Thursday, 20 January 2011

UKIP thoughts

Jim Hacker when Minister for Administrative affairs had a good line about his leader to his PPS Bernard, "The PM's motto is in defeat malice, in victory revenge". Mr Bannerman, who not only stood against NF but strongly criticised him on his lack of interest in policies will be destined for a large dose of the latter, ditto Mr Batten who ran Tim Congdon's campaign and who is even now suffering from a whispering campaign against him for his troubles. Only Winston is safe protected by our race relations laws.

I recommend Mr Moneybags Wheeler, UKIP's latest acquisition, acquires a very long spoon and also keeps his cheque book tightly shut. It is as Warren Buffet might say, when a sharp businessman meets an unscrupulous politician its invariably the politico who comes out on top.

On to the next by-election. Who will UKIP's high profile candidate be? Godders is my current favourite but I am open to suggestions which may be left on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that the political landscape will change after the April AV referedum?
Do you think if AV fails then Cameron will start to reclaim the Eurosceptic ground - bring back his shelved British bill of Rights to replace the HRA, Start acting tough on immigration? Where will UKIP be then?
Why does Nigel Farage support AV which would wipe out any hope of UKIP winning seats?

Eric Edmond said...

I doubt AV will change electoral results much which is why GB endorsed it. If any thing it will favour LibDems and Labour slightly.

Good question re NF and AV. NF wants a peerage from Cameron above everything else so he will go along with Dave.

Cameron will back right off any serious EU issue as he has been told it would require repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act which would destroy the Coalition and run into serious Tory Europhile opposition led by K Clarke.

Dave has no real beliefs, he is just a PR man who wants to be PM for as long as possible

Eric Edmond said...

Having thought this over I think the LibDems if they survive the coalition will be the winners from AV. There are many Tories who will never vote Labour but have voted LibDem in a tactical situation like Oldham Ditto there are many Labour voters who will never vote Tory but have voted LibDem to keep the Tories out. It looks to me that the LibDems could pick up a lot of second pref AV votes if, and its a big if, following the coalition voters do not perceive them as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tories. In that event it will become a two party Tory Labour battle as it was in the 60s.