Saturday, 16 October 2010

Nigel's key players for the Pan Europeans

Rumours are now circulating in the Brasseries of Brussels that NF, like Fabio, is already pencilling in players in the key positions for his post 5th Nov Pan European party. Its a tight schedule as MEP applications have to be in by 15th Nov. At the Torquay conference in Sept the party passed an overwhelming motion not to be involved in such a party. NF pointed out to these subversives that this would cost him one million Euros of new money and he was most displeased.

Well I can reassure his faithful Cabal that this is a no-brainer for NF and strong rumours from Brussels say he is proceeding with his pan European plans. The NEC Cabal will off course rubber stamp these proposals. It might make a good question at the next hustings. "Can you assure us you will honour the party approved motion on this topic and promise never take UKIP into a Pan European party?" But of course such a question if submitted would never see the light of day.

Brussels sources mention Sharon Bonnici as the proposed Brussels chairperson of this new group with A Fuller figure tipped as the London end of this Pan European operation. Both Ms Bonnici and Ms Fuller are alleged to be close friends of Mr Farage. Ms Bonnci is alleged to be a left of centre Maltese lady and is alleged to be an associate of the leading patron of Brussels hotels pot plants

Mr Farage is also polishing up his EU credentials as evinced by the clicking on the photograph link below:

I particularly like  the Wagnerian scene on the poster in front of Farage with the word 'Diktatur'. Mr Hitler was also very keen on Wagner although the Merry Widow was his true love.

Let us hope Mr Farage is more successful with his selections than Mr Capello was on Wednesday evening. Is Montenegro in the EU?

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