Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Allegations that NEC candidate, Elizabeth Burton counted her own votes!

Whilst waiting to drive on the 8th hole this evening I received a tip off from someone present at the UKIP NEC count shambles that completely invalidates the whole process.

My informant alleged that votes were counted by head office staff. When one of these staff pointed out to Challis, his boss and  UKIP's office manager that this was against the rules they were allegedly told by Challis to get on with it. The NEC appointed returning officer Zuckerman seems not to have been present. Who is his nominated deputy John Knotts? Why did he not enforce the rules banning head office staff from executing this count? Did he even know what the rules were?

Worse, at 3 pm on the afternoon of the count to speed things up, it is alleged Elizabeth Burton, a candidate was called in to help. It is alleged she was seated in a separate room from the other counters, in Trevor Colman's old office, to do her part of the count. Was this Mr Knotts idea of how to conduct a count?

I wrote this morning that UKIP was degenerating to Banana republic practices but that if these allegations are correct it is insulting to Banana republics! Not even Robert Mugabe counted his own votes as it is alleged Elizabeth Burton did! I hope Elizabeth Burton can rebut these allegations.

Clearly these NEC results cannot stand and the whole voting procedure must be repeated as the integrity of the ballot itself has been clearly compromised. For God's sake UKIP get the ERS to conduct the ballot rerun. It deeply saddens me that the UKIP ruling Cabal has resisted for so long using the ERS. If UKIP wants to be considered as serious political party it has to clean up its internal voting procedures otherwise it will remain a vehicle for pathetic media wanabees and the people of the UK will have no hope of escaping their enslavement by the EU.

UKIP is now a party dominated by a Cabal desperately trying to cling onto power. Fish and political parties rot from the head. UKIP needs a new leader and a fresh NEC. I will happily stand down in favour of Tim Congdon if Gerard Batten will do likewise. We need a leader untainted by the  EFD group with its racist neo-Nazi associations . A leader based in the UK, who will work in the UK, to get us out of the EU.

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