Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Alex Salmond puts the record straight on Megrahi

I watched Alex last night on Newsnight with Kirsty Wark and heard him on Radio 4 with Evan Davies. It made me proud to be Scottish. Alex is by far the ablest politician in the UK because he has integrity and consistency unlike LibCon and NuLabour.

When I worked for the civil service during the Heath administration I suffered the usual patronising snide remarks about Scots from English public school Oxbridge types along the lines, 'You Scots are so uncompromising'. I always replied I take it you mean I have an integrity that you seem to have lost.

Alex annihilated every one of the Wark/Davies questions in his defence of the Scottish government's decision to release Megrahi on compassionate grounds. Nothing to do with BP or deals in the desert. I recommend watching and listening on the links below to learn how politicians can answer questions properly and fully if they have integrity. ability and stick to due process which 99% don't!


About 15 mins in and lasts about 10 mins


About 10 mins, mainly Alex

I loved Alex's put down of the last patronising question about was not Alex glad the Scots were not responsible for Foreign policy. I won't spoil it just listen to collapse of snide gnome.

If Cameron really wanted to help BP he should have sent that other Scot George Galloway who went across on his own without embassy support to face down the US Senate on their illegal Iraq war.

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