Sunday, 8 March 2009

No Nigel on Sky TV

I was looking forward to NF's advertised appearance on Sky TV this Sunday morning so I could watch him debate with Robin Page. It was disappointing that it seemed to have been pulled. I cannot believe the claims on the democracy forum that this happened at Nigel's behest e.g. from a PeterC , "I have spoken with Robin Page both yesterday before Farage pulled and again this morning after Farage pulled, Sky were going to have a van for a live link up with Robin, Farage pulled out because Robin had been asked to be interviewed,". I trust UKIP press office will issue a statement rebutting this and setting the record straight. UKIP needs as much TV exposure for Nigel as possible. It is one of Nigel's strong points that he is always available for TV appearances.

Liam Halligan in today's Sunday Telegraph is a refreshing voice against the overwhelming concensus views on global warming and Quantitative Easing. If you oppose the former you are 'a denier' and should be treated like a holocaust denier and if you argue against the latter you are against trying to save jobs. The idea is to undermine an argument not by fact or reason but insinuating it is immoral to even hold such an opinion. In football parlance it is called playing the man not the ball and it is what us Eurorealists have had to put up with from the media and the British political establishment since 1972. It is the 'reason' or should I say excuse why the UK government has never had a cost benefit study of UK membership of the EU.

Halligan notes as I did yesterday how hopeless the Tories are and how we with QE we are now behaving like a banana republic that can inflate away its debts to zero. The markets are not going to let that happen. Governments spending will have to be cut, taxes raised and the government deficit reduced. The economy will have to be re-balanced. More proper private sector jobs created and non-productive public sector pen pushing jobs reduced. As Mandy says more engineering less financial engineering.

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