Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Why Nigel supports AV

To understand Farage's actions you just have to ask one simple question. What's in it for Nigel? AV will ensure a built in Europhile majority in the Commons in perpetuity. That's one of the reasons the LibDems want AV above all things. AV will dish the Eurorealist movement forever. Farage knows this so why does he support AV?

Simples! Farage does not want to get the UK out of the EU. Why should he want to damage an organisation that has provided him with a very lucrative living for many years and also gratified his insatiable desire for personal publicity and aggrandisement? Nigel thinks AV gives him his best chance of getting his bum on the green leather and in that he is correct. That it also consigns UKIP to the trash can of Brussel's history matters not one whit to Mr Farage so long as the TV producers keep calling their favourite Uncle Tom Eurosceptic to appear on their boring programmes.

So what stands in the way of this wizard scheme. Well, not a lot except Dave's increasingly unhappy troops on the Westminster front. They can see AV will also consign them to perpetual opposition. Worse the Cleggon is to announce a plan for a 90% elected Lords so no room for as many bums there then. That's bad news for the would be Lord Farage of Brussels.

I smell a Tory revolt and an early election if there is a Yes vote to AV. That will finish the LibDems for a generation and leave us Eurosceptics some hope. Let us hope 2011 is the year of the revolutions here as well as in Araby


Anonymous said...

It's always puzzled me as a member why they would have a whip imposed on grassroots membership for speaking their mind over AV.
I am getting more and more disillusioned with UKIP - someone said this is a party run by the MEPS for the MEPS. It certainly seems like it.

Eric Edmond said...

Just say I agree with Nigel and you will be fine