Thursday, 2 June 2011

EU students take UK children's university places

'EU students add to university squeeze' is the head line in today's DT. Have they only just noticed. EU students  are subsidised by you the UK taxpayer and are eligible for the same low interest loans except when they disappear back to Europe no one enforces their loan repayments. We must be mad! The situation within our top universities particularly Oxbridge is even worse. That's where these EU spongers are concentrated and that's why Oxbridge is very coy about knowing how many EU undergraduates they have.

For the ardent monarchists can I point out that those students from the last vestiges of the Duchess of Normandy's realm, the Channel Islands have to pay full fees. No UK support for them! What it is to be a loyal subject of Elizabeth Windsor aka von Battenberg aka Saxe Coburg Gotha.

Mean while Dr Frau Merkel was at her Churchillian best stating the EU and the IMF won't quit Greece. Well she would say that wouldn't she. Moodys, the rating agency, take a more realistic view of Greek debt which they have yet again downgraded to junk status. Its now looking increasingly likely that there will be a fire sale of Greek assets to satisfy the Krauts followed I opine by a Greek revolution. Already Greek MP's need a police escort to get home safely after their latest kow tow to the Franco Prussian alliance.

Do not feel left out. Soon the UK like Greece will feel the jackboot of the EU on its throat. Yesterday's UK economic figures reporting a manufacturing slump and fall in mortgage approvals ensures that.


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Eric Edmond said...

Dear Mr Kamuni,

The UK gives a substantial sum, circa £100mn plus to Indis in aid. I can think of no better way to send it than supporting Indian students who want to study subjects that will aid India's industrial and commercial development.

Eric Edmond