Wednesday, 2 June 2010

EU Green tax grab & LibDem lies

All quiet on the Eurobond front until the next riot. I am glad to see Sterling up to €1.20 for my holiday plans. Not so good for MEPs on large Euro denominated salaries. No change in PIGS bond spreads to Bunds.

A long cherished EU aim is to have its own tax revenue streams. Green taxes give them a splendid opportunity to do this for have not all our wise politicians opined that one of the reasons for being in the EU is so we can have a integrated policy on environmental issues, global warming and especially carbon taxes. Ergo all such taxes should be paid direct to M Barroso or his partner. Thus today's DT business headline 'EU plans green taxes to cut debt'. Well not quite, more increasing the EUs tax take to waste on its pet projects. Their plans for rationalising taxes on fossil fuels will hit manufacturing industry hard during a recession but that is an un-European though and will require me to do time in Brussels for brain washing.

Meanwhile back in Yeovil, the defeated Tory candidate, one Kevin Davies, is quoted in today's page 4 DT headline as saying Laws campaign was fought on a pack of lies. I shall be interested to see if the local rag publishes my letter I included in yesterday's blog on the topic. Mr Davies suggests as I did Laws should stand down. Laws is not a man of integrity or sound political judgement. This is all very embarrassing for David Cameron and let us hope it does not spoil his romance with Nick.

The best bit in today's DT is Simon Heffer's piece on the same topic pointing out that Dave and Nick's new politics seems as obsessed with spin and propaganda as Tony's now failed NuLabour project. He notes as I did that Laws homosexuality is being used to obscure the basic dishonesty of what Laws did. It smacks of the anti Islamic smears trotted out against any criticism of Muslim's actions. Heffer was more scathing than I was about Paddy Ashdown's ludicrous claims that Laws was a man of integrity. To think Ashdown is in line for a nice EU job from that other towering EU intellect Cathy Ashton, van Rumpoy's side kick!

As SH rightly says in finishing, Labour can congratulate itself that it was a very good election to lose. Hear, hear.

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