Wednesday, 12 August 2009

How UKIP becomes EUKIP in Brussels

There was an interesting post today on the Democracy Forum by Geoffrey Collier in reply to Baron von Lostov who I presume is a Farage fan. (Is he related to the Red Baron?)

Baron von Lotsov:

UKIP is an interesting party in that it was put together by an academic who thought that it should never contest an EU parliament election, and he has since distanced himself from what he created.

Geoffrey Collier in reply:

Alan Sked was not against contesting EU elections. He believed that we SHOULD fight EU elections but should not take a seat should we win one. He said that should we succumb to that temptation our MEPs' would be corrupted with largesse; money, flattery and nepotism, food, drink and every other distracton ( if we sent them to Brussels). It would corrupt our cause and not in any way further it. We can only be liberated from the EU, he argued, through support and representation at Westminster. I fear BvL that you are not an accurate chronicler.

Del Young rang me yesterday to say I should have a look at the newly formed EU Assembly Committees and UKIP MEPs declaration of interests. Click on below for the root link.

European assembly

to see for yourself.

It shows how prescient Dr Sked's warning was that, " our MEPs' would be corrupted with largesse; money, flattery and nepotism, food, drink and every other distracton "

The above link shows how the EU will distract our elected MEPs. Click on the committees to see the membership. Every UKIP MEP is there. Not important you say? Well when I was on the NEC and the Lisbon Treaty was going through its Lords committee stages none of our MEPs could be bothered to send submissions to the Lords. All the Yeovil UKIP committee submitted evidence. I raised this omission by our MEPs at the NEC. Derek Clark got very irate at me saying how could he possibly be expected to know of such events and any way he had his EU committee work to do. That says it all about our MEPs once they get to Brussels. Alan Sked may be an academic but he is a lot smarter than any of our MEPs past or present and he knew what would happen when you send relatively untalented inexperienced people against top grade Eurocrats. Its like expecting Exeter City FC to come out on top versus Barcelona FC, Marta's home team.

Talking of Marta, after you have clicked on the MEP's name you can click through to their handwritten declaration of members interests and other income. Andreasen reveals she is being paid £2500 per month plus travel expenses until 5th October 2009, as UKIP treasurer. Her travel is presumably paid from Barcelona! Martin Haslam used to do this job for nothing but he did not want to be a Farage UKIP MEP. How many members subs went to support this lady?

Out of idle curiosity I looked at Nick Griffin's entry. He said he was paid by the BNP as an employee but after his election as MEP on 4th June this would cease with effect from end June. I leave it to you to judge who has behaved with the more probity in this matter. UKIP benefitted hugely from the MP expenses scandal but the Cabal should realise who benefits from the exposure of the financial scandals of others may perish themselves by media exposure of their own activities.

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