Thursday, 11 March 2010

Greek bond crisis derails my holiday plans

Woe is me. I switch on the radio this morning to find the Greek air traffic controllers have gone on strike against the Franco German EU austerity package to be imposed on Greek civil servants. As my regular readers will know I regularly sail in the Ionian and Aegean. How on earth am I to get there. This action will bring the impact of the EU's actions home to everyone who habitually holidays in Greece. Writing about bond spreads is all very well but air traffic strikes are what impacts on Joe voter. I live in hope of our union boys striking against the EU but so far only Bob Crow with his No2EU party has shown interest. Its the way we have to go to get out the EU.

Meanwhile in Brussels, peace loving, recently appointed Baroness, Lord High Po Bah, Catherine Ashton, a former CND activist, has had a Pauline conversion within 3 months to the need for an EU military HQ in Brussels. What use is an HQ without an army? Well Napoleon Sarkozy and Reichsfuerher Merkel have plans to soon remedy that military deficit. We will then have the EU Wehrmacht and Nato headquarters in Brussels, a sure fire recipe for conflict. But Sarkozy hankers for the return of Napoleon's continental empire and system and Frau Merkel wants the fourth Reich asap. My problem is it will probably be bought with the blood of British soldiers as currently happens in Afghanistan.

The virginal and naive Baroness Po Bah has also been legged over by Don Juan Barroso on who will run EU foreign policy and embassies. Well rather him than me in the leg over stakes with La Ashton. She should have stayed between Liverpool and Manchester. Then she and all of us would have been a lot safer including UKIP's one and only belted Earl who got slung out of the chamber yesterday for a Faragesque performance re La Ashton. Brussels certainly brings out the worst in people!

I was glad to see the DT today published an article from Hedgie Hugh Henry whom I wrote of yesterday. Hendry's article was headlined, "We hedge fund managers are on your side". Great, all we need now is the trade unions. There are a lot more of them and they do have Gordon by his golden balls so Gordon's heart and mind will surely follow.

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