Tuesday, 15 December 2009

UKIP Counterfactuals

Farage and his apologists like Denny and Croucher have always been quick
to accuse and smear UKIP members who disagree with them as malcontents, troublemakers, BNP moles or any other damaging accusation they can dredge up.

They are damaging the party, they are being disloyal is their parrot cry, all leading to vilification and eventual expulsion or de-selection for democratically elected representatives and those who wholeheartedly support our cause of withdrawal from the EU but who just happen to disagree with the Cabal. Never mind that Farage now leads a pan European party some of whose members are Nazi racists much more extreme in their racist views than the BNP eg shooting African
immigrants on the beaches.

The end result is that by now the Cabal must surely have purged UKIP of all undesirables going back to Alan Sked, *Richard Suchorzewski* etc. It is inconceivable that such dedicated and talented mole hunters as Farage, Denny, Bannerman, Croucher, Oxley, Duffy, Nuttall etc could have failed to root out (NF's Bournemouth Conference words) all the subversives in UKIP. In so doing they have roughly halved the membership since July 2004 but we must assume in the Cabal's view this is a price worth paying! Even so the true believers still continue to excoriate any who are see even talking to me or Del Young, presumably necessary to maintain the racial purity of the Farage cult which is what UKIP now is.

The counterfactual is to look at what would have happened if this ethnic
cleansing had not happened. Would UKIP have done worse in the European
elections? Would the party be in a worse position now to fight the
General Election? Would the party be in a worse state financially? The
answer to all these questions is an emphatic No!

UKIP did well in the Europeans because the LibLabCons collectively shot
themselves in both feet over the expenses scandal. If you had asked me pre the MP expenses scandal how UKIP could have won 13 seats I could not have given you any answer. Pre expenses scandal I thought UKIP would struggle to win 5 seats!

If the ethnic cleansing had not happened UKIP would have won more seats than they did. They would have had more activists and a a stronger MEP slate in all regions, a better run campaign, more joined up policies and in Del Young a superb spokesman to appeal to the LibLab vote. UKIP could have had even better European results!

Those kicked off the UKIP NEC argued strongly for financial prudence and against antagonising ElCom and perpetrating a court action UKIP was always going to lose at horrendous cost. David Abbott in particular
argued for acceptance of the initial £20k fine and concentrating our energies and resources on things like winning elections. Following David's line UKIP would be at least £600k better off than it is now!

We could have had a real leadership contest with possibly Del Young as leader compared with the disastrous Lord P whose agenda I suspect is very pro Tory. Del is an excellent media performer and would get UKIP votes from sectors of the electorate that wont touch Pearson with a bargepole. We would have had well scrutinised policies instead of Bannerman's rag bag of banalities. Del is also an excellent organiser and the party would have gone into the General Election with a sound structure, organisation and strategy. Currently we don't seem to have a new chairman, campaign director, structure or coherent election strategy.

We now have a leader whose knowledge of UKIP is only what Farage and Malcolm Wood tell him! He will only lead UKIP up to the Election and then what? Pearson should be out right now touring the country,
addressing branch and regional meetings rallying the troops as Del, Nikki or Gerard would have done but all Pearson seems to do is talk to his old Tory friends in the Lords and put his foot in it too boot. This is not the work of malcontents or moles but Farage's cabal.

The General Election is less than 5 months away. We don't have a chairman. We don't have a campaign manager. We don't have a chairman. What we have is a Cabal created shambles. I can only conclude the Cabal's agenda is to cripple UKIP and help the Tories as much as possible in this coming General Election. Their only other interest seems to be kicking activists out of UKIP.

What a gigantic con to perpetrate on UKIP's loyal membership!

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