Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Why Nigel wants AV for his cerebrally challenged fans

One of the most common tricks used by the Cabal is to wilfully misunderstand plain English and twist it to mean the opposite of what was intended. This has been going on on Butcher's forum with the man who calls himself Septic. Presumably his second name is Tank and he certainly lives up to his name along with his latest chum who calls himself GothMog or is he a sort of black cat?

There is a saying, be careful what you wish for, you might get it. This is what has happened to the Lib Dems. They have wanted a change to the fptp electoral system all my adult life and now they have it tantalisingly on offer, or is it? They have it at horrendous cost. They will suffer electoral meltdown at the local elections. Already their candidate numbers are down in the South West, their heartland. So they get what they wanted in part but rather than delivering them electoral success they will reap electoral failure.

The cat man thinks this is Nigel's cunning plan to replace the Lib Dems as the third party. Like all Faragistas he is living in cloud cuckoo land somewhere up Nigel's bum. Disillusioned Lib Dems will turn to the Greens who have much more in common with LibDems even beards and sandals. Some may go back to the Tories. They will never vote for Farage. He is anathema to everything Lib Dems stand for and it is of course an article of faith for Lib Dems that the EU is the best thing since sliced bread. Ian Paisley joining the Catholic church is more likely than Lib Dems voting for Farage.

They may even lose the AV referendum which would make them double losers. Even if they win the referendum vote can Cameron deliver Tory votes in the House of Commons? The rank and file Tories hate AV. A Tory rebellion precipitating an early election would give them a chance to wipe out the hated Lib Dems Clegg and all. Even if there was a subsequent Labour victory they don't want AV either. Why should they having just won an election under fptp? They have seen what being in coalition with the Lib Dems is like, a complete disaster.

A Labour victory would leave Labour to clear up their own mess and give the Tories a chance to elect a leader more to their taste. Cameron is not popular with real Tories. Bank crises take at least 10 years and average 15 years clean up. Plenty of time to get a new leader and win the subsequent election.

I trust this clarifies my views on Farage's support of AV.

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