Sunday, 22 March 2009

What are Denny & Zuckerman's Medical Qualifications?

My attention was drawn to an email from Denny to Geoffrey Collier quoted on the Caterpillar blog this morning. I quote below an excerpt,

"I do not know your background sufficiently well to know whether you are merely a willing dupe in this process, as a small bit-part acolyte of another outside conspiracy/agency involved; or whether you are just suffering from OCD with an obsessive fixation with UKIP and Farage/Ashford in particular; either way you display an overly obsessive disposition to what is only a small political party hammering its way into the British political scene with minor difficulties which by comparison with the major parties are piffling.
This obsessive condition seems to be a common disorder too with some in (and out of) UKIP, in that John West displays the same kind of disposition; and GLW too; and Edmond fact all the "malcontents" ... could it be that the commonality is an anti-UKIP network? or are you all mad?"

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a recognised psychiatric condition which I do not suffer from and nor in my opinion do John West or Geoffrey Collier. Perhaps Denny could post details of his medical psychiatric qualifications which enables him to make such diagnoses.

Denny is the second member of UKIP's NEC who seems to think it is acceptable to use mental illness diagnoses as terms of abuse. John West and I were accused by Zuckerman, UKIP's lawyer and party secretary, of suffering from Tourette's syndrome. In all my life I have never met people other than Denny and Zuckerman who descend to using mental illness diagnoses as terms of abuse. It is profoundly insulting to those genuine suffers of these two diseases. I also ask Zuckerman to post his medical qualifications.

Denny finally winds up by calling Geoffrey, John and I 'mad'. Reasoned rational argument with supporting facts is the real currency of political debate not wild abuse and labeling any who disagree with you as 'malcontents' . It would help UKIP's cause if NEC members remembered this. It is not disloyal to UKIP to disown and criticise unacceptable language by members of the NEC and I will continue to do so. We all have a greater loyalty to uphold British standards of civilised debate and respect for those who through no fault of their own suffer mental illness.


Greg L-W. said...


do you not fear that I will obsessively get mad with you due to my medical disorders which Dr. Denny has diagnosed, since you seem to give Geoffrey, John & yourself a clean bill of health.

May I remind one and all that your Doctorate is in sums not spels and smells!

It may also help those who wish to follow up on the posting and the full details to place this particular caterpillar's URL on your blog as a link.

Greg Lance-Watkins
01291 - 62 65 62

Junius said...

Denny’s rambling email clearly illustrates that he is of limited intelligence. His obsession with ridiculous conspiracy theories is particularly sad. The poor man has become so paranoid that he is now convinced that anyone who disagrees with him must be working for the BNP, MI5 or the Tories! He even believes that MI5 are bugging his house. Why MI5 would be bothered to spy on such an insignificant little man is anyone's guess!

However, his lack of education can never excuse his dishonesty and lies.

Denny is prepared to endorse corruption, sit on kangaroo courts and support Farage instigated witch-hunts. He lies about decent, honest members and is quite prepared to use mental illness as a term of abuse. Indeed, anyone who questions him is 'mad'.

Douglas Denny is a disgrace to the Euro-realist cause.

It is a great pity that he cancelled his planned move to New Zealand. Their loss would have been our gain!