Tuesday, 19 April 2011

True Finns & Colin Denby show up Farage's leadership failure

The Eurorealist True Finn party gaining 19% in Sunday's national election shows up the failure that is Farage's UKIP currently standing at 6% in the polls. The True Finn result even exceeded UKIP's 16.5% in the meaningless 2009 Europeans. I say meaningless as the EU parliament is just a powerless talking shop full of puffed up non-entities like Farage and Dartmouth and powerless to change anything the Commission decides. The True Finns now have real power to veto EU plans and hence the EU 'crats since the election on Sunday have been running around like headless chickens shouting the extremists are coming extremists!

Looking at this result and results in other EU countries one concludes there is a solid core anti EU vote of around 20% throughout the EU. So why can UKIP not harness this and win seats in national parliamentary elections? The answer in one word is Farage. The treatment of Mr Denby, deselected without due process or the chance to defend himself, on the word of some one who it is reported has spent some time inside. Well Mr Denby the same thing happened to me. Farage appeared on TV saying a UKIP candidate had been advocating voting for another party. Well if it was supposed to be me it was completely untrue but I was never given a chance to contest my de-selection.

It becomes really sick making when you had Farage's puppet leader of UKIP Pearson going out canvassing for another party and Farage goes on TV dismissing it as 'not a hanging offence'. Well it would certainly have been enough to hang anyone who was not part of the Cabal! Dartmouth is running around in Brussels trying to get an EU mission set up in Yemen. Bloom continues his crass and embarrassing performance and now I read that Nigel's friend, Ms Fuller, is now a paid UKIP employee along with Mr Finch who posts his pro Farage drivel under the name Skeptyk.

Nuttall and Farage are both more obsessed with the BNP than getting us out of the EU. Well I can tell Nigel the BNP did not take us into the EU and don't keep us in the EU. That job was and is done my Nigel's Tory friends like Pearson. The BNP is irrelevant to our leave the EU cause! It is however very relevant to Nigel's cause of promoting Nigel on TV as the BBC's acceptable face of right wing politics on Question Time etc and when the Beeb want it he becomes the loony pro-smoking MEP with some ex-publican friends. Nigel is a god sent gift to the Beeb!

That is why Farage's UKIP can never deliver an effective parliamentary Eurorealist voice. First past the post is a handicap which can be over come as the Greens proved with Caroline Lucas in Brighton. If UKIP could harness 20% of the vote in a Westminster election over say the 450 or so English seats then statistically they would be certain to have at least 20 MPs. People will vote for a solid decent politician who articulates their worries and concerns . They will not vote for Nigel Farage with his spiv like image and unsavoury associates.

These days I prefer to write on the Euro problems which I think can bring down the EU grand plan. Today the EU 'crats are deciding how to react to the True Finns. Tomorrow is another day as Scarlett O'Hara used to say. Let us hope it brings another EU cock up.


http://GregLanceWatkins.Blogspot.com said...


though I would be the first to admit Farage has been catastrophic, incompetent, venal, and self serving, not to mention self enriching, as leader of UKIP he has proved divisive and shown absolutely no leadership skills beyong those of a certain gutter cunning - He is and has ensure by gathering around him PAID praise singesr and the scum of British & EU politics.

He struts like a cockrel but he has created a dung heap to strut on.

To liken his situation or that of UKIP to True Finns is somewhat disingenuous as Finland has a complex PR system of voting with a smaller population and a very much smaller economy.

Also it is worth noting that Findland is very language challenged since few globally speak Finnish and also be minded their government has benn an indecisive muddle of coalitions for many years lacking the positive benefit of clarity and potential for leadership of FPTP.

That FPTP has failed to deliver a leader of any caliber in Britain for many years is more a reflection of the irrelevance of Westminster and the people attracted by the non job and fiddles!

It is none the less specious, I believe, to liken the outcome in contrast to Britain.


Eric Edmond said...

Fair comment. I am not familiar with the Finnish voting system so a direct comparison may not be entirely fair. My main point is that the True Finns have got themselves into a position to thwart the EU, something Farage and his Cabal have no hope of achieving.

Eric Edmond said...

I should add that a 20% share of the vote is unlikely for UKIP in a general election when its cult leader deserts for the election campaign and arranges for a political imbecile to be put in charge. I suspect the reason was to give the Tories a fair wind. Pearson of course let the cat out of the bag on that one.

Greg_L-W. said...


UKIP in 18 years has NEVER displayed vision, strategy or tactics.

They have NEVER even displayed the benefits of being free other than vague claims of more money!

Nigel Farage & Mark Croucher made a campaign out of promoting The BNP at every chance putting two BNP MEPs in place .

They have NEVER stated and exit or suvival strategy.

In 18 years UKIP has NEVER had a leader of probity or gravitas.

UKIP has been utterly dependent on the protest vote but has offered NOTHING.

Sadly at the moment UKIP are unfit for purpose and like any bad workman merely blames its tools.

That their only claim for a YES in PEPP is to make more money when they have failed to account for £Millions shows their leadership for the utterly corrupt self serving fools they are.

With the caliber of candidates UKIP has even with PR and the improbability of 20+ seats they would do themselves more harm than good - MORE targets for the media!