Wednesday, 18 March 2009

More Economic & Euro Woes for Gordon

Crises have a way of sharpening differences an concentrating the mind. The much reported split at the G20 finance ministers summit, chairman A Darling is a clash between the Anglo Saxon and the European economic political philosophy. The US want action and the EU, leader Frau Merkel, want more regulation. It is a clash between free markets and the real liberty these ensure and political centrist control and the enslavement of the people this entails. A UKIPer wrote to the DT today saying the EU desire to de-sex titles could be accomplished by calling everyone comrade. A bit to close to the bone for the EU Soviet's liking!

Be prepared for an endless torrent of Eurospeak from Brussels as things go from bad to worse. Don't believe the BBC's news reports. They are committed Europhiles to the last comrade supported by an inquitous licence fee that penalises the poorest in our community! They remind me of the pre-revolutionary French church in the mid 18th century, wallowing in exemptions, perks and privelege paid for by the sans culottes.

As Simon Johnson, formerly chief economist at the IMF wrote on Sunday, "anything that sounds meaningless is meaningless" and there will be lots of it to be had from the EU, the BBC and Gordon.

Johnson nails the real culprit for the cuurent econonic problems, the EU and its high risk debt fuelled expansion/accession since the late 90s. The US sub prime was just the detonator. The real explosive lies in the crash in Eastern Europe and the PIGS. They are trapped in the Euro so they can't devalue their currency. Their only choice is to cut wages and prices by 20 to 30 percent with the surefire civil unrest that will be unleashed. Politicians do not like this prospect one iota as it puts the blame squarely where it belongs on them, the politicians who go them into the Euro and the EU.

The banking sector in Europe must shrink and the two hardest hit will be the UK, particularly the South Eas,t and Switzerland. The UK will be able to avoid civil unrest on the wages front by devaluing the currency, indeed they have already done so. The real threat of civil unrest in the UK will come on the jobs and immigration front particularly in the big cities of the Midlands and the North. So problems for Gordon all over his land and even in the kingdom of Fife the Scot Nats are snapping at his heels. Time for prayer.

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