Friday, 10 June 2011

Archbishop tells it how it is, UKIP next I hope

Rowan Williams was spot on to point out the complete lack of democratic legitimacy of Dave and Nick's coalition. Let us hope he turns to UKIP next. Its a party that should be sued under the trades description act. It stands for further involvement in the EU not leaving the EU if Fuerher Farage gets his way. I pity the many loyal supporters who thought they were working for a leave the EU party. Its the Nigel Farage party, or should I say cult, sole objective the promotion of Nigel Farage and the remuneration of his Cabal.

Greece continues, with the IMF indicating they want to see real action by the EU on the problem. I doubt they will get action just more hot air. That is the EU way! I sign off as my internet connection is so slow. So slow in fact I could not get this to post last night so I do it this morning

Lots of interesting stuff is coming out today on Greece and already the spreads to bunds on Greek and Spanish debt has widened appreciably this morning. More on this later today.

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