Thursday, 27 November 2014

Why are our politicians so stupid?

Chris Huhne: career destroyed because he was stupid enough to lie about who was driving his car when it was clocked by a speed camera.
Aidan Burley: career destroyed because he was stupid enough to go to a stag party where a guest was dressed as a Nazi.
Patrick Mercer: career destroyed because he was stupid enough to fall for a sting by reporters posing as dodgy lobbyists.
Maria Miller: career destroyed because she was stupid enough not to show contrition for a row about her expenses.
Brooks Newmark: career destroyed because he was stupid enough to send compromising pictures of himself to people he didn’t know over the internet.
Emily Thornberry: career destroyed because she was stupid enough to post a disparaging tweet about a voter and now

Andrew Mitchell career destroyed by his failed libel case 

Three former cabinet ministers plus a shadow cabinet minster. The creme de la creme of our political elite. I cry for our country ruled by these people.

Immigration figures do not tally with National Insurance Nos

I quote from Guido
  • National Insurance Number (NINo) registrations to adult overseas nationals increased by 12% to 668,000 in the year ending September 2014 from the previous year. Romanian citizens had the highest number of registrations (104,000), followed by Polish citizens (98,000).
  • 32,000 Romanian and Bulgarian citizens immigrated last year, a statistically significant increase from 18,000 in the previous 12 months.
Why does each Romanian need 3+ NI numbers? Something for the Rolls Royce minds of HMT to ponder.

Better news for UKIP in Red Ed's seat. If the Tories don't want Red Ed in Downing Street vote UKIP in Doncaster. Simples!

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

UKIP to put Red Ed into No 10. More from Emily Thornberry

The latest ITV Comres poll of the marginals shows:

marginals comres

This is based on 40 closest marginals where Labour & Tory were neck and neck in 2010 but now Labour has a 8% lead.

ITV report in these seats twice as many Tory voters would switch to UKIP (21%) as Labour voters (10%) So UKIPcould change result.

Interesting that Gudo reports UKIP press lady,the one who sponsors a child in Ghana according to NF, was seen talking today with Labour press man. Something is going on.

ITV poll also reports in these seats 36% prefer Tory govt, 41% prefer Labour. But OPPOSITE for Prime Minister: 44% prefer Cameron as PM, 26% Miliband as PM.

Marginal seats are a result of our corrupt electoral system and means the government is decided by 50000 swng voters in these constituencies so no wonder we get crap governments as the head honchos sit in their safe seats whilst the whole political agenda is tailored to those 50000 voters.

Guido has a great story about Emily Thornberry's QC father in law. (This is presumably what Alan A. J. Johnston meads by social mobility.)

I quote from Gfuido

Emily Thornberry has silenced her eminent father-in-law from speaking out to the press about Ed Miliband and the White Van Dan row. After Edward Nugee was contacted by a diarist from the Daily Mail, Thornberry called the paper back threatening to report them to IPSO and claiming that her husband’s old man was non compos mentis.
For some context ‘Ted’ Nugee remains a practising QC and recently wrote at length to the Times about the legal intricacies concerning sanctions on Russia. But according to a raging Thornberry, the octogenarian was confused because he’s sick and ailing.
When the journalist then phoned Sir Ted to apologise, the QC denied anything of the sort and said he was jolly cross at the suggestion. In fact Nugee Sr. later apologised to the journalist in question for causing them any trouble.

Here is a pic of old Ted without his wig on

He looks fine to me.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Owen Patterson looks like the real deal to get us out of the EU

Owen Patterson, non-OE, was sacked by Dave as Environment Sec to up the woman head count in his Old Etonian cabinet by appointing Liz Truss. Dave also sacked Michael Gove, non-OE, as Education Sec largely for the same reason to appoint Nicola Morgan who has obeyed the Education establishment Blob from her first day. Gove was a minister who was effective in raising school standards. Dave kept Gove in a semi-detached cabinet position as chief whip. Dominc Grieve, OE ,was removed as Attorney General. He abstained on Dave's same sex marriage bill, Wikipedia says of Grieve,

"On 22 November 2013 he was reported as stating politicians need to "wake up" to the issue of corruption in some minority communities [15] and that "corruption in parts of the Pakistani community is “endemic”".[16] Two days later he apologised and said he had not meant to suggest there was a 'particular problem in the Pakistani community' Its a pity when the Attorney General has to apolgise for telling the truth.

