Monday, 11 October 2010

Cabal dirty tricks against Tim have started

GLW on his blog has revisited the tale of Gawain Towler,  Elizabeth Burton and male sexual physiology. It seems that GT according to GLW has been smearing Tim Congdon using the historic involvement of some of Tim's assentors with Nikki Sinclaire and her campaigns. Strange, as Nikki has consistently fought the UKIP cause in the UK while GT has spent most of his previous career in Brussels. I  recommend clicking on this link to read the full salacious details as only GLW writes them. Enjoy.

It all started in my 6th Jan 09 on my blog here where as a post script to an economic post I added:

"I read with sadness that Gawain Towler may be in some difficulties re his MEP candidacy. If true, it is disappointing this was not detected earlier in the MEP selection process as it may be potentially damaging to all candidates on the SW list. The SWCC passed a resolution before the MEP selection process started that the candidates selected by the SW selection sub-committee of Elizabeth Burton, Jeff Mager and David Bendall and non-voting chairman Malcolm Wood should be presented first to the SWCC for approval before being sent to Mr Gill and the NF's national political committee. This resolution was not accurately reproduced in the final SWCC committee minutes and was not implemented by the selection sub-committee. The sub-committee's recommendations went straight to Mr Gill bypassing SWCC scrutiny.

Whether this would have helped Mr Towler we will never know. I am portrayed by some as anti UKIP. I am not. I stand for sticking to the rules and upholding democratic decisions. Those who think that they know better put us on the slippery slope that leads to the swamp of endemic sleaze that engulfs the UK's three main political parties.

My views have not changed since I stood for MEP selection and can be found on my web site."

Click link to go to my website.

I should add that Malcolm Wood, a long time Farage associate now employed by Dartmouth,  was forced by Roger Knapman to subsequently admit altering the correct draft minutes taken by Sue Palfrey of that meeting.

At that time I was very much part of the SW MEP election campaign. It looked like a struggle then to win one MEP seat in the SW let alone retain the two we held. The Telegraph would not break the expenses scandal which changed everything for another 3 months. I was deeply concerned that the bad publicity Gawain Towler seemed to be courting would not only torpedo our SW campaign but could sabotage our national campaign as well. (Read GLW's blog)

I was also concerned at the way Mr Gill was waiving UKIP electoral rules to favour Farage's  approved candidates like Andreasen. Complaints raised by Piers Merchant about the MEP selection process in other areas were not investigated and simply ignored. Also of course proper democratic motions of the SW committee were ignored. I stand by my words above and add subsequent events have proved me right. UKIP is now further down the slippery slope to dictatorship.

At the next SWCC meeting I was attacked by a Faragista plant on what I had written. The plant could did not even know my actual words when I challenged him later when were alone in the gents toilet but then he was not then sitting next to Malcolm Wood! I was accused of seeking to oust Gawain Towler from the SW list to further my own prospects. I was 5th on the list and GT 3rd. I had stood simply to try and put some independence onto the slate. At the hustings and on my website I had made it clear that if selected and elected I would give the entire MEP salary after paying UK tax to UKIP. So where was the financial advantage to me? The only financial advantage would have been to UKIP! I would work as much as possible in the UK and only go to Brussels to collect the UKIP earmarked net salary of around £45k.  The Faragista plant had no answer.

Like Tim I see no point in being an MEP but I would have been delighted to take the EU money and give it to UKIP. This offer is still there on my web site for all the world to see and I would have honoured it.

No other candidate made such an offer but I was the one deselected and Mr Towler after being deselected by the SW committee was reinstated by the Cabal dominated NEC and is happy to do the Cabal's bidding.

Mr Towler sits there on the SW list today, a ticking time bomb under UKIP, and if Trevor Colman or the belted Earl walk under a bus GT will be in as an MEP. Many in Brussels have information on  GT's past indiscretions. With GT as an MEP they will then be in a position to blow UKIP out of the water any time they choose.

It was Mr Farage not Mr Towler, who put UKIP into this perilous position. Mr Farage's flouting of UKIP rules and proper democratic UKIP decisions makes him completly unsuitable as party leader. Mr Scholefield's letter in my previous blog makes it clear this behaviour has gone on for many years. Farage's judgement is so badly flawed his re-election  would sign UKIP's death warrant.

Only Tim Congdon can get our party back for the ordinary hard working honest UKIP members!

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