Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Time for UKIP members to get their party back

Junius printed a thoughtful essay last week related to the above topic. I quote from his blog.

The problem with politicians, these days, is that politics is all they know. That truism has been amply stated with regard to the new double act in Downing Street and to what is likely to be facing them across the dispatch box after the summer recess. But what is now becoming evident is the extent to which the “full-time” political web is ensnaring every party which gets anywhere near it. UKIP, once a gloriously bottom-up party, has been transformed by stealth into as lopsidedly a top-down party as any on the circuit, dangerously over-dependent on the money its MEPs bring back from Brussels and upon the insidious group system from which they derive still more Euro-funding. On the back of that, it gets a press office in the heart of the Westminster village, absurdly detached from reality given that it has no MPs in the Commons, because that is where the European Parliament, as opposed to ordinary UKIP members, says its press office should be – though Farage’s rather pathetic wannabe inclinations, it must be said, do not help.

Of course Farage is guided by the Westminster set. He’s part of the Westminster set. And when it comes to the political establishment, UKIP, sad to say, isn’t part of the solution – it’s part of the problem.

I have written previously on how we are now dominated by a political class of careerist politics students who have never done a proper job and never will. All Farage's talk of 'professionalising' UKIP, a word not in the dictionary because it is meaningless, simply tells us he wants to be like Milliband/Cameron/Clegg and lead another LibLabCon.

These politicians all do the same useless thing. They talk endlessly and pointlessly, scheme, conspire, spin and smear. As Junius says they can never solve the problems facing us. They are the problem!

Note what happened to Liam Fox this week for opposing Cameron on defence cuts. He is suddenly smeared anonymously as 'having a drink problem'. I know how it feels. I was smeared as having a violent temper. Completely untrue and I challenge anyone to produce evidence that I ever lost my temper at a UKIP meeting or at any other time.

Its somewhat trying to be smeared with the behaviour of your opponents. When you are accused by Duffy of having a hidden agenda with not a shred of evidence,  and are repeatedly shouted down by Farage telling lies about the ERS etc, Malcolm Wood altering SWCC meeting minutes, Denny and Zuckerman shouting hysterically at the NEC and Bloom, the pot plant fancier, having to be restrained. When you see an incompetent Tory stooge like Pearson foisted on UKIP as leader for the tightest General Election in 35 years whilst Farage plays at being Biggles!

But that is the Farage UKIP hypocritical way. Read what he said to the BBC when Bannerman rightly  complained to the BBC about Farage going on QT in the middle of the leadership contest.

Farage told the BBC,

"Mr Bannerman clearly thinks that his own ambition and his own ego matter more than the interests of the party. Frankly I am appalled by that. I think that the act of getting hold of Question Time and saying it was all wrong and against party rules was just an act of envy".

The same old Farage Cabal tactic. Accuse your opponent of your own behaviour! Its the way the schoolboy politicians behave in Westminster and that is what we have to change.

UKIPers, if you don't get your party back you can never get your country back. Vote Tim Congdon!

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