Thursday, 14 April 2011

Farage Pilot update & Dodgy Banks

Mr Farage's evidence was widely reported in the national dailies on Tuesday but I could find no further reference in my wife's DT yesterday or today. The latest reports seem to be on the Oxford Mail web site, click on links below to read.

Oxford Mail Thursday

Oxford Mail Wednesday

Oxford Mail Tuesday

I make no comment on the case as it is sub judice.

I well recollect Del Young when on the NEC receiving death threats some years ago which seemed not to have been investigated by Plod as rigorously as it might have been.

Turning now to my post yesterday on the fragile state of German & French bank balance sheets a propos possible bond defaults by the PIGS, today's DT business reports Deutsche restructuring their US operations to minimise their regulatory capital requirements under the new Dodd-Frank bank regulations. Without this they would have needed to raise about $20 bn extra capital. Last October they raised €10.2 bn extra capital.

I am sure Dr Frau Merkel has been made aware of Deutsche's situation which of course will have no bearing on her EU PIG relief policy.

It was also interesting to read in the DT Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan urging US bank regulators to do "what's good for the US, not what's good for Europe" ie do not try to match EU and Swiss capital requirements. Would that UK regulators would do what is best for the UK banks and let the Eurozone sort out its own problems.

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