Sunday, 22 August 2010

Why Sinn Fein IRA won and UKIP is a surefire loser

I watched a programme on political assassination yesterday which dealt with the killing of Michael Collins, the Southern Irish military leader in the eventually successful campaign for Irish home rule. Knowing little of Irish history I googled Michael Collins and came up with some interesting history. His web page in Google is captioned, ' Michael Collins, the man who singlehandedly brought the British Empire to its knees.'

So will Nigel Farage and his Cabal bring the EU, the reincarnation of the Holy Roman Empire, to its knees? I think not. Collins and his patriotic colleagues were prepared to sacrifice everything to achieve their freedom. What do UKIP's leaders want? To be on TV, political careers, media careers and most of all EU money status and pensions. 

IRA/Sinn Fein put its cause above all else. Collins along with many other Nationalists were elected as British MPs in 1918 just like UKIP got 13 MEPs in 2009. The difference, Sinn Fein did not go to London to de facto support a state they wished to free themselves from. Instead, they set up their own parliament in Dublin. Do you know of one independence movement that has succeeded whilst residing in the Imperial capital, taking the empires money and as a condition obeying the empire's rules? I don't!

The only Irish party that did go to London was the Irish  Parliamentary Party. They won 7 seats in 1918 compared to Sinn Fein's 70! Where are they now? They were consigned to the trash can of history by 1925. That is the fate that awaits UKIP unless it changes its strategy and does not send representatives to Brussels but keeps them in the UK to work for our cause. I put this view at the first UKIP NEC I attended and was shouted down by the Cabal. There can be no hope for our cause of leaving the EU until we in UKIP rid ourselves of these people. They are bought, paid for and owned by the EU, Range rovers and all.


Derek Smith said...

Yes, you are so right.

The next step is to get this message to the UKIP grass roots.

Have you taken my advice and emailed a link to this blog to all your friends and contacts, asking them to in turn email it to each and every one of their contacts?

It is the only fast way to get the truth out to everyone that matters - the UKIP voters.

Anonymous said...

I voted NO in the first Nice referendum but as soon as I became aware of the UKIP involvement in Ireland’s domestic affairs I voted Yes and the same applies to the current referendum before the Irish people. The UKIP is a respectable face of the British NF/BNP. The UKIP is of the same family as the BNP/NF. As for why it goes to the EU Parliament a body it decries is it’s a body without principal looking for a cause to stir racial hatred to suck up what in the gravy train. Its scum without principal, just trouble makers.