Friday, 10 December 2010

If FIFA were a country it would be the EU

I was vastly amused whilst in Oz listening to how upset the Aussies were at FIFA awarding the world cup to Qatar not them and then when I got back to find similar pique here about Russia getting it instead of England. The Anglo Saxons have still to learn that behind closed doors its money and back scratching that counts not merit or value. Its a pity the great British electorate who were so worked up in the tabloids on England's slight don't see that FIFA is just a microcosm of the EU which screws us at every turn. Not difficult when we are represented by the Buller oiks Cameron and Osborne who could afford to pat as much for their silly outfit as would keep an ordinary student at Corrie university for a whole year.

Similarly the country is oblivious to the fact that the whole EU 'improved' financial regulation is aimed at killing London as a major financial centre and promoting the Franco Prussian interests in Paris and Frankfurt. Monday's DT carried a centre page article in this vein by one Ted Sumpter. Businesses like Kraft/Cadbury are re-locating out of the UK every week for to avoid increased tax and regulation. Mr Sumpter reports one quarter of UK firms will follow suit in the next few years.

Young professionals are showing similar inclinations to depart these shores for tax and regulatory reasons. My own daughter for one, a UK trained surgeon, now works and lives in Oz and has no intention of  returning. She wanted a UK training job but these had all been earmarked for 'international', i.e. Indian sub continent doctors for the next 5 years so she left as did three of her peer group.

Truely, this country has a death wish ruled by a cabinet of millionaire public schoolboys most of whom inherited their wealth, did PPE at Oxford, then were Spads and then went on to become Tory/LibDem MPs in their early thirties without ever mixing or working with the ordinary people. It is a self perpetuating political elite as it is with Labour also.

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