Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tories show UKIP how to select Candidates

Yesterday Dr Sarah Wollaston a 47 year old GP and mother of 3 was selected by the Tories as their PPC for Totnes by a constituency wide postal primary covering voters of all parties. She will replace Anthony Steen, the sitting MP who was badly damaged by the MP expenses scandal and is standing down after accusing his voters of jealousy over the size of his house likened by some to Balmoral. Dr Woolaston who has no political experience won 7914 votes, the second was Sara Johnson, the council leader got 5495 votes and Nick Bye, mayor of Torquay got 3088 votes. There was a 25% overall response.

To see her post victory interview with the BBC click here

I found her a very impressive candidate and it does the Tory party centrally and locally great credit that her name was alowed to go on the short list. She works and lives locally in the constituency. I hope she has not got a big house.

UKIP could have had a candidate in the South East of similar calibre, Dr David Abbott, a Member of the Royal College of Physicians, which is the required qualification to be a hospital consultant physician. Like Dr Wollaston David is not a career politician, is of high intelligence and independent mind, and as such is anathema to Farage and his Cabal. They expelled David from the NEC on trumped up charges. They acted as prosecutor judge and jury in their own court. As long as UKIP is dominated by this self seeking cabal UKIP has no prospect of winning a Westminster seat. That requires candidates of the calibre and independence of mind of Dr Wollaston and Dr Abbott.

Farage's UKIP instead prefers career ex Tory politicians like Bannerman and non-resident, non UK citizens, ex EU employees like Andreasen plus assorted other political careerists and liabilities.

Look now at UKIP's latest much trumpeted PPC one, Christopher Cassidy, picture below, an 18 year old, still at school with no graduate level qualifications, no experience of life but a desire to be a career politician. He certainly looks the part.

Who do you think the British electorate will want to be represented by?

Which party do you think the electorate will vote for?

Answers on a post card to Nigel Farage c/o the EU Brussels

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