Monday, 2 March 2009

Setback on the Eastern Front for the Fourth Reich

Ferenc Gyurscany, the Hungarian Foreign Minister has sent a six page letter to the EU making dire predictions of what could happen in Eastern EU Empire ie Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic,Slovakia,Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Rumania and Bulgaria. The Czech PM and current EU president weighed in with dire warning against France & Germany taking protectionist measures against the Eastern Empire. Sarkozy of course denied this and as always blamed the US. Qui s'excuse s'accuse as the French say.

The bottom line is that the Eastern Empire wants a 200bn Euro bail-out to prevent a major crisis including possible civil unrest. The Frau Fuehrer dismissed this call. Put this together with the PIGS demand for a similar bail out and one does wonder where the money will come from.

There is now 100 million plus citizens from the Eastern Empire in the EU but as we know many are resident in the Western Empire where their presence is already causing resentment amongst the native populations. As I noted some months ago there will be civil unrest throughout the EU this summer. They will soon need their EU army and gendarmerie.

I read Robin Page's centre page piece in the DT today on why he has left UKIP. Click on the link below to read what he said.

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