Thursday, 21 October 2010

Farage's UKIP behaves like a third world country

I was struck that Osborne yesterday approved increase in two budgets, the EU up over 5% and the ODA up 35%! Together these two budgets will cost the UK taxpayer £14bn next year with more rises to come. That is around 18% of Oik George's 'cuts'. With that £14 bn we could have saved our armed forces and built a few public infrastructure projects in deprived areas like the South West.

Heffer yesterday in the DT was the only dissenting voice in opposing overseas aid to countries which he described thus, "... many of them despotisms where the good done is felt by a ruling clique rather than by a benighted people". Thus it is in UKIP. Part of the EU budget increase will go to support the development of Pan European parties, the sort Mr Farage wants to take UKIP into for the financial inducements offered by the EU. The benefits, may Euros, will flow to UKIP's ruling Cabal and possibly then onwads to tax avoidance havens like the Isle of Man.

One thing is certain, UKIP's ordinary members will see no benefit from this EU 'largesse'. On the contrary it will embed our country further into the EU just as overseas aid ends up with third world countries increasingly in debt.

UKIP like these countries is now dependent on hand outs from its imperial masters to maintain its ruling Cabal in the style it is accustomed to, expensive cars, foreign jaunts and the like. The solution for these countries and UKIP is to generate funds from its own resources. This takes hard work and stops the cushy life style of the political elite. It will never happen in Zimbabwe etc short of an armed insurrection but we can take a first step towards this in UKIP by voting for the Tim Congdon/Gerard Batten ticket.

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