Saturday, 26 February 2011

UKIP is sinking fast

I have written little in 2011. I see little hope that Farage's UKIP  can progress the leave the EU movement. Indeed it is quite the opposite with Farage trying to merge UKIP into an  EU approved pan  European party that would emasculate UKIP as a leave the EU party. Its all very depressing. I doubt it is what the UKIP membership voted for when they voted Farage in again as leader. They have been well and truly conned.

I have now heard from three different independent sources that UKIP is financially bust. Anyone on the NEC who asked questions about UKIP finances was removed by the Cabal. UKIP MEPs, especially Farage, have shown a marked reluctance to put their hand in their own pocket. That says it all really. I hear Julia Reid has left the NEC although as I write she still appears on the UKIP web site as an NEC member. Keeping your website up to date is a pre-requisite for a political party with electoral aspirations.

On the Eurozone front the EU continue to behave like King Canute. It becomes clearer each day that it is now the Fourth Reich run by Frau Dr Merkel. Sooner or later we will see EU governments fall after the sort of street protests that have been seen in Johnny Arab land and let us hope the greatest dictatorship of them all, the EU, will go with them

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