Saturday, 28 November 2009

Pearson's Duplicity

I wrote yestreen about my doubts about Pearson's real loyalty and lack of political sense and Farage's real agenda. I did not think I would be proven right so soon. I switched on Radio 4 this morning to hear Pearson saying he had offered a deal to the Tory leader in the Lords, Tom Strathclyde, that UKIP would not stand in the coming General Election if the Tories included in their manifesto a promise that if elected they would hold an in or out referendum with an agreed wording included in their manifesto.

His offer can only have been made with Farage's knowledge and approval. Pearson and Strathclyde are old Scottish buddies from their days in the Llyod's insurance market. The Tories of course have rejected this out of hand saying they do not make policy based on secret agreements with other parties, leaving Pearson looking an idiot.

Pearson then went on to say that if this referendum resulted in an Out vote UKIP would disband!

Pearson is a bigger political liability for UKIP than even I thought possible.

The only way we can leave the EU is through a vote in parliament to essentially repeal the 72/73 European Act. MPs will do what is in their own and their parties sordid self interests. They have blatantly ignored the will of the people before now and can ignore the result of Pearson's referendum if they choose to. And with UKIP disbanded our cause will be in the gutter. Its only bums on green leather that count. UKIP bums on red leather are a liability.

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Anonymous said...

THEIR IS BUT ONE OPPOSITION TO THE rancid nefarious most corrupt politicians in living memory that is the BNP the party they fear! the shower of vermin in gov care about nothing but wealth for them selves and will top at nothing to get it and keep it! hence the hatred for the opposition! god bless the BNP all we have u-kip and the English Democrats are no more than Trojan Horses set up to steal the nationalist vote the disgruntled vote.the slowly awakening vote>