Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nikki Sinclaire Affair

I have a strong feeling of deja vu relating to my own experiences of being kicked off the UKIP NEC by the Cabal when I read Nikki's statements about what has happened to her. Her quote to the Birmingham Post, “If you were to ask me whether I am still a UKIP MEP, I would have to say I don’t know.” was exactly my position after I left the NEC September 08 meeting after a torrent of Cabal abuse to clarify my legal position just as Nikki is taking legal advice on her position. Previously Del Young had found himself in a similar position when he believed he had been removed as head of Young Independence.

Similarly I can identify with Nikki's statement, “My fear is that UKIP is breaking the contract it made with the people of the West Midlands, because they voted for a UKIP MEP and that’s what they should get.” I did not want to go on the NEC. I stood because I was asked to by SW members who felt it was not right that the South West, the largest membership in the country, should not have a single representative on the NEC. Like Nikki I felt UKIP broke this contract I had to represent the SW members. I was elected to represent these members not to uncritically rubber stamp the self serving decisions of Farage and his Cabal. Nikki's position is exactly the same. Why should she be tarred with being in a group of Neo Nazi racists simply so Farage could do a bit more grandstanding for his own selfish ends.

Nikki's own website, click here, summarises the powerful arguments against UKIP being in the EFD. I quote some of her points below,

'It is a myth that we benefit financially from EFD membership
It is claimed that Group membership brings with it money for UKIP. This is completely false. First it would be illegal to pass this money to UKIP. It is for the use of EFD and very restrictive rules apply. Secondly the budget follows MEPs whatever group they are in. If one joins the non-aligned, the EU monies allocated are slightly less but at least you can be in charge of all your allocation. In some instances, there would be fewer restrictions. For example, the UKIP logo could be prominently used with the party and MEP's name. In the first six months of this parliament, the West Midlands' region has not received one penny from the EFD, yet both MEPs would have had over £40,000 to use in that period had they been non-aligned.'

Again similar to my, Del and David Abbott's experience on the NEC, when you start asking questions about where the money is going you are immediately attacked by the Cabal as an enemy of Farage.

' Being in EFD gets us more media coverage
Neither the public nor most journalists have ever heard of EFD. Our media coverage results from what UKIP, its MEPs and campaigners do and say. When Nigel appears on TV, it is as UKIP. It should also be noted that Tory MEP, Daniel Hannan received more press attention as a non-aligned member than Nigel Farage did when they both attacked Gordon Brown.'

Farage is seen by the UKIP membership as a 'great' media performer only because he snaffled most of the invites. As Nikki says when he is seen next to a good performer like Hannann or RKS he cannot compete.

Nikki's final point,

' Because the EFD group is a precursor to a full Pan European political party
The current proposal on the table for UKIP MEPs in Brussels is for UKIP to join such a party to conform to the EU plan to entrench the federalist Euro-state:a President, a Foreign Secretary, Flag, Anthem, Police Force, Army, Parliament, MEPs and pan-European political parties. We should do as the electorate told us to do and SAY NO to European Union and to those apparata that help them to remove our sovereignty and our British identity.', is the most important.

Farage's hidden agenda is not to get the UK out of the EU but to lead a Pan European party to oppose the European Commission within the EU, ie Farage has become a reformist not an outer. He has given up on our cause. I fully expect him to stand at the next Europeans for this EU party, not UKIP.

As Nikki's experience shows the UKIP Cabal's ways continues unchanged and until they are removed lock stock and barrel our country will slide further and further into the EU cesspit of rule by political party elites like Farage's Cabal.

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