Thursday, 30 September 2010

Nigel Farage and the neo Nazis

When Ukipers say to me Nigel is a great orator I jokingly reply, so was Adolf Hitler. Many a true word is spoken in jest. On Monday I listened carefully to Farage's speech and I was struck by how similar Farage's shouting, ranting style was to the speaking style of Hitler one sees on the old film clips. We none of us can help our basic appearance but if you stuck a small toothbrush 'tache on Farage he might make it in films as a Hitler double. I am sure some cartoonist will pick up on this sooner or later.

What I found much more serious was Farage's statement on Monday about rewriting the UKIP rule book to put more draconian disciplinary powers in the hands of his ruling Cabal to kick people out of UKIP whose face does not fit. I find this worrying when put alongside Farage's stated intention of his future involvement in building up Young Independence and given the number of members of YI who already appear as signed up Farage supporters on his web site.

Young people are very vulnerable, inexperienced, sometimes gullible and if they are political wannabees  make easy prey for unscrupulous politicians to exploit. Indeed many work for nothing in Parliament to get a foot on the political career ladder which sadly is now the route our leaders have followed. Add in the promise of EU funded largesse and it becomes a huge enticement. This is of course the story of the Hitler Youth, Communist Young Pioneers etc. A corps of highly motivated young people with unquestioning loyalty to the leader who in return receive preferment from the leader over their peers.

I recall when Del Young was running YI he received death threats.Click here to read the Times article chronicling these nasty events. He was unjustly removed by the Farage Cabal in a politburo type manoeuvre with the help of a YI member who is now a UKIP party employee! Tony Butcher added on his forum 'perhaps you could detail the 'trouble' that Del was involved in that justifies two Youthkip members leaving a racist death threat on his answering machine?' Therein lies the danger of eager youth influenced by inflammatory politicians. I have heard Nigel Farage threaten to. 'cut someone off at the knees'. I know that this is simply Nigel's OTT ranting rhetoric like his silly personal abuse of Van Rumpoy but others might take it literally. There is a historical precedent in Canterbury Cathedral!

Farage's association with neo-Nazis takes place nowadays mainly in Brussels within the EFD group of which he is co-chairman with an entitlement to as chauffeur driven limo etc. Consider the other members of this group I detail below.

Lega Nord supporters of ethnic cleansing whose former leader wants immigrants shot as they struggle ashore, 

Danish peoples party's Morton Messerschmidt giving the Heil Hitler salute in the Tivoli, Copenhagen whilst singing Nazi marching songs.

Slovak National Party's Jan Slota wants Hungarians forbidden and Gypsies destroyed

LAOS - Greece violently anti- semitic- a Jewish conspiracy against Greece

Lithuanian Order and Justice bans gay right events

True Finns blame increase in rape on immigrants and calls asylum seekers parasites

Dutch Reformed party which opposed female suffrage

Movement pour La France - Islam is not compatible with the French Republic.

And what of Farage? Well there is that well known photograph of Nigel with the head of BNP's research division and a former NF and subsequently BNP member. Nigel denied meeting one of them but the camera does not lie as they say.

Finally there was Cameron's racist jibe at UKIP published in the Daily Mail  and supported in that article by Alan Sked, founder of UKIP. Farage denied Sked's damaging allegations but did not take legal action against Sked or the Mail to defend his anti-racist credentials. For as litigious a person as Farage one wonders why not? Its a must read article for Winston MacKenzie!

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Sources aside the ex-Nazi-supporting Daily Mai? I am interestedel in helping to expose UKIP for what they are.