So Dave has lost 2.5 good guys for a couple of pretty useless women. Its unthinking prescription politics.

As I write I watch todays Daily Politics doing a straw poll on Farage's suitability to be PM. Overwhelmingly NF was described as a joke even by the blokes and given a 100% thumbs down by the women.

Cometh the hour cometh the man to get us out of the EU and that man is Patterson. Read the boiling frog & Richard North by clicking below,

His views are also written up by the Telegraph,

Patterson is a serious politician. Farage is a Hartlepool monkey joke and is inreasingly recognised by the voters as such, watch today's Daily   Politics. If Farage can lead us out of the EU then I will personally organise a petition to put a statue of him on the vacant plinth in Trafalgar Square.

To get us out will require an exercise in political coalition building. Nigel Farage does not do collegiate concensus building. He is a cult leader. It will also require a cogent policy platform. Nigel does not do policy, Finally it will require a huge management/logistic effort. Nigel doe not do management. He likes the flattery of unintelligent sycophants.

It all adds up to someone like Patterson to get us out of the EU,

Monday, 24 November 2014

More control freakery from Farage.

Who can forget Farage saddling UKIP with the useless Pearson as leader for the 2010 General Election. Head and shoulders above all other candidates said Nige on the Andrew Neil show. Forgot to mention Pearson had not bothered to read the UKIP election manifesto.

Well Nigel is at it again, click below to read it

I quote,

"Mr Farage is also determined that his replacement should be a woman. He says: “I think it is probably more likely that my replacement will be female than a male."

Within the party, women who have got the time and want to make the commitment to do it tend to do pretty well.”
"Ukip’s highest-profile female member is arguably MEP Diane James, who narrowly missed out on a Commons seat last year after she came second in the Eastleigh by‑election. She dramatically increased her party’s vote on a 19.3 per cent swing from the incumbent Liberal Democrats."
That's all true except Nigel does not want Mrs James he hopes he is warming the seat up for his apologist Suzanne Evans another joke candidate in the Pearson mold. Ask  Michasel Portillo. I see a real bitch fight coming up.
Meanwhile Labour's answer to Hyacinth Bucket continues to pedal her bike. Truly we live in an obese age that is overwhelming the NHS. Nigel is not obese but I fear for his lungs and liver so maybe an heir apparent is no bad thing. Remember what happened to poor Isis in Downton Abbey. Maybe UKIP should get Julian Fellowes to write their next manifesto. He is very good at bumping characters off when they get near their sell by date..  
I cannot resist posting this from Guido's web site with its devastating punch line at the end. I hope Guido does not sue me but it sums up what this woman is all about.

The Tale of Lady Nugee’s Walled Garden in Islington

Snobby sacked Labour MP Emily Thornberry’s official title is Lady Nugee, by virtue of her marriage to the High Court Judge Sir Christopher Nugee. Some years ago, with him, Emily bought a small terraced house in her constituency when it was auctioned off by a local housing association – only as an investment, they lived in a far grander £3 million mansion elsewhere in Islington. In itself this was an unusual example of privatisation by a “socialist”…
An outraged constituent who was eventually evicted by the Housing Association claimed that he had come to her, his constituency MP, for help only to despair when she bought one of the privatised properties. It was all very embarrassing for Thornberry. The old man nailed his allegations to the door of the house she bought. Very Lutheran…
scooter-girlsThe row of terraced houses shared small gardens communally and for years neighbours’ young children had happily played together along the terrace’s back row of gardens. This irritated the new landlord Emily and she nagged, and nagged her neighbour next door to put up a fence. He was reluctant to do so because the gardens were tiny and he could see no harm being done by his two little girls riding their scooters along the row, they were only aged 3 and 5. In the end Emily had workmen build a giant fence down the middle to keep his children out. Emily’s now private garden went unused and became overgrown with weeds. How does Guido know this story is true?
They were his kids.

Click below to read what Nugee has done to her party

Perhaps Farage could sign up Nugee as his successor.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Mark Reckless shafted by Farage

Mark Reckless resigned as a Tory because he did not believe Cameron had any intention of delivering on his EU referendum promise. It was a brave, courageous and principled action and he followed it up by winning for UKIP in Rochester & Stroud last Thursday. Farage then shafted him by changing UKIP's immigration policy behind his back.

