Sunday, 7 November 2010

Farage wins leadership. Quo Vadis?

I congratulate Mr Farage on his comprehensive win in the leadership election and I look forward to reading his strategy and plans to get us out of the EU. Several sources have told me the party is in poor condition financially but I am sure Mr Farage, as he indicated at the hustings, will rectify that very quickly from his many large donors and be able to then concentrate on getting us out of the EU.

Why do I keep on thinking of the line from  Yes Minister, "You know the PM's motto – in defeat, malice; in victory, revenge". Jim Hacker: "? Wait and see!

Strategy is sometimes quite easy, do the thing your opponents don't want you to do or its corollary don't do the thing your opponents want you to do. The EU wants MEPs to join Pan European parties and thus become good Europeans. UKIP's strategy is simple, don't join! Wait and see what the Mr Farage does.

Mr Woolas and his crew have been found guilty of telling porkies about his opponents. A warning to all UKIP politicians and their cerebrally challenged apparatchiks especially as Nikki is not averse to pursuing her grievances through the courts.

I found Hattie Harman's statement on this morning's AM show very encouraging. Mr Woolas will be brought before a Labour party disciplinary hearing where he will be able to put his case presumably with legal representation. A lesson for UKIP there.

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