Friday, 4 June 2010

Why does Obama hate the Brits?

I have been puzzled by the anti-British rhetoric and actions spewing forth from President Obama re the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Why does Obama call it British Petroleum as if British is a dirty word? Why send in the FBI and the US legal establishment to try and discover wrongdoing in BP? How many lawyers does it take to fix a broken pipe a mile down on the seabed? Answer, you would be better sending a plumber. Yet Obama continues with this nasty populist vindictive useless rhetoric that does nothing to solve the problem and will be hugely counter productive in the long run. If he thinks there are votes in it for him in Louisiana or Texas he is wrong. The Rednecks there just think he is a jumped up lippy coloured boy.

I spoke to a friend of mine who works in the under sea oil drilling business who simply said, 'There but for the grace of God go any of us'. BP is one of the best technical oil operations in the world. They are throwing everything they have got at the problem regardless of cost. It is manifestly in BP's interest to fix this problem asap. They pay taxes in the US.The US owners and operators of the rig are registered off shore. To suggest as US Senators have done that BP will put their selfish commercial concerns above fixing the leak is naked political opportunism and stupidity.

Obama would be better to send his Engineers Corps or Navy to the gulf but the truth is they have neither the expertise or the equipment to fix this problem and I guess they have made that plain to this idiotic President. BP is one of the hand full of companies in the world that can fix it so why harass and threaten them.

When the US owned and operated Piper Alpha rig exploded in the UK section of the North Sea 25 years ago killing 165 people there was no anti US rhetoric from British politicians, media or wider populace. When in Bhopal, India a leak from the US owned Union Carbide plant killed 16000 Indians and produced horrible malformations in many more as yet unborn children I don't recall the US president sending in the FBI to Union Carbide but then Indians, especially dead ones don't have votes in the US elections.

It all came up on Andrew Neil's Daily politics show with Irwin Selzer this week. Obama it seems has removed Churchill's bust from the Oval office and returned it to us who gave it to the US just after the war. Neither Neil or Selzer could give any explanation for this anti British behaviour by Obama. I opine the reason is his grandfather was involved with the Mau Mau in Kenya during the 1950s and probably came off second best with the British Colonial police. A friend of mine was in the Kenyan police at the time testified at Kenyatta's trial for terrorism during the 50s. Following Kenyatta's release and his winning power in the 60s my friend had to flees Kenya where he had lived for many years. Obama's behaviour may be similarly motivated but he should remember that Churchill's mother was a US citizen.

I hope as a result of this incredible behaviour by Obama our new government will be less ready to make us a US poodle and ensure we have a genuine independent Foreign Policy that represents this country's interests not the interests of the US. Pulling our soldiers out of Afghanistan would be a good start. How many more of our lads and lasses have to die in this unwinnable war. The US won't learn until in their language they get their ass kicked as happened to the Russians in Afghanistan and the US in Vietnam.

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