Sunday, 24 April 2011

Farage's UKIP leadership failure re-visited

I see on Butcher's Forum the Faragistas responded to rational criticism with their leader's favourite ad hominen smear tactic linking any criticism to the BNP. Well I can squash that one straight away!

I am not a member of the BNP.

I have never been a member of the BNP.

I have never been to a BNP meeting.

I have never met Nick Griffin etc etc.

Unlike Nigel I regard the BNP as a complete irrelevance we should ignore and concentrate on arguments and facts that attack the EU and will get us our country back. This is what Trevor Colman is doing down here in the South West with his thEUnit initiative financed by Trevor, staffed with decent honest UKIP members and dedicated to putting the plain, clearly sourced, unvarnished, unspun, facts about the EU in an apolitical manner on a website accessible to all who are interested. Its an excellent initiative and deserves reward at the ballot box.

The second line of attack by the Faragistas on my comparison of the True Finn's excellent performance and Farage's UKIP's mediocre performance was another straight out of the Nigel book of excuses for electoral failure. The Finn's use a proportional d'Hondt voting system and if we used that in the UK Nigel's UKIP would be have won a LibDem number of seats and NF would be in Dave's coalition cabinet along with Nuttall, Bloom etc. It's laughabable! Farage supports the AV system which is not a proportional system and is no better than fptp and possibly worse.

There is a big difference between a National election with a high turnout, 70% for the Finns last week, that will lead to the formation of your government that will tax you, defend you etc and a European election with a low turnout of 34.7% that leads to no where but a silly talking shop in Brussels where Bannerman, Bloom, Farage etc can deliberately make an exhibition of themselves that damages our cause and makes it easy for Cameron to call us fruit cakes and loonies and ignore our arguments.

To recap, the Finns voted True Finn in an election that genuinely mattered. In similar circumstances in the UK the media would tear Farage and his Cabal apart well before election day. To paraphrase Sun Tzu quoted by Gordon Geko in Wall Street, 'Every election is won or lost before the first elector enters the polling booth'.

I agree the UK voting system does not favour very small parties but if the argument is UKIP can get 19% like the True Finns then its not a small party and in a fptp election UKIP would get a significant number of MPs. A likely scenario in England might be Labour 30%, Tories 30%, UKIP 19%, Lib Dems 16%, Others 5%. That would give UKIP the balance of power and they would be able to form a governing coalition with the Tories.

The problem for UKIP is not the voting system as Caroline Lucas showed last year in Brighton as did Dr Richard Taylor who won twice, 2001, 2005 in Wyre Forest on a single issue. It can be done! Farage and his sordid useless Cabal just are not good enough to do it. Bromley and Bucks proved that!

Until UKIP gets an entire new leadership it will continue to be as irrelevant as the BNP, Monster Raving Loony and the long standing Flat Earth party.


John Page said...

Farage drives people who are better than him out of UKIP, which leaves it very low quality. Luckily for him, when they leave UKIP they seem to leave politics, or spand their time pointlessly at UKIP - pointlessly because Farage has the gravy machine secure.

The disaffected MEPs show no sign of putting together a True Finns or a UKIP mark two, and the much touted South West disaffection continues to be just grumbling.

Eric Edmond said...

Mr Page.

I think you are spot on. The problem in the South West is the Europhile Dartmouth was selected by the members on a deferential vote. SW members are big on defence. They would do well to read what Diana Spencer said about Dartmouth's mother Raine.

EE said...


do not mock Acid Raine as she does keep the childish temper tantrum Wee Willy in some check but for her his generosity might have shone through by either intelligence, rather than low cunning & duplicity.

UKIP might even have perhaps seen a small donation from his UKIP MEP salary when the flat in Sydney was sold for £13,000,000.

Or even perhaps a donation from his earnings from pornography with his chum Hanson and his Russian purchased child bride.

The EU will be pleased to have so credible a member on side!

For lets face it his ONLY use to UKIP is for the name dropping of his ancestor's ability.