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What UKIP should be doing in the Norwich By-election

The Norwich election coming so close after UKIP's triumph on the 4th of June provided a never to be repeated opportunity for UKIP to establish itself as a a serious player in Westminster Elections. If UKIP's leadership really believed they had made an electoral breakthrough they should be doing everything they could to capitalise on their European result. Can you imagine the impact it would have if UKIP could finish second in a proper, first past the post, Westminster election where the electorate voted for real candidates not party lists?

A TV journalist this morning said everywhere you go in Norwich you find Tory MPs out campaigning for their candidate, the fragrant Chloe. That is a measure of the importance the Tories attach to this election. They know a good result for them will signal the end of Brown's government. I wish the UKIP cabal could realise how crucial Norwich is for the UKIP rank and file who yearn to see a real impact by UKIP at Westminster.

How many UKIP MEP's have been in Norwich for the last week campaigning hard for the UKIP candidate? How many of their army of EU paid political/research assistants have been there? UKIP has 13 MEPs and if we credit them with 3 assistants each plus an RO based in the UK that makes 65 highly informed well motivated UKIP professionals who could have been thrown into this campaign. I doubt if more than 5 man weeks of such effort has been put in by UKIP at Norwich. (My blog is always open for comments and corrections and I would be delighted if anyone can supply the number of these people and the times they have been in Norwich.)

All I read is that Andreasen is jockeying for position on the EU finance committee, Bannerman bemoaning that no other Eastern region MEPs turned up at the EU defence committee and Farage is cutting deals with every unsavoury right wing EU party he can find none of whom want to leave the EU. Shame on you UKIP MEPs! The battle is here, today in Norwich not in the useless EU committees of Brussels.

There are thousands of Labour votes out there in Norwich for the taking! These are voters who will never vote Tory in a month of Sundays but will vote UKIP if they thought UKIP cared about them and if any of the UKIP MEPs showed the slightest interest in them. But I fear the chance has been squandered for a mess of EU potage as Esau squandered his birthright so the Farage cabal has squandered ours.

I want UKIP to succeed at Norwich but success against a demoralised, hated Labour party and LibDem and Tory parties still mired in the expenses scandal means second place in the poll. Anything worse is failure. I pray for success for our country and our children.

Posted at 14:34 22nd July


Greg L-W. said...


Eric likened EUkip MEPs to Esau - thus:

Esau squandered his birthright so the Farage cabal has squandered ours.

From what I hear from contacts in Brussels and Strasburg it would be more apposite, if one tends to wax biblical, as acting like Barabas and Onin.

Was it not Barabas who was eventually crucified for squandering the goods of others which he had perloined and as I recal it was Dorothy Parker when living at The Algonquin who named her parrot Onin as it scattered its seed with gay abandon!

One only needs to read the Official Court Judgement regarding Andreasen to know this functionary bean counter has duped EUkip just as she is shown to have duped the EU and before them the OECD (see Tim Sebastian's Hart Talk Interview).

Marta Andreasen is shown to be beneath contempt from the links at: however in the company of Dansk Folkeparti, True Finns, Libertas France, LAOS of Greece, Lega Nord of Italy, Netherlands Reformed Political Party & The Slovakia Slovak National Party she will be unlikely to shine out even in EUkip she can only be seen as a figure of contempt and distrust but she will not be alone thus!

For more details of those to whom EUkip has prostituted its members see:
& Mea Culpa I must get around to infilling the rest sometime - a sickenning bunch aren't they but clearly Farage is without principle when it comes to money and one need only look at his motley crew of inadequates to see why they have not spoken out against association with such scum.

Greg L-W.

Eric Edmond said...

Onin's sin was masturbation in the Old Testament hence he scatterred his seed.

Same book of the bible that preaches against those that lie with sexual partners of the same sex but as in the bible I think man implies woman

Eric Edmond said...

I think the name was Onan

Greg L-W. said...


I bow to your greater interest in such practices - personally I would rather concern myself with the writings of Dorothy Parker, the activities of others of The Algonquin Set and the habits of parrots - so much more interesting than Onanism or homosexuality!

Far be it from me to decry your interests ;-) and I understand The Aviateur in Strasburg may 'pander' to your studies!

Onan was known for his profligacy with his see.

Odin whom I mis spelt (not unusual for me!) was not only Norse but as the leader of the gods was the wanderer so much more interesting than EUkip's vile cabal and associates or the failed rump of UKFP!

Stuart Agnew, with his interests in Genetically Modified crops and mass importation of aliens in conquest of our social structure, would of course find Odin's 6 legged horse Sleipnir of interest!

it is also interesting to draw parrallels from history and learn by them.

May I commend The BBC DVD set NAZIS a Warning from History there are all too many instances which seem more like todays news!

per exempio (that should make EUkip's racist chums The Lega North feel at home!) We note the British Government, in obeisance to the EU, advocate parents tittle tattle on their neighbours - Oh so redollent of 'the denouncements' for The Gestapo!

Next we too will require 'Our Papers' and was it not IBM who aided the Vicchy & Nazis to identify Jews from their Census returns and ID cards?

I note the last Census in Britain supplied the results to The EU.

Insufficient lessons are learned from history!

Greg L-W.

Eric Edmond said...


You are correct about IBM and their Hollerith card sorting machines being very useful to the Nazis as indeed was the Saxon administrative structures jolly useful to the Normans post 1066.

I agree with your sentiments totally and I did warn when in Government service of the danger of abuse of allowing direct access to the DVLA database, as it then was, to outside agencies especially the police. I wanted an independent third party to act as gatekeeper to check purpose and record all such access request.

Freedom is eroded drip by drip.

Eric E

Greg L-W. said...

CONSIDER THE BBC INFLUENCE IN NORWICH in the light of Dan Hannan's recent article:

May I remind The BBC we fund them by paying a levy tax & TheEU gives The BBC £140,000,000 a year and subsidises studios etc. to deliver pro EU propaganda. NOT a part of the BBC ROYAL Charter.

It is clear that the peoples of these United Kingdoms want a referendum on The Lisbon Constitution, have little trust in the propaganda of anthropomorphised global warming & climate change as a source of tax revenue, in polls a clear majority of the electorate wish to leave the EU and to be more specific when under 18% of the electorate voted for the winner in Norwich North & the votes cast for the various tiddler parties outstripped the winner.

How can the BBC morally continue in its attempts to corrupt the truth?

Each year we have flu outbreaks which leads on average to 1 death per 1,000 'victims', yet The BBC makes no mention of the aim to use an experimental vaccine with well known & sometimes fatal side effects - yet Swine Flue gives rise to 1 death per 4,000.


Greg L-W.

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