Sunday, 31 October 2010

Farage's Cabal have no idea how to get us out of the EU

This is the lacuna at the heart of the Cabal. They have no strategy to get our country back. The party membership has halved from its peak of 30,000, branches are closing and local election results in the few wards where there is a UKIP candidate are appalling.

Nuttall seems to think that pointing out the results of the latest opinion poll showing that 75% of respondents want a referendum on EU membership is a strategy. It is not. The poll could show 100% of its respondents want a referendum and the government will just ignore it the same way Nuttall and Farage ignore the wishes of the UKIP membership to avoid joining a Pan European party.

I think we may get a referendum but it will be at the time of the governments choosing when the 'right' result certain. Just as Nuttall bans discussion on UKIP's members forum so the ConLibs will ensure the referendum, if they  call one, will be fixed.

Being in the EU suits the Cabal's wallets very well. Add in that all Farage wants is to be a media celebrity and it is obvious that if you want to get your country back UKIP is not going to do it.

Tim Congdon has his downside but he does recognise the political reality that only by winning seats at Westminster can we hope to get our country back. That involves a mountain of grass roots hard work plus a serious intellectual presence in London. Tim knows this. That is his strategy that he is prepared to back with his own money.

Where is your strategy Mr Farage and where is your money?

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