Sunday, 30 January 2011

Phoney War

I have found little to write about recently as the Eurozone conflict seems to be in a  quiescent phoney war stage. Rivers however frequently seem calm just before they disappear over a waterfall. The EU is currently twisting arms and buttering up China and Japan to keep buying their toilet paper and the US continue to print dollars but this cannot go on indefinitely.

I found Simon Heffer's Saturday piece in the DT on the subject of Lord Taylors recent criminal conviction entertaining. His only claim to political fame was once he lost an election for the Tories. If you are the right colour that is quite sufficient for a seat on the the red leather.  As neo Con Baroness Warsi, who was rejected even as a candidate by a number of constituencies shows, even contesting an election is no longer a pre-requisite for elevation if you are the right colour and religion. in Dave's new rainbow paradise.  I fear Mr F fails the ethnicity test for red leather duties.

Are people in the light of the phone hacking story at last waking up to how inadequate and political our police force is? I certainly hope so but remember how quickly a student was charged and jailed for 30 months for dropping a fire extinguisher off a high building. I know of no charges brought against any police officer for assaulting Mr Tomlinson in an earlier demonstration. Mr Tomlinson died shortly afterwards. As the Coalition cuts bite and civil disorder really hots up Egyptian style things may turn very nasty in the UK..

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