Monday, 23 February 2009

EMU Crisis and SW MEP list

AEP has a good piece in today's DT business entitled "Is it fair to ask the Germans to bail out the PIGS", a theme I have frequently written about. More worrying is the final paragraph that notes the architects of EMU were well aware of its in-built problems. That this was planned to force the EU to create new rules and institutions to strengthen and safeguard the Euro and when the 'beneficial crisis' arrives, as it has, this would bring about the great leap forward to full union. I fear this is what will happen given NuLabour's desire to admit to nothing but blame external factors for our problems so when the external institutions react Nulabour has to jump to their command. GB will of course soon be looking for a new job commensurate with the talents of a man who has just saved the world. What better post than EU OberGruppenfuerher worldwide Financial Stability?

I wish to highlight some statements I made on my website when I stood last summer for election onto the SW MEP list:

Give all my salary to UKIP – some £40k pa

Yes I know MEPs get paid gross more than that but that is roughly what I would receive net. NB I know of no EU rule that stops an MEP giving his own money to whom he wishes.

I will always put my country’s interests before party interests.

All my actions, statements and articles have been governed by this over-riding principle. Unlike most candidates for political office I will do what I say. I am often asked by honest decent UKIP members who they should vote for. I always reply look at what candidates have done not what they say they will do and especially look at what percentage of their income they give to our cause and how much they take out.

I don’t want a country for self-important greedy political careerists.

UKIP members can judge for themselves who these careerists are and make their decisions accordingly.

I have never been in any other political party.

Those who seek to smear me and besmirch my reputation should note this. It is true and I will vigorously defend my reputation at all costs against those who seek to destroy it. A party that encourages half truths and anonymous lies that seek to destroy a members good name forfeits its claim to loyalty from its members.

I was elected on these commitments by the SW members. I attended all four hustings where the voting members were able to question me on what I stood for.

My views have not changed and will not change.

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