled. His brake won't pass the MOT.

The whole debate is here