Sunday, 13 June 2010

Poor leadership has cost the UK its sovereignty with the EU & US

The European Commission has decided HMG will have to present its budget plans to the EU before they go to parliament in the traditional budget speech. The UK budget will then be peer reviewed under the QMV. This has all come from EU treaties our government signed up to and represents an almost total loss of our sovereignty. We are now just a Brussels province.

Cameron, a man of no principle, obsessed as New Labour was, with PR has caved in to Obama over BP. These are dark days for our country. Our young men and women are dying in Afghanistan supporting the USA in an unwinnable war. If Cameron will not stand up for British interests against Obama, Merkel and Sarkozy then we are lost. If he does not then he is a lame duck Prime Minister from now on. We should pull out of Afghanistan straight away, one of the few sovereign acts we can still take, and support BP in taking on Obama and his bunch of bullying Chicago thugs in the US and UK courts against their unreasonable and illegal demands.

BP are doing all they can to stop the leak and clean up the mess. Obama has not offered one suggestion how to improve on BP's current actions.

But how did we get into this mess? The answer is most clearly seen in the current Labour leadership contenders. That they are all white, Oxbridge, 40 something males has been noted and a token black, Oxbridge, female included to satisfy the feminists and the ethnic minorities. The real common factor they all have in common except Diane Abbott is that they all are Spad, career politicians.

A Spad is a government ministers special adviser, Ollie, in the TV sitcom, "The Thick of It" is a Spad. Portillo, a ex Spad himself, explained the way the system works. You go from Oxbridge to work as an MP's research assistant or party research department, then to a think tank and then as a Spad. By that time you know everyone who matters in the party, you know all the current policy issues and party answers backwards, so when you are put on the short list for the selection interview for the safe seat you will easily outperform the local candidates. After election because you already know all the important party people your progress to the front bench and government is assured.

Did you notice the one thing missing in the above? None of them have ever done a proper job in their lives and they have no intention of ever actually working for a living. They are members of a political elite as exclusive as that which existed in the Russian communist party.

It is of course not just Labour. If you look closely at the oft played TV clip of Norman Lamont, then Chancellor, coming out in Downing Street in 1992 to announce the UK leaving the ERM, the UK's greatest financial disaster, did you notice the young man in the background? It was David Cameron then Lamont's Spad, aged 26 with no experience of economics whatsoever. On Lamont's fall Cameron moved seamlessly on to work as Michael Howard's, then Home Secretary, Spad. True Cameron then did work as Director of communications for 7 years but who smoothed his path into that non-job I wonder?

George, born Gideon, Osborne followed a similar path. While researching this piece I noticed something rather odd. Cameron was born in 1966 and Osborne in 1971. How on earth were they both at Oxford at the same time to appear in the infamous, now censored, Bullingdon Club photograph? His nickname in the Buller was Oik and seems to have been well merited. To add to the confusion, BoJo, also in the Buller picture was born in 1964. Fits with Cameron but makes the Osborne appearance even more curious. Simon Heffer called Osborne a dolt in one of his pieces writing a few months before the general election, "Can a dolt aspire to hold a great office of state?". Well Yes Simon it seems he can. As Napoleon put it 'In politics stupidity is not a handicap'.

Still I have high hopes of Jacob Rees Mogg, Eton and Oxford, a newly elected Somerset Tory MP, who appeared on the Politics show today smirking all over his face with his rather better known Daddy but without his Nanny unfortunately. That is the way the modern Tory party works. Worth Googling his bio. As a reporter wrote of him, "Rees-Mogg may, I suspect, be the last young British male to live as though he is in the 19th century." Oh lucky electors of North Somerset.

So there is the leadership of our once great nation. Is it any wonder our country is in such a mess and is now a client state of the EU and the US?

At least the much maligned Greeks have no illusions about their political elite. A Reuter's poll today reports that ' 78 percent of Greeks accept the view that many or all in government are corrupt'. Time for us to wake up to our political elites common backgrounds.

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