Friday, 8 October 2010

UKIP Cabal is fiddling Yousook leadership poll

I am grateful to Junius for for giving the link to this poll. To see cabal manipulation in action click on the link and then on Nigel Farage. I give below the current poll results for the various categories.

 Farage                             Yes No

Honest 12 2
Clear 13 1
Well informed 13 1
Inspiring 13 1
Consistent 11 3
Well intentioned 12 2

Well you can see who has been voting but who for? On these replies it looks like Nelson Mandela not Nigel Farage. The callow Youf of YI don't seem to know the difference.

As is much quoted, in order for evil to triumph it only needs good men to do nothing. I urge all my readers to go on to the site, register, record their opinion of the candidates as above and most importantly ask precise questions of the candidates. If you want rid of Farage bury him in sharp precise questions and nail his numerous dodgy statements just like Andrew Neil yesterday nailed the obnoxious Warsi on his show. Charlie Kennedy opined last night that Warsi is out of her depth as Tory chairman and will be gone by next summer. Lets make sure Farage is gone by 5th Nov!

For completeness I give the recorded votes for the other candidates:

Bannerman                      Yes No

Honest 5 2
Clear 6 1
Well informed 6 1
Inspiring 2 5
Consistent 5 2
Well intentioned 6 1

Congdon                        Yes No

Honest 6 0
Clear 6 0
Well informed 6 0
Inspiring 2 4
Consistent 6 0
Well intentioned 6 0

McKenzie                        Yes No

Honest 7 3
Clear 4 6
Well informed 5 5
Inspiring 3 7
Consistent 2 8
Well intentioned 6 4 

Youf like this sort of thing linked as it is to Facebook and Twitter. Its up to older UKIPers to use their experience of life and ask the sharp questions eg  'What are your precise plans to get us out of the EU?'

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