Friday, 26 March 2010

UK Universities took 117660 EU students last year that you paid for.

The Higher Education Statistics Agency published the above figure for the academic year 2008-09. In 2009 there were a total of 588689 students applied for places on UK undergraduate courses of which more than 100000 failed to get a place. Well that's clear we are giving places to EU nationals which we, the British tax payer pay for, with subsidies and cheap loans and these foreign students are taking our children's places. For goodness sake can Farage's UKIP not make any political capital out of this 6 weeks before a General Election? Well no it seems. They are completely hopeless. Do they not realise there is a lot of potential votes in this for UKIP!
100,000 disappointed UK students plus their parents this year and if you add in next year's worried 500000 then its a very big number.

The Cabal is just not interested. I'm all right Jack on my €1 mn plus for the next 4 years is what they say. Let them grandstand in a powerless EU assembly and on TV, gratify their ego and make UKIP a laughing stock. Their EU paid sycophants spend their time attacking people like me for telling the truth about the EU rather than attacking the EU for its lies! The EU pays the piper and calls the tune.

The problem is getting worse. This year student applications from Lithuania and Latvia have more than doubled while Romania applications are up by more than 70%. How on earth does HMT think they are going to get our subsidised loans back from these people at the end of their course? And by the way all these students from poor countries will be seeking work whilst in the UK displacing our own poor people. It is sheer lunacy. If the LibLabCons want efficiency savings I suggest they start with this idiocy. We are being taken advantage of big time but worse than that we are denying our own children their birthright of a decent University education. Which other EU country does this? None!

These EU foreigners got more than 5000 places last year at our very best Universities, the Russell Group, that includes Oxford and Cambridge. If you add in the non-EU students you can comfortably double that figure to 10000. There is roughly 20 Russell group universities so that is an average 500 students foreign undergraduates at each. From personal experience I am sure there are proportionately more at Oxford and Cambridge and in expensive high value courses like Medicine and high added value courses like Law.

A UK headmaster who now works as a 'consultant' in Vienna points out these EU students are being admitted on merit to Russell group universities. Well he would say that wouldn't he! He is getting paid to get them in and we have to pay to keep them!


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