Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Carswell nails our broken political system

A fantastic tour de force from Carswell


Well worth in depth study

Replace cheap immigrant labour with machines

That is the theme of Dr North's blog today. I recommend reading it.


 It is headlined with the great picture of a grape picking machine I reproduce below:

This illustrates perfectly the machines UK engineering should be producing, high added value eqipment with a big worldwide market. So it boosts our engineering sector and cuts down on the problems  cheap labour brings extra demnd on our services like schools and hospitals. If the immigrants are skilled design engineers that can help us make machines like this then great but we do not need more unskilled labour or politicians.

The day before Dr North was back on his favourite topic:

The day before, one of Dr North's favourite topics.

Brexit: shambles at the top

Monday 15 August 2016  

Well there is a lot of truth in this but if you go back to the 1880s there was a department called the Board of Trade where old Planty Palliser made his name and which handled all trade matters and headed up by a Cabinet Minister. Time to bring it back. The FO has never had any interest in promoting UK trade as per the old snob's remark his family was in trade. I am not convinced that when Mrs May pencilled in FO after BoJo's name that she did not mean the Foreign Office.

Richard North 15/08

Thursday, 11 August 2016

The not so democratic Lib Dems

It used to be a joke that if you came across a banana republic which had the word democratic in its title you could be sure it was a dictatorship especially if the word people's aso appeared. Which pary in the UK comes closest to fitiing this criterion? That's right the Liberal Democrats, defacto leader my near neighbour Lord Paddy Ashdown. Clearly no one takes Faroon or Clegg seriously so Paddy their old war horse is wheeled out to battle his hated enemy the Tories. Pity his party was propping up the Tories just over a year ago.

The LibDems big lie is that they are a party of high moral principle with a membership made up entirely of Guardian readers. Now Paddy did a decent job re-organising the Lib Dems and they got a few more MPs. They got many times more when Paddy stepped down and Charlie Kennedy took over basically becuse people could identify with Charlie who was, like most of the UK population overweight and liked a drink but did not take himself too seriously. Paddy is not overweight, drinks in moderation but can be incredibly pompous.

So when the EU Referendum came along I paid close attention to what such a paragon of democratic propriety said and did and here it is:


On the night of the EU referendum result, Ashdown told the ITV results programme: “I will forgive no one who does not respect the sovereign voice of the British people once it is spoken whether it is majority of one per per cent or 20%:
He continued: “It is our duty as those who serve the public to make sure the country does the best it can with the decision they have taken. In. Out. When the British people have spoken you do what they command.
“Either you believe in democracy or you don’t. When democracy speaks we obey. All of us do. If you put the nation first you make the best use with the decision you have got.
Fine words from the great man who previously had failed to eat his hat after an earlier piece of undeliverable bravado on TV.
So why the U turn to
Former Lib Dem Leader Lord Ashdown is backing a new campaign called More United which favours a second referendum on EU membership.
“If we get the opportunity to vote again on the EU we would vote to go back in to support it,” he says.
Its easy. At the time of his fine words Paddy thought Remain was clearly going to win when we would have of course respected the wishes of the British people which happily coincided with his own but now he has falllen back on the old EU trick of making the Brit plebs vote again until they give the answer he wants. Thats what democracy and respecting the wishes of the British people means to the Liberal Democrats. Its all just fine words and no moral scruples.

PS Friday 12th August bang bang
Paddy Ashdown's greatest achievement was to act as inspiration and model for Nigel Farage's UKIP showin how to build up a small party into a national movement. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and Nigel having seen how Paddy still controls the LibDems from the red leather sees this as his next move. Farage has not yet got his bum on the red leather but this can surely not be long delayed.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Why we will get an immediate trade deal with the EU when we repeal the 72/73 ECA

Unlike Booker & North I believe in hard data not obfuscation, economic illiteracy and drivel. You can find the offcial  German balance of trade figures for 2015 at this link:


I extract  ranked relevant figures  German annual balance of trade figures in € bn.:

US        54 € bn
UK        51 € bn
France   36 € bn
Austria  21 € bn

So in terms of net trade the UK is almost as important to Germany as the US.

In gross  exports the US is 114bn€, France 103 bn€, UK 89bn€

That Messrs Booker North is why the EU, or the Fourth Reich to be more accurate, will be very quick to offer us an excellent trade deal. There are a lot of German jobs on the line. We have a very strong negotiating hand although you would not think so if you believe Booker North's drivel.

Just keep it simple and do not get dragged into playing by EU rules. That is a game the EU is bound to win as they make the rules. Just state what you want and hold out for the best deal.

I will only reply to comments posted on this blog as I find the comments section on Mr Dr North's blog complex to use.

PS latest from the 4th Reich

Germany's trade surplus slips to €21.7bn in June

2016-08-09 09:00:24

Germany's trade surplus for June was €21.7bn, which was below a forecast €23.2bn and also from May's surplus of €22.2bn.

