Friday, 16 July 2010

UKIP truths emerge. EU bank truths won't

Today Junius named the anonymous Septic forum poster and blogger as one Martin Jay whom I have never met. Jay is named by Junius as an associate of Croucher, Fuller and Towler and is Brussels based. This ties in with my deductions that from the times of his posts that he was clearly Brussels based and from the content obviously an associate of Croucher but according to Junius not liked by Andreasen. I congratulate Junius. It says it all about EUKIP that their spin doctors are all based in, and paid by Brussels. Strange indeed for an avowedly EU withdrawal party.

David Abbott and I will be grateful if anyone can supply an address for Mr Jay so our representatives can contact him.

Meanwhile the chairman of the EU Finance ministers, J C Juncker said re stress tests "I am not expecting any big catastrophes," he told Austrian newspaper Kurier. "But there cannot be any glossing over, the tests are based on reality." This was then further qualified by the usual weasel words so I think we can deduce the tests have been fixed and I expect that will be the market judgement as well.

I am glad BP have announced some good news. It was an outstanding engineering achievement to cap the well allbeit temporarily. It puts motor mouth politicians like Obama in their place. I just wish, as a BP shareholder, that Peter Sutherland was still chairman of BP and not the useless Swede.

The Greek bund spread remains stuck at almost 9% despite huge amounts of EU hot air.  The Spanish spread of 2% plus is really worrying. Greece was always considered a basket case but Spain was thought to be a well run serious economy. Well maybe not.

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