Sunday, 17 January 2010

Back from Zermatt to the same old UKIP & the dog that does not bark

I returned yestreen from a weeks ski-ing at Zermatt with its spectacular views of the Matterhorn but it was as if I had never been away. Nikki has left Farage's sordid EDP group and is immediately smeared by Farage as sitting with the BNP's Nick Griffin, the usual knee jerk response from the Fuerher. Anyone who disagrees with Farage is so smeared with the BNP label plus a bit or their irrelevant personal history, in this case Nikki's bankruptcy, thrown in for an extra bit of character assassination. All done on national TV with Nikki not there to defend herself!

I then switched on the Politics show today to see the great media star making very heavy weather of defending UKIP's latest policy viz ban the face covering by Islamic women in public places in a debate with the young female Islamic leader of the Respect party. The policy is perfectly defensible on security and legal identification grounds but the great media star got himself ambushed. Farage never learns.

But where was our great new leader Lord P? Could he have been snow bound on Rannoch Moor? He is usually very strong on such Islamic issues so why was he not there defending UKIP's new Islamic policy initiative?

Come to think of it what part did Lord P play in the Nuttall announced UKIP NEC decision to deselect Nikki as a UKIP candidate in future elections. When and where was this NEC meeting held. Was Lord P there? Was Lord P even consulted?

Cabal antics are all very well in the Farage worshipping NEC but when they start to leak out into a General Election sensitized media they will be portrayed for what they are, sordid, self serving, idiotic actions of a talentless group of sycophants who have no integrity or moral credibility whatsoever.


The Boiling Frog said...

Lord P appeared on BBC Breakfast yesterday to defend the burka policy, and from the bit that I saw he made a better fist of it than Farage.

I'm not sure of thinking behind it but I can't help wondering if this would have been better left well alone

Greg L-W. said...


I suggest someone a little more mature and better informed quietly draws a veil over the whole issue.

Pearson as an outspoken award winning Zionist keeps on making a fool of himself displaying his ignorance of Islam!

Last time he was claiming these people breed 10 times as fast as us

what they have a gestation period of under a month!! or could it be that they all have 19 children each.

Now the sad chappie is intimidated by something between 1,000 & 1,500 women wearing head scarves - OK so he has size problems but this is just sad stupidity!

Farage of course has latched onto it as a smokescreen to cover for his utter ineptitude and lack of leadership skills having so clearly betrayed our Country for his own gain!

Greg L-W.