Sunday, 31 January 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

Cameron, Osborne & Hague rolled up at Davos having discovered the Greek debt crisis was rather like the UK debt problems. I am starting to think wee George or more likely his chief of staff Matthew Hancock is an avid reader of this blog. Matthew and I had ajoining offices on the Bank of England Mezzanine floor and I well remember him storming off after losing an argument with me to return one minute later and stick his head round the door to tell me and another BoE staffer we were 'Complete Bastards', his John Major moment.

Seriously Matthew is an able guy and I just hope Osborne lets Matthew do the economic thinking and contents himself to be the mouthpiece.

The Greeks were running round at Davos talking to the experts but they have now realised that the Franco Prussian EU empire is not going to help them out so they will have to go cap in hand to that Anglo Saxon, US run Bretton Woods invention, the IMF to bail them out. Alas the evil empire, lacking a classical education, is not quite up to sorting out Greek tragedies.

Th Greek disaster is now top of the political agenda with the Queen of the Night himself, Lord Mandy, being wheeled out to rubbish Osborne and Cameron for spouting their unpatriotic views to Johnny Foreigner at Davos and undermining Gordon's re-election effort. It all sounds like the Farage rubbishing of anyone who criticises his silly actions as enemies of UKIP who must be eliminated. Johhny F whose money we need, wants to hear what we are going to do about reducing our debt and the UK voters want to hear how UKIP are going to clean up their act, stop employing their wives and start working in the UK not drinking in the bars of Brussels.

Remember you read it all here first and await the Spring for the first outbreak of street riots by the unemployed youth of Greece and Spain.

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