Mr Reckless tells the Times: "Until Nigel changed it on Wednesday, the policy of the party was everyone can stay for the transitional period, no doubt about that, that there would then be a permanent arrangement which would be part of the EU negotiation."

Mr Reckless is rightly furious about being set up by Farage but to those of us who know Farage this is the latest in a long list of such incidents. The whole sorry tale can be read by clicking the link below.

The idiotic grinning UKIP deputy chairman and Farage sycophant Suzanne Evans made a fool of herself on Andrew Neil's This Week politics shop on Thursday by trying to make black white. She was recently described as 'Fruitcake of the Day' and is typical of Farage's ex -Tories now running UKIP. Click below and skip the first 29 minuutes

Evans tried to maintain Farage was supporting Reckless but Portillo was having none of her guff and could scarcely concealed his amusement at her incompetence.. His quote was " Farage slapped down Reckless callling him an incompetent by-election candidate" and when Evans tried to deny this Portillo simply told her that is exactly what Farage did say.

This is not the first time Evans has made a fool of herself on TV trying to defend Farage's indefensible policy changes announced on the hoof and without discussion when he gets into difficulties with his TV interviews. He is prepared to sacrifice anyone to save his political skin.

I did opine last week that it would not be long before Carswell and Reckless fell out with Farage. Even I did not think it would come so soon! Only the sycophants and gullible survive long at the Court of King Nigel and Carswell & Reckless are certainly not gullible or Farage sycophants. O'Flynn suffered similarly recently and did not like it. These three clever men are elected representives. They simply will not take this nonsense from Farage and his sycos. They don't like being made to look idiots by fools!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Emily Thornberry - Hypocrite

The first time I saw this woman, also known as Lady Nugee, on TV I felt there was something did not ring true about her. I heard Alan Johnson defend her last night on the Andrew Neil show saying she came from a very poor background, had been raised in a council house and rose up to be a barrister and epitomised social mobility. All this went unchallenged by AN but trusting my instincts I had a look at what Google/Wikepedia had to say about the lady.

Wikipedia says about her,

"Thornberry was born in north Surrey to Cedric Thornberry, a Visiting Professor of War Studies at King's College London, and his wife Sally Thornberry, a teacher.[2] Her parents divorced when Thornberry was aged seven and she and her two brothers lived with her mother who later became a Labour Councillor and Mayor.[3] Her father went on to become United Nations Assistant Secretary General and to work for NATO.[4]"

Ho-hum so daddy was a professor at Kings London and mummy was a school teacher who went on to become a Mayor. If that's social mobility Mr Johnson then I'm a postman!

It gets worse when you find out she sends her children to selective schools 10 miles or so from her mansion like those oher darlings of the left, Hettie Harman and Diane Abbott. Again from Wikipedia

In April 2005 it emerged that Thornberry had sent her son to the selective Dame Alice Owen's School fourteen miles away from her home and outside her constituency. The school was formerly based in Islington and still reserves ten percent of its places for Islington pupils.[54] The Labour Party opposes selection and Thornberry was widely criticised over the issue as a result.[55] Chris Woodhead, the former chief inspector of schools stated "I celebrate her good sense as a parent and deplore her hypocrisy as a politician. When will those who espouse the virtues of comprehensive education apply the logic of their political message to their children?"

Thornberry's daughter now also attends the same school.[57] She defended her position by stating she felt the school should not have moved from its original location. Incredible!

You know how Labour opposes the sell off of council houses. Well guess who has been buying them up and renting them out, not Mrs Nuggee but Mr Sir Nugee, High Court judge. Again from Wikipedia

During the course of a campaign run by Thornberry on the subject of social housing, the Islington Tribune, a local newspaper, discovered that her husband had bought ex-social housing stock for over half a million pounds and receives rental income from the property. It also emerged that the new residents are Labour Party activists.

Its the old Labour elite story, rules apply to the ordinary people not the Labour elite. I can put up with Tory toffs like Dave & Rees Mogg but I cannot abide Labour hyopcrites like Thornberry & Harman who make a fat living out of 'representing' the poorest in our society whilst feathering heir own nest. If Milliband had any guts he would kick the pair of them out of the Labour party and tell postie Johnson not to believe all his colleagues tell him. 

As Tory Home put it today:

So the mask has slipped. The sneering from the Islington dinner parties has been indiscreetly placed into the public domain. It recalls the General Election incident where Gordon Brown was caught describing Gillian Duffy a bigot.