Thursday, 3 December 2009

How not to do Politics the Bannerman way

I have never doubted that Lord Pearson wants us out of the EU. His problem is he still hankers after his first love Hilda and the Tories. He is a businessman and lacks political skills. He joins a long list of tycoons the latest being Alan Sugar who have failed to hack it in the political arena.

Even given his failings Pearson is preferable to Bannerman, the worst sort of political careerist, failed Tory, former Europhile, prepared to say anything to get elected but believes in nothing except himself. Cick on link below and watch right through to the Ashton woman's reply.

It is the most sick making toe cringing performance I have ever seen from a UK politician. Has Eastern Region no better MEP candidates than this windbag? Did the UKIP voters of Eastern Region send Bannerman to Strasbourg to quaff champagne and exchange compliments with NuLabour crony Lady Ashton?

I have heard of chanpagne Socialists but now we have a self confessed champagne UKIP careerist.

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Junius said...

Bannerman is a walking disaster.