Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Decision week in Athens and UK immigration

Greek 10 year bond rates are now 8.3%, that's getting on for 5% over comparable German rates! All three protagonists are now in Athens, the Greek government, the EU and the IMF. The Greeks have a bond maturing very soon so if they can't repay its a default. So whatever they come up with it better be quick and it better be good.

I drove down to Cornwall today and listened to Radio 5 live's election debate from Luton South. There were the usual 3 stooges plus BNP's Simon Darby and Gerard Batten for the last hour of the two hour show. Diplomatically Gerard did not appear until Mr Darby had left. The toothsome Esther was not present. The audience all seemed to hate their former Labour MP Margaret 'Expenses' Moran which makes one wonder why they voted her in three times. Mr Darby was treated like a pantomime baddy with boos abusive interruptions and hisses every time he spoke. All a bit stupid as it stopped people from appreciating how irrelevant he is.

You can listen to it on BBC iplayer by copying this link into your browser address line:

I thought Gerard was good. He was rubbished by the delectable Ms Derbyshire for his idea that illegal immigrants should be made report to police stations but this is no more far fetched than the three stooges crackpot plans for not dealing with immigration. I remember when I used to go to the Sudan I had to register with the Sudanese police within 5 days of entry and this was also checked when I left.

Immigration is simply too hot a potato for LibLabCon who waffle on interminably but like Lord Pearson suddenly become vague when asked for the practical details of their plans. The unpleasant fact is some agency has to find these illegals, take them to the airport handcuffed if necessary, the Americans use leg irons, put them on a plane to their homeland, secure them to their seat if necessary and put guards on the plane to make sure they get back safe and sound. They should then round up whoever has been employing them, prosecute them, cabinet ministers or whoever and press for stiff sentences and public humiliation for them as well. They are simply exploiting and profiting from human misery.

I sailed in Greece last year with an Aussie immigration officer from Darwin in North Australia who told me how they handle their illegal immigrant problem. They have a huge number of Islamic illegal immigrants coming in from Indonesia across the Timor Sea. He told me they round them up off the boats as they come in, stick them in gaol until they have a plane load. That usually takes about a week. Charter a plane and fly them back to Indonesia under guard.

That's what it is going to take to control this problem. Until our politicians are prepared to grasp this nettle we will have a growing illegal immigrant population in the UK. It is at least a more humane solution than that advocated by UKIP's Liga Nord friends and partners in EU EFD group.

The UK is a small country with one of the highest population densities in the world. We do not need, nor can we accommodate more people and have any hope of retaining our British way of life. Let us copy Switzerland in our immigration policies!


John said...

Have you seen the article The benefits of immigration to the UK economy?

Eric Edmond said...

The best academic work has shown the economic benefits of immigration to be insignificantly small. The social and cultural damage I think is very significant.