Thursday, 11 June 2009

Defeating the BNP

How well Nigel Farage exploited the media establishment's hatred of the BNP for UKIP's benefit in the recent Euro elections. The media ran the UKIP campaign for him! Despite this and lack of funds the BNP still gained two MEPs. Since then as GLW points out in his blog, click here, the treatment of these elected representatives has been deplorable. GLW and I both detest racism but we do support civilised standards of behaviour and debate.

The way to defeat the BNP is to rebut their racist arguments not ignore them. Ignoring them or physically attacking them makes them martyrs. The BNP represent in part the poor indigenous population that used to be represented by the old Labour party. New Labour is little more than a collection of special interest groups and has disconnected from ordinary working people. This lets the BNP thrive. Don't blame the BNP the fault lies with the political elite of New Labour and the Lib Dems.


Greg L-W. said...
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Greg L-W. said...


I think it would be safe to say that during the last year no one outside of The BNP heirarchy did more to promote and advertise The BNP than EUkip and particularly Nigel Farage who has acted as an energetic recruiting sargeant for The BNP, joined latterly by the utterly untrustworthy mutually congratulatory sychophants Mark croucher & Douglas Denny they have between them ensured that The BNP has remained on the lips of all in the debate.

Croucher & Denny particularly have chanted Mantras of hatred but have at no time confronted The BNP other than Croucher's efforts at self enrichment & fund raisiong for the pro EU extremist and vile Searchlight group led by Croucher's associate in betrayal of EUkip the criminal front man for Searchlight with his criminal record of burglary, either to plant evidence or steal it one can not reasonably tell.

Farage in desparation as he headed for an earned 0 to 3 MEPs based on EUkip's achievement and his crass leadership devised a Reichstag Fire moment and his own Crystal Nacht inventing claims of infiltration - who could be bothered he had so clearly destroyed the party!

This foolish jape on a par with blow up toys, dressing up as chickens and pretending Ferrett Scout Cars from a museum were tanks - displayed the gravitas and wisdom of his political accumen and that of his advisors!

Of course his advisers being paid praise singers were hardly likely to tell him the truth and risk their over paid positions. A fool is unlikely to employ people of morality and intelligence!

Having made many aware of the vagieries and visicitudes of the vile EU the rascals, liars & low lifes gathered around Farage, having shown their ineptitude for intelligent hard work and their utter failure over the preceding 5 years as usefull idiots for the EU - did indeed recruit new postulants!

Many of those woken to awareness of Racism as displayed by EUkip and reading material by the likes of Denny, McGough, Croucher and the like or videos of NuttAll, Nattrass and Booth and their like or reading of the criminal collusionm in cover-ups by Farage, Colman and Wood or the imature and tasteless bragging of perversion by Gawain Towler moved on to pastures new.


Greg L-W. said...


EUkip did much to raise the profile of The BNP and increase their recruitment, as the BNP put together a far more competent campaign though with a fraction of the money whilst EUkip was left trailing and even copying The BNP campaign with the obscene hijacking of Winston Churchill common to them both.

One is minded of Farage's political mantra of 'you can't put a cigarrette paper between them' and to the uninformed who are unaware of just how vile The BNP are, how very true that is!

EUkip's eventual results owe absolutely nothing to their campaign of dishonesty nor the scum that has risen to the top in their particular septic tank.

They may well have retained 3 MEPs from the tribal vote that remained but they GIFTED two seats to The BNP and gained their own 10 seats on the back of protest against the 2.1/2 grown up parties and the fear of a Right Wing BNP backlash brought on by the fascist behaviour of the UAF, Searchlight and even in some instances EUkip.

Now it seems all that EUkip are able to do is run away from The BNP as did EUkip's new MEP placement by Farage in Manchester.

Nothing has made EUkip more clearly appear as The BNP in blazers than their founder Alan Sked and the emmulation of the BNP's methods and look by Farage, Croucher, NuttAll, Reeve, McGough and their ilk.

Few are convinced of a man's colour blind credentials when he must endlessly enumerate his Black & Asian candidates or use colour as a token! It sounds just the same as the weasle words of The BNP.

The entire platform is of course undermined by EUkip's treatment of Del Youing at NEC meetings - token patronisation or what!

We know that EUkip will lie to keep their snouts in the troughs on the EU Gravy Train, we also know that they proved an invaluable recruiting sargeant for The BNP and not only do they associate with the pro EU Searchlight but also say as pro EU in The EU Parliament with The Ind.Dem.Group which Farage chaired.

It is also noted that Derek Clark was returned albeit with a 50% drop in the vote in his constituency when he has signed, for his puppet master Farage, that Britain should be subject to GREATER subsidiarity to the EU.

Is EUkip colour blind, tollerant of all religious beliefs AND opposed to membership of The EU or just up for the 'gravy'?

Greg L-W.