Story provided by StockMarketWire.com

Monday, 8 August 2016

Booker & North need a course in elementary economics

Reducing tarrif barriers increases trade. It  makes goods cheaper for consumers hence the trade increase. Trade systems are dynamic not static They react very quickly to changes, faster than Booker & North can write their next load of drivel for the uncritical Sunday Telegraph. That is Minford's message. Adam Smith called it the hidden HAND OF THE MARKET.  Booker and North are like WWI Generals, inflexible and stuck on fixed tracks. You need to be nimble to outwit the very able EU crats.

I won't reply to comments posted on Mr Dr North's blog on what I write here. I find the comments difficult to read and make replies in. I willl reply to any comments posted on the comments section of my blog. I find it simpler to use and understand. KISS

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Booker & North should start living in the real world of EU politics

Brexit: Juncker breaches own treaty

This is the head line from the latest Booker North offering in the Sunday Telegraph. They are unbeievably naive. Juncker and the Eurocrats don't give a fig about rules or laws that are in their way. Laws are for little people not big Eurocrats. If current laws are getting in our way we ignore them and are assured the European Court of Justice will support this action as necessary to ensure the survival of the Union.

That is why we have to repeal the 72/73 ECA asap and make our UK supreme court the final arbriter of the interpretation of our laws.

Staying in the so called Single Market, which is not a market but a set of regulations interpreted by the ECJ for the benefit of the Franco Prussians, is a gigantic red herring. Its benefits to us are far outewighed by the costs to us of EU membership.

The sooner we are out the better. Keep it simple stupid ie Booker & North.

Dan Hanaan seems to take a similar view,


All we have to do to regain total sovereignty is repeal Sections 2 and 3 of the 1972 European Communities Act

We know what people voted against,’ say half-clever ­pundits, ‘but it’s far from clear what they voted for.’ Actually, it’s very clear: the ­British voted to leave the EU and take back control of their own laws. They didn’t ­dictate precisely what kind of deal we should have with our neighbours after leaving: that is for ministers to negotiate. But when Leave campaigners invited people to ‘take back ­control’, voters understood what that meant: legal supremacy should return from Brussels to Westminster.
Remainers spent the campaign trying to suggest that the EU was just one among several international associations in which Britain participated. It was, they wanted us to believe, a club, like Nato or the G20, in which we agreed to abide by common rules in order to secure common objectives. 
People could see that the EU differed from every other international body in that it presumed to legislate for its member states. Membership of Nato or the G20 may mean ceding power in ­certain areas; but it emphatically doesn’t mean ceding sovereignty — that is, the ultimate right to determine laws

Monday, 1 August 2016

UKIP leadership election

Its the usual UKIP/Farage dirty tricks. I quote from Guido

Anti-Faragist forces on UKIP’s National Executive Committee are working to keep Steven Woolfe off the ballot, according to sources in the room. The NEC is dominated by supporters of Neil Hamilton and Douglas Carswell who want to stop the Farage candidate and install Lisa Duffy as leader. Woolfe is backed by Nigel and a string of his allies including Nathan Gill, Peter Whittle, Tim Aker, Arron Banks, William Dartmouth and David Coburn. Yesterday UKIP sources briefed out that Woolfe was ineligible to stand because (they claim) his membership had lapsed. Woolfe has an email from party chairman Steve Crowther appearing to dismiss this allegation as nonsense:
“The threshold for membership of the Party for this leadership election is two years, from 11 July 2014­ – 11 July 2016. You have been a member of the European Parliament for UKIP throughout that period, regarded as a member in good standing. There is no apparent record on this file of your having been sent a standard membership subscription request during that time.”
Yet the anti-Woolfe faction of the NEC is still seeking to disqualify Woolfe in what seems a pretty unsubtle stitch up. A four-person panel is set to meet at 3pm on Sunday to ‘vet’ the candidates, and Woolfe allies are concerned about a weighted panel voting to kick him out of the contest. A coronation for Lisa Duffy is not going to go down well with members, they will want a fair fight…
UPDATE: Carswell gets in touch to stress he hasn’t got a dog in the fight.
I did know Lisa Duffy from my brief time on the NEC where she religously agreed with Farage. She is not up to the job in my experience, has very limited/non-existent  talents and under her UKIP will sink without trace.

It is depressing UKIP still has not moved on from the Farage cult model. Our country still needs a strong credible UKIP to ensure Brexit means Brexit and happens asap. You cannot trust the Tories and Labour is a shambles which just leaves the pro EU SNP and LibDems who are opposed to Brexit.

Its a long time since I have written on UKIP but depressingly nothing has changed.

PS Runners and riders from Guido

Who Should be the Next UKIP Leader?
  • Jonathan Arnott
  • Phillip Broughton
  • Lisa Duffy
  • Bill Ethridge
  • Diane James
  • Liz Jones
  • Steven Woolfe

I make Woolfe favourite if he is not nobbled by the Stewards and James second favourite with the rest nowhere. Pity about La Evans, I suffered a similar fate so I can sympathise with her.