Monday, 27 July 2009

UKIP Newsletter

The doings, sayings and writings of our great leader and his Cabal are always a fruitful source of inspiration for a scribbler like me. Sunday's Telegraph reports that the recently elected Mr Agnew, turned up at St Pancras to travel to Brussels without his passport. Mr Agnew is obviously unused to foreign travel but 5 lucrative years as an MEP will cure that. He must however be careful not to travel by Bannerman railways as the lines, although due for electrification, were ripped up 30 years previously.

Mr Farage in his latest newsletter reports excitedly, "I had dinner with two Lithuanian MEPS, one the former President Rolandas Paskas". Wow that is really sticking it to the EU but I thought the pole dancer was Latvian. I could be wrong on this vital point.

Next comes the immortal quote, "We are in for a lively time and I am now the pantomime villain!". Well I am glad Nigel has the power to see himself as others see him and has found his true role in life.

Then he breathlessly tells us,

"To my astonishment, the seating plan for our group in the chamber is the shape of a camembert slice, putting me in seat 20 on the front bench.

My seat is next to Jose Manuel Barosso, that could be fun!"

'Camembert' shows how far Farage has gone to become a big EU cheese. What is wrong with good English Stilton?

He is such a pillar of the EU Assembly that he is now a front bench spokesman and sits on the right hand or is it left hand of the EU' s representative on Earth, Senor Barroso.

Farage is well and truely enmeshed in the EU net and so good is the EU con that Farage does not seem to realise he has been caught! As Henry Gandalf said in the Sting, "Its keeping the marks con after you have caught him". That is the skill of the ace con man and the crats have certainly caught Farage.

The whole EU Assembly system, de Hondt voting, requirement for groups to have members from at least 7 countries. lavish salaries, chauffeur driven limos, unaccountable expenses etc is solely designed to imbue MEPs with grateful allegiance to the EU and forget about their own country and countrymen. Its as simple as that as Farage likes to say.

P.S. Can we have the full seating plan please. I guess Farage at the front, Nuttall and Bannerman in the second row but then who? It will be a bit like studying the order of the Politburo on the May Day parade saluting platform in the good old days of the Soviet Union with Stalin in the middle to find out who is furthest away, out of favour, and next for the chop